Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Discovering Inner Peace

Today many people across the globe are holding the vision for world peace at 11:11 PST for one minute. I believe that the fastest way to world peace begins with each individual person's ability feel peace within themself on a daily basis. Out of my inspiration to assist others in feeling a deep sense of inner peace I created a FREE 10 minute MP3 Relaxation called "Discovering Inner Peace".

TO RECEIVE YOUR FREE MP3 , please visit:

Also, be sure to stop by my website and check out our latest Intentional Scrapbooking Kit called "World Peace Begins with ME" for only $11.99. It comes complete with everything you need to create the above layout including written instructions and a Grade A Lapis Lazuli crystal. To view this kit, please visit:

May you be filled with a lasting sense of deep inner peace today and every day!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Become A Beacon for Inner Peace

Become a Beacon for Inner Peace
Most likely you have come across this famous quote by Gandhi at least once if not many times in your lifetime; “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Printed on posters and everything from t-shirts to coffee mugs, this insightful statement appears in abundance all over the world.
When asked, almost every person desires the world to be a happier, safer and more peaceful place to live. Yet, how much action does one take on a daily basis to turn their vision into a reality? A person can become the change they wish to see in this world in as little as 5 minutes a day by devoting themselves to consciously creating a state of peace that arises from within. Achieving world peace begins on an individual level. When one works on cultivating peaceful states in their own life, they are better able to positively impact and affect others.
How you feel determines what you experience in your physical environment. If you feel peace on the inside then that is what is reflected in the world before you. If you lack a sense of well-being internally than most likely the sensation of what you dominantly feel is reflected in your external surroundings. Your experience of the world can be determined by how you choose to answer the following questions.
Do you experience states of peace and well-being on a daily basis? If so, are you able to maintain these states for an extended amount of time so that they flow into all areas of your life? Are you consciously BEING the change that you seek in every moment? If you do not experience inner peace on a regular basis or even at all, do you know how to deliberately activate a sense of it within you? If not, are you willing to embrace what is so strongly desired into all areas of your life right NOW? Would you like to know how to be the change that you seek NOW?
The fastest way to free the self and experience inner peace is to focus on the things that allow you to feel peaceful in this very moment. Take the time right NOW to place your attention on the things that arouse a sense of peace within you. This can be achieved through contemplating specific thoughts that are calming and relaxing, viewing images that make you feel happy and peaceful inside, or by engaging in certain activities that you enjoy and that make you feel good when you are performing them. When you make the time each day to connect with at least one thing that fills your soul with peace, your subconscious supports you by making you more aware of all the things that reflect that state of being in your environment. Your feelings of inner peace and happiness grow and expand in response to what you choose to focus upon.
If you find yourself focusing on the lack of peace in your daily activities, use your will power to bring your awareness to the areas of your life where it already exists and hold your attention there. You will be amazed at how fast the vibration of inner peace spreads into everything you do. Paying conscious attention to maintaining your levels of peace effortlessly fills the heart, mind and body with an abundant supply that flows straight from the universal source always available to you as long as you are aware of your connection to it. The more you practice feeling peace in your life, the easier it becomes to integrate it into every area.
There is an Ancient Chinese Proverb that perfectly expresses how cultivating inner peace on an individual level is a catalyst for positive change that affects the entire world. It reads:
When there is light in the soul, there is beauty in the person.
When there is beauty in the person, there is harmony in the house.
When there is harmony in the house, there is order in the nation.
When there is order in the nation, there is peace in the world.
The fastest way to world peace is to first discover peace within the self. Call forth the light and beauty of your soul. Allow yourself to be filled with a sense of inner peace that is already inherent within you right NOW in this present moment. By nurturing yourself in this manner, you become an authentic expression of peace that is a beacon of light and hope for others. How wonderful it is that you hold the knowledge and the ability as to how to deliberately extend your light into your surrounding environment to uplift, empower and inspire others. Just by taking the time to explore and connect with your personal source of divine peace, you create a ripple effect that serves to raise the entire vibration of the planet. May your soul come to know and sustain a profound sense of inner peace.
©2009 Elizabeth Diamond Pagayonan; All Rights Reserved.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Altered Rock Art

Found these amazing black slate rocks the other day at the beach and wanted to harness their potential to anchor and support some intentions that I hold for my girls.

I love how being in a natural setting just brings out the best in my children. Maybe it is because we become so grounded and connected to the magnetic pull of the earth. In any case, my girls just seem to really enjoying exploring and just being together when we are outdoors. In this photo my two oldest were shooting the breeze on this log for quite some time. Just laughing away and telling stories. I captured many photos of this moment but found this photo to be the most endearing. As I snapped the picture, I held the intention and vision of them maintaining a very close, loving and joyous friendship. One filled with much laughter and support. Then I took one of the many rocks that I brought home from the beach that day and gave my intention physical shape and form by anchoring it into this rock. The Basic Grey Rub-Ons showed up excellent and I was so excited to learn how nicely each embellishment adhered to it. Not only do I love creating on black backgrounds, the energy of the slated rock itself is grounding the energy of the rose quartz crystal which I infused with the energy of unconditional love.

How overjoyed I am to see how my second oldest daughter is just like me! As a child, I was always collecting rocks and still do!!! She does the same exact thing. She picks up a rock everywhere we go. I let the kids do all kinds of crafts and art with the rocks they collect. She found this amazing rock that I just could not leave behind. It had so much potential to hold an intention! I snapped a photo of her collecting rocks and visualized her deep connection to nature and mother earth. As I created the intention in physical shape and form, I visualized her always maintaining an awareness of her interconnected to all things and returning to nature to uplift and support her back to her natural state of being during times of challenge in her life. This was a very loving piece to create. Again, I love how the black color and enegetic properties of this rock ground my intention for her as well as the heart centered colors of pink and green and the calm, relaxed energy of the purple Amethyst.
To learn how to apply the Intentional Scrapbooking Method click here.
To read more about the energetic and spiritual properties of rose quartz and amythest, be sure to check my older blog posts.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Green Beauty Smoothie

I have been keeping cool and feeling great with this smoothie all summer long! I was recently given this delicious recipe by Yogic Cleansing Specialist, Surreina of Yoganique is the color of your lawn but it has amazing rejuvenation benefits and it is delicious! All my kids just love it and shout "yea!!!" whenever they hear the blender running.

Here are the following organic ingredients I use:

1 green apple
1 banana
1 handful parsley
1 handful kale
1 tablespoon coconut oil
1 tablespoon bee pollen
4 ounces filtered water or juice such as mango nectar


Sunday, July 19, 2009

Warrior-Preneur Radio

Please join us monday July 20 at 10am EST and 7am PST for an exciting morning as Ann Evanston interviews me on how I apply specific mindsets as well as my love for scrapbooking as a strategy to spead awareness of my business, Creating Intentions. I recently met Ann in person at an empowerment luncheon and all I can say is "wow"! When it comes to strategizing your business, networking and getting your message across she is truly a top warrior. We are going to have lots of fun. Get ready to be inspired! Please visit her website at and to listen to the live show or a the recorded version at your convenience, please tune in at

Thursday, July 9, 2009


As a working mother with three kids, I was surprised to learn of the presence of this little one. As busy as I am, I realized that my pregnancy has just flow by. As soon as I received this sonogram picture, I wanted to create a scrapbooking layout around it. My intention was to use the prolonged outlet to focus on loving thoughts that would help me to bond with the little soul within. It was such a lovely experience. Using scrapbooking in this way helped me to keep focused on developing an emotional, mental, and spiritual connection with baby, something I have little time to think about with three little other ones running around. It is so great to be able to have an outlet to help me anchor my thoughts and feelings and have a physical piece of art as an end result. Something that I can share with and pass onto the baby once she is born.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Check out this fabulous resource for expectant moms!

I was recently invited to be one of the experts at a new website that is an excellent resource for expectant mothers called SmartBirth. You can view the site or become a member here. Every Thursday night, Lesly Federici hosts a pregnancy support call and invited me to be a guest this Thursday evening, July 9 at 8:00pm EST. We will be discussing ways to scrapbook with intention throughout pregnancy and beyond. I am especially excited for this call as I have worked specifically in the field of labor and delivery using hypnosis for many years. So if you are pregnant or know someone who is pregnant, it would be great to share this wonderful resource with them.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Enter the Stillness.... June Kit Info!

Shhhhh! Quiet your thoughts and become one with who you really are. With this kit, you will learn how to focus on entering the silent space between your 60,000 daily thoughts to be present with the essence of your soul. Being present in stillness allows one to experience an entire new world of possibility, the most powerful place of creation.

This Intentional Scrapbooking Kit™ Includes:
1 – Maya Road Chipboard “Tree” Book
1 – Creating Intentions Turquoise Pebbles
1 – Making Memories “Chloe’s Closet” Tiny Alphabet
1 – Bazzill Java Canvas Paper
1 – Prima Angelique Collection “Harp”
1 – Basic Grey “Bluebird”
1 – Basic Grey “Bonnet”
1 – Basic Grey “Hayloft”
1 – Basic Grey “Bountiful”
1 – Basic Grey “Hayfield”
1 – Sheet Creating Intentions Affirmations
1 – Basic Grey Urban Prairie Chip Stickers
1 – Prima Essential Bright Paper Flowers
1 – Judikins Diamond Glaze
1- Tiny White Picket Fence
1 – Piece of Wood
3 – Maya Road Acrylic Birds
2 – Prima Wire Stem Paper Flowers
12 inch Pink Tafetta Ribbon
12 inch Making Memories Olive Ribbon with Blue Trim
12 inch Turquoise Dotted Ribbon
12 inch Vanilla Trim
12 inch Hemp Twine
Assortment Vanilla Buttons

Thursday, June 4, 2009

You are Perfect!

My dear friend Cindy Ashton always has a beautiful and positive message to share. Watch this video and be reminded that you come from a loving source that you are an extension of! Therefore you are perfect in every way and the world is waiting for what you have to offer!

Monday, June 1, 2009

The Key To Living a Successful Life

The key to living a fulfilled and successful life is to happily enjoy every moment of its journey. Your life is happening right NOW. How you feel in this moment determines whether or not you are truly living the life you REALLY want. When you feel good it means that you are receiving what you are wanting, if you feel frustrated, sad or unhappy it means that you are blocking the lifestyle that you really desire.

Your current state of being, your consciousness, is represented by an overall feeling being experienced as a result of all thought and action put forth up until this moment. The nature of one’s consciousness is a choice, a way of approaching and viewing life. If you are not satisfied with the life you are living then it is up to you to make the decision to change your lifestyle. It all begins by making the decision to feel good in the present moment. In order to determine what thoughts make you FEEL good can only be realized by tuning in to the truth of your soul. When one finally aligns with who they really are, they allow themselves to seek their bliss and the doors to a deeply fulfilling and rewarding lifestyle are opened.

The path of self-awareness is a journey that is always growing and expanding. Your life can be as wonderful as you allow it to be. As human beings, we are constantly being called to live a rewarding and meaningful life. The secret is to allow happiness to flow into everything you do. Being happy in every moment enables you to profoundly experience the joy and peace of your being. Travel in the direction of deliberately choosing thoughts that feel good and you will be filled with the essence of that which you are seeking.

Friday, May 29, 2009

7 Steps to Create Your "Happily Ever After"

Today there is an epidemic of unhappiness. Studies show that at least 1 in 5 women are on anti-depressants. Reflecting back to memories of childhood, almost every little girl held the dream of living “happily ever after”. Usually the “happily ever after” contained visions of marrying a prince and then moving off to a far away land to live in a magical castle filled with lots of children and an ample supply of help from the likes of maids, servants, cooks, etc. A BIG dream often told to us by parents, grandparents, or other close family members and friends. A tale that was entertaining to say the least although many of the loved ones who enjoyed telling this type of story were unaware of its conditioning effects on a young child’s consciousness.

As a child many of us held grand visions of living “happily ever after”. Somewhere along the road as a teenager our joy for dreaming big and thinking happy thoughts was forgotten or lost amidst all the pressures and expectations one felt when conforming to societal structures. Reaching adulthood, personal levels of happiness were greatly diminished in comparison to the natural elation one felt as a child. Why is it that as we move through the journey of life, we develop a tendency to ponder negative aspects more often than the positive aspects of events, circumstances and people in our lives ultimately resulting in feelings of emptiness and unhappiness?

We are born naturally wanting to live a life filled with meaning and value, to live with joy and lasting happiness. Unless one is born into an environment that nurtures a connection to their true divine self, they become conditioned over the course of childhood with thoughts and beliefs surrounding ideas of how others expect them to be. A false sense of self develops that is egocentric in nature. An individual mark of identification begins to evolve that ultimately shapes one’s perception of the world and their role in it. Many of us are conditioned from an early age to believe that who we are, what we have, and what we do define our value and worth in the world. This point of view keeps one focused on remaining separate from others. Therefore, a person feels that they have to continuously strive to prove to themselves and others of their extreme value and self worth.

Searching for happiness or happy endings in the accumulation of material things or circumstances that occur outside of the self may provide a temporary state of joy but it is not lasting. To live a life that is “happily ever after” is to experience a solid foundation of joy in every moment. Fulfillment of this level is only achieved when one turns inward to fully participate in the abundance of good feeling thoughts that align them with the larger source of who they really are. It is the journey of connecting to the true divine self that brings about the essence of pure joy and bliss that one is seeking.

As human beings we create our existence in the world through our perceptions, thoughts and feelings. What we create on the inside is reflected on the outside. Finding happiness through physical action does not work not because joy begins with one’s state of mind. It is up to each one of us as individuals to utilize our profound freedom found in the ability to choose the nature of every thought in all moments.

Feeling happy in the all powerful moment of NOW is the key to success. Choosing positive thoughts that make one feel happy is to open the door to profound levels of joy. When a person is angry, sad, frustrated, or struggling, joy cannot exist. Focusing on problems and unwanted things prevent happiness from flowing into one’s life experience. A person cannot feel joy when negative emotions are present. This is a proven universal law of physics! The life one lives is the exact replication of what they are thinking. To allow joy and to create a sustainable flow of happiness, one must go within and deliberately choose the nature of their thoughts.

It is the natural tendency of the ego to justify what is negative or wrong in a current situation in an attempt to improve an environment. Because the laws of physics are always responding to each and every thought, attention given to undesirable things keeps attracting more of the same. When experiencing unwanted events and situations in life, it is crucial for one to shift their thoughts to the things that arouse joy and happiness if they want to observe improved results.

Each and every person is in complete control of their thoughts. When you become aware of this fact, you take control of your life. Remaining disciplined and persistent in what you give your focused attention to will manifest the results that you are seeking. Achieving sustainable levels of joy and happiness is completely possible! To allow more joy to flow into your life experience and live a life that is “happily ever after”, follow these seven proven steps:

• Make the decision to allow joy to flow into your life. Choose it NOW!
• Make it your dominant intent each and every day to feel joy in whatever you are doing. Joy is your quest. By focusing on the things in your life that make you feel good, you literally train your thoughts at a physical level. As one persistently inclines the mind to joy, happiness becomes a chronic habit in your life. This means that as good feeling thoughts dominate your consciousness, happiness effortlessly flows into all areas of your life.
• Write down all the things that make you feel good and produce happiness in your life. Make room each day to remind yourself of those things and create the time to do them. Writing down what you desire strongly emphasizes your belief that what you are seeking is achievable.
• To further emphasize what you REALLY want, think and speak only of those things. Place all your attention and focus on your desires. If you find yourself thinking and speaking about unwanted things, stop and refocus on the things that you really want.
• Find the positive aspects in every situation and persons around you. Even if you do not feel good in or around them, when you look for something to appreciate, such as lessons learned, experience gained, one discovers relief from the negative feeling thoughts. This allows the energy to shift into a more positive experience which consequently improves the situation.
• Keep a positive expectation on all the wonderful changes that are going to occur in your life as a result of feeling good. When you nurture a desire by strongly believing that what you are seeking is going to show up, your mind becomes a powerful magnet that attracts the things you are thinking about. Observe the positive changes as they take place in your environment.
• Celebrate ALL successes no matter how large or small.

When you make it your life long quest to experience joy, you open the door to a sustainable happiness. Everything that you have ever desired or imagined for yourself will easily and effortlessly flow into your life. This is the ultimate experience of living “happily ever after”. Keep yourself happy by doing what you love and enjoying everything you do. Be happy NOW!

©2009 Elizabeth Pagayonan: Creating Intentions
All Rights Reserved.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wealth Consciousness Bootcamp is HERE!

My friends Cindy Ashton and Elizabeth Grant
have made it their mission to help as many people
as possible create a healthy, generous, abundant
relationship with money in the next four weeks.

I just learned about an incredible opportunity
and wanted to share it with you right away. Here's
a letter from Cindy and Elizabeth:

Wealth Consciousness Boot Camp

Develop a new relationship with money … for good!

Are you sick and tired of always trying new ways
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reach your goals, leaving you discouraged and frustrated?

Do you seem to attract circumstances that always
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“Here’s how you can shift your wealth consciousness in
21 days and start living your passion using ‘insider strategies’
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Cindy was recently featured next to Donald Trump
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insider secrets to conquering those money obstacles.

Elizabeth has risen up triumphantly after near bankruptcy
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If you’re sick and tired of always struggling with
money, then we have an affordable and irresistible
solution for you.

Even if you’re debt-free and
making ends meet, you’re about to see how you
can begin to shift your wealth consciousness in 21 days
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for the long-term.


We’re going to show you why looking for a “quick fix”
with your finances almost NEVER works and how you
can finally make real and permanent changes to your
financial situation and overall happiness. The trap that
so many of us fall into is to panic about our financial
situation and then seek out ways of making fast money.

What ends up happening instead is that because we feel
backed into a corner, we end up making rash decisions
we regret later. Some of us get roped into ‘get rich quick’
schemes; others just jump into new ventures without thinking,
and so on.

For money to flow freely in your life, your mind, body,
and spirit must all be in alignment about money.
This means your thoughts, actions and your “being” –
including your beliefs about money.

Your outer life is simply a reflection of the inner you.

Some people can’t attract money. Some attract it
but can’t keep it. And many people stay in a perpetual
state of debt. It doesn’t have to be this way.


The Wealth Consciousness Boot Camp is all about
creating PERMANENT, REAL changes. We're going
to teach you about financial set points and how you
can change yours.

We are not going to promise you a quick fix.
If you’ve been brainwashed for the majority of your life,
you need to re-brainwash yourself. To make a long-lasting
shift, you need to be consistent. Study with it every
day and have a support team.

Now, what would happen if you could conquer your
negative money patterns, shifting your consciousness
so you can maintain your integrity and values while
energizing you into action to create financial wealth in
a positive way?

We don’t want you to spend 10 years figuring all this out like
Elizabeth did.

That’s why we created this program … to give you the
tools you need and the support you need to make a shift
much more quickly.

We will guarantee you that by the end of the program,
if you are willing to do the work, you will have broken
through some of your money blocks, shifted your thinking
and be well on your way to creating greater wealth
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You will have begun to shift your wealth consciousness …
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YES Cindy & Elizabeth, I am ready to change
my wealth Consciousness! Show me your affordable,
irresistible offer:


Give it a look...and if you don’t start feeling a
shift in your wealth consciousness we have a
money back guarantee!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Beautiful Weekend!

Just wanted to share these beautiful photos that I took of Niagara Falls this past Memorial Day weekend. One of the Seven Wonders of the World and referred to as one of the most "spiritual places on this earth" by Paramahansa Yogananda, this vortex truly replenishes the soul! It is amazing how refreshed and rejuevenated you feel after visiting this spot. I took many more photos especially of my daughters. Now I am looking forward to scrapbooking them!

Also had the opportunity to be a guest on the Good Vibrations Radio: Tools for Transformation with Solarzar and Kyralani on Saturday, May 23, on AM 540 KRXA broadcast from Monterey, California. You can listen to the podcast at the Guest Page of or download a copy at

Sunday, May 17, 2009

"Giggle with Joy"

This is an intentional scrapbooking LO that I created for my youngest daughter. For those of you who subscribe to my newsletter know that our family recently moved across the country three months ago. The transition created a lot of change and really placed us out of our comfort zone. Knowing what I know, I understand the huge amount of potential that can amass from such change. The baby, however happy to be with her momma, has had a complete change in routine and environment. Not understanding why her entire world has completely changed, I find that she is still searching to define new boundaries for herself.

So I created this LO with the intention that joy and laughter find her once again, to be happy in our new environment. While I envisioned her realignment with the abundance of joy that is her true nature, I received an intuitive hit that she had been reacting to my response in the change of environment. This LO was very healing for me in that it allowed me to discover new thoughts and ideas of how to allow more joy into both of our lives as a whole.

The result had been amazing! Created only one week ago, I found that she would courageously and confidently leave my side to discover activities that made her happy. Not only would these activities keep her entertained for a prolonged period of time, she now keeps herself entertained through song. This is the first time I have ever heard her sing like this. Too precious for words! That I have to capture on video. I am so happy to physically recognize the shift in her persona. This is a wonderful example of the power of intention and how a person can use it to uplift others. Just by changing the way we think and finding new thoughts and feeling centered around specific experience, a person can impact the world and the lives of others in such positive ways.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

"Wish" Altered Wood Block

The other day I was wishing for something specific and I decided to focus on what I was wishing for into a piece of art. So I grabbed this wood block that I had for some time, painted it with acrylic paint, added some remaining supplies that I had left over from this month's Creating Intentions Kit "Happily Ever After" and set the intention to attract the fulfilled outcome of my wish.

The process of conceptualizing an inspired idea or wish and focusing it into a created piece of art is so powerful on so many levels. The entire process is spent thinking about, feeling about and visualizing about the intended desired outcome. The focus outlet of creating at a physical level allows for new neural connections to be made in the brain and deeply reinforced and strengthened depending on the prolonged amount of time and energy placed into the project.

Now I have this fantastic piece of art to remind me to hold the vision of my wish. To keep my eye on the prize so to speak. It is more than a piece of art, it is a symbol of a desired outcome that I deliberately intend to create in my life. This anchor helps me to hold the focus. It gently reminds me of what I know on a deep inner level....that whatever I place my consistent focus and attention on is what I attract as my life experience. Life is all about creating yourself. It truly is a magical life. Have a wonderful day!

Monday, May 11, 2009

A Wonderful Weekend!

This past weekend I had a wonderful time teaching at

As we scrapbooked to create and attract specific future outcomes through intention setting,I demonstrated how to apply the Intentional Scrapbooking Method. This unique process can be found in our DVD "Fulfill Your Desires NOW!"
Here are some of the wonderful intentions that were created!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

New Connexion Magazine

I am so happy to announce that I am published in the May issue of New Connexion Magazine! I feel so grateful to be able to share my message on such a grand level. I love what I do and love sharing my passion with others! Be sure to stop by the website to read more about the transformational power of intentional scrapbooking!

Have a wonderful and blessed day!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

We are the Featured Kit of the Month on Webster's Pages!

Our Intention Kit "Happily ever After" is loaded with the brilliant and beautifully papers designed by the ever so nice Brandin O'Neill. I know because I met her at CHA in Anaheim this past winter! This kit also includes a sheet filled with a plethora of different colored alphabet stickers as well as ribbons and trims all from Webster's Pages as well. Also, be sure to check out their social network that is always filled with inspiration and new ideas at:

You can also view and purchase this kit at:

Here are a few more photos of the project and kit contents:

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happily Ever After!

May's kit is here and YES IT IS AVAILABLE!!!
I have a new web designer and she is awesome! For now you can purchase this kit under the Kit of the Month Link until she actually switches out the actual pictures!

This Intentional Scrapbooking Kit™ Includes:
1 – Maya Road Acrylic Album
1 – Creating Intentions Malachite Buttons
1 – Webster’s Pages “little storytellers” Alphabet
1 – Webster’s Pages “Magical Life”
1 – Webster’s Pages “Prince Frog”
1 – Webster’s Pages “Ever After”
1 – Webster’s Pages “Make a Wish”
1 – Webster’s Pages “I Believe”
1 – Webster’s Pages “Beauty”
1 – Prima Fancy Felt Matties “Pink”
1 – strip Vanilla Affirmations
1 – Box Prima Silk Flowers
1 – set Prima Angel Wings
1 – Prima “Say it in Crystals” Key Words
3 – Prima Heart Acrylic Gems
1 – Antique Angel
12 inch Webster’s Soft Ivory Lace
12 inch Webster’s Turquoise Trim
12 inch Webster’s Rose Ball Fringe
12 inch Webster’s Brown Satin Trim
12 inch Olive Pom-Pom Trim

NOTE: This kit is designed to be put together using the Intentional Scrapbooking Method™
For more information, please visit

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Shift Your Awareness with Amethyst

A stone traditionally associated with royalty and spiritual leaders of antiquity, Amethyst continues to be a popular stone among spiritual seekers. A purple variety of quartz, its regal color makes it a stone of high demand. Worn as a mark of rank for hundreds of years, it is an abundant mineral found in many locations across the globe. Amethyst manifests itself in a variety of unique structures that are particular to certain regions or mines. Available in a wide range of shades, the rule of thumb is that the deeper the purple color, the higher the grade, the more valuable the stone. The most notable quality of amethyst is found in the mines of Brazil, Uruguay, Russia, Africa, and Ontario.
Its name comes from the Greek word “amethystos” which literally means not drunken. Amethyst’s name originated from the lore of Greek Mythology. There are different variations of the tale from which it deemed its name although the basic premise consists of a story between the god, Dionysus, and a beautiful woman, Amethytos, who was trying to escape him. In an attempt to save her, the goddess, Artemis, turned her into a white stone. In Dionysus’s remorse, he poured wine over the top of the stone staining the crystals purple. Since then, the Greeks believed Amethyst to be an antidote for intoxication. In order to prevent it, they would drink wine from challises carved out of the stone.
Besides roots in Greek lore, Amethyst has been a favorite stone among rulers over the centuries. Found scattered among the many tombs of Egyptian royalty and the Anglo-Saxon graves of England, Amethyst was believed to contain mystical and superstitious powers. It was largely employed in antiquity for use as intaglios and worn as amulets. The Russian Empress, Catherine the Great, loved Amethyst so much that she sent thousands of miners into the Urals to bring back as much as they could carry. Leonardo da Vinci once wrote that the gem dissipates evil thoughts and quickens the intelligence, an insight that must have surfaced from working directly with the stone.
On an energetic level, Amethyst is a stone that assists one to successfully experience states of inner awareness. It gently instills a profound tranquility to the mind that quiets everyday habitual thought processes. For people who desire to achieve a state of serenity through meditation, but find it challenging to enter the stillness, can easily transform from one reality to another with the aid of Amethyst.
Working with Amethyst is like being handed a golden key that opens a gate to higher consciousness. Its peaceful vibration has such an immediate calming effect on the emotions and physical body, that one is able to effortlessly experience a deep state of physical relaxation. Achieving peace of this magnitude, a person is able to easily let go of past thoughts, beliefs, and self-centered notions. In the letting go of illusions of what one believes to be real, transformation occurs. Amethyst opens the mind to usher in a wisdom that flows directly from the infinite divine source. As it floods into ones consciousness, a deeper understanding of one’s purpose for living brings clarity to the divine universal forces at work. Once the mind is able to grasp the knowledge of an intelligence that is greater than itself is it able to embrace the concept of a higher self. This alignment initiates one’s ability to trust in the guidance that comes from within. Knowing that one is equipped with an inner guidance system, they are able to intuitively grasp the essence of true peace and well-being, a harmonic state that was present before birth.
Receiving wisdom of this nature profoundly inspires one to redefine their belief in what is possible. Once a person aligns with the truth of their BEING, they discover a renewed zest to transform areas of their life that are not in alignment with the new knowledge that they have acquired. As new ideas surface as to how one can begin shaping a life that is according to what they really desire, Amethyst assists in the process of transforming self-limiting or self-defeating thoughts to more productive ways of thinking. Amethyst then carries the direction of the newly formed thoughts and ideas created during the imaginative process of dreaming to the depths of the soul where it is implemented.
With Amethyst, the opportunity to shift into expanded states of awareness is within your reach. Allow the calming effects of the purple ray to calm your mind and bestow peace upon your soul. You will achieve an awareness of self that you never knew was possible. Let the universe fill you with its wisdom and guide your course. It is time to feel the flow of eternal freedom.
© 2009 Elizabeth Pagayonan: Creating Intentions
All Rights Reserved.

Monday, April 20, 2009

See You at the New Living EXPO!

I am so excited for this weekend! I will be hosting a booth at the New Living Expo in San Franciso. I would love for you to stop by and introduce yourself if you have plans to attend the show. I will be holding a couple of prize drawings, so you can enter to win one of three fabulous prizes. My booth number is #224.

I will also be speaking Friday evening, April 24 at 8pm on "Creating the Life You Desire". This workshop will focus on the creative nature of thought and how you already have everything it takes to successfully create the life you truly want to live. I will show you how scrapbooking is an effective tool for repatterning thought and implementing new thought pattens at a subconscious level. This is a process that ANYONE can learn and benefit from. Even if you are not drawn to scrapbooking, the process can be adapted to whatever you are passionate about in your life. Please stop by and learn how you can acheive accelerated and sustainable results in your life NOW!

I look forward to seeing you there!

New Living Expo
April 24-26, 2009

Friday 3-10pm – Saturday 10am-7pm - Sunday 10am – 9pm
Concourse Exhibition Center, 635 8th St (at Brannan) San Francisco
General Admission: $10 Friday, $15 Saturday or Sunday
Special Offer: $25 for a 3-day pass includes subscription to Body&Soul Magazine
The New Living Expo formerly known as The Whole Life Expo has become a signature event in the Bay Area. This year’s Expo, our 8th Annual remains a must-attend, integrative event for exploring possibilities and learning the latest breakthroughs in science and alternative medicine. Join us for this special weekend that promises to inspire you through our conscious environment of exciting motivational speakers and panels, including some of today’s bestselling authors and innovative thinkers.
THE NEW LIVING EXPO is proud to be sponsoring The Awakening the Dreamer, Changing the Dream Symposium brought to you by the Pachamama Alliance, We will DEEPEN our understanding and sharpen our commitment to bring balance back to our planet by attending this important Special Event that will kick off the 8th ANNUAL NEW LIVING EXPO. Let’s make environmental sustainability, social justice and spiritual fulfillment our heartfelt priority!

We believe knowledge is power and not only will our attendees be able to mingle with like-minded people, there will be vast opportunities to enhance your own self-growth by being with the experts that are connected with evolving human empowerment and global community.
Through panels, keynote addresses, free lectures and special events, The New Living Expo will be addressing significant and timely topics such as; How to attain a better quality of life in this economy, How to create meaningful relationships during challenging times, How to apply transformative wisdom to deepen your connection within, create a better world, personal life, job and community. In addition the event will showcase how science has proved that there is a mind/body connection to healing and/or arresting many diseases.

The New Living Expo will have 300 booths vendors selling mind, body and spirit enhancing gifts, books, products and services that celebrate and improve your health and contribute to a friendly environment.
General admission includes all Workshops, Lectures, Panels, and Exhibits
Our Green food court offers a variety of delicious choices of Cuisine to choose from.
Keynote speakers at the New Living Expo 2009 include:
• Ed Begley, Jr., Actor and Green Living advocate.
• Neale Donald Walsch, Author "Conversations With God".
• Gabriel Cousens, M.D., M.D.(H), Leading worldwide authority on “live food” nutrition”, NY Times Best selling author.
• Joan Borysenko, Ph.D., Harvard trained biologist, psychologist and pioneer in mind/body medicine.
• Jean Houston, Ph.D., Scholar, philosopher and researcher in human capacities, is one of the foremost visionary thinkers and doers of our time.
• Terry Cole-Whittaker, Globally acclaimed inspirational & motivational teacher and counselor to the “Stars”.
• Sean David Morton, Accomplished author, journalist and award winning TV and film writer/producer and director.
• Daniel Pinchbeck, Author of Breaking Open the Head and 2012: The Return of Quetzalco co-editor of Toward 2012 and Perspectives on the Next Age.
• Master Zhi Gang Sha, Inspired teacher and spiritual leader and a bestselling author of several books on matters of the soul.
• Dick Sutphen, Author of 21 New Age books, seven for Simon & Schuster who calls him “America’s Foremost Psychic Researcher”.

Expert Panels and Selected Workshop Topics Include:
2012: The Shift of the Ages
Saying Yes to Change: Thriving in a New World
The Power of Creating our Future Together
Using Intuition to Thrive in our Changing Times
Sacred Tools to Manifest Abundance & Increase Intuition
Living Safely & Spiritually in a High-Tech World
Release Your Fears and Fly!
Create the Life You Desire!
Chakra Energy Work With Ancient Healing Stones
Feng Shui, How Can You Use It?
Tantra and Compassionate Communication
Birthing a New World
Anti-aging: Secrets of Youth & Longevity: Part 1 & Part 2
Climate Code Red: A Call to Action

Special New Living Expo Offer:
Receive a 1-year (10-issue) subscription to Body+Soul Magazine included in your purchase of a $25 3-day ticket to the New Living Expo (Valued at $9.95). If you have an existing Body+Soul subscription, your subscription will be extended for 1-year (10 issues.) See for offer and refund details.
BROWSE this year’s bustling marketplace with 300 exhibits and TAKE YOUR PICK from dozens of free workshops, special events, 7 free panel discussions (Anti-Aging, UFOs and 2012 and more), 100 plus free lectures throughout the weekend, all connecting body, mind and spirit. Exhibitors ~ Panel Discussions ~ Workshops ~ Lectures ~ Special Events ~ Expo Bookstore ~ Business Opportunities ~ Green Food Court ~ Anti-Aging ~ Bodyworkers ~ Green Business.
CELEBRATE the earth and discover the latest technologies, products, therapies and insights in the fields of personal growth, health and healing, finance and abundance, relationship, sexuality, politics, ecology, spirituality, consciousness, creation, angels, yoga, channeling, alternative energy, sustainability and more.
For more information visit or call 415.382.8300 ( Tickets on sale now )
To volunteer send an e-mail to: or call 707.263.1510

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Remember to Dream

This Intentional Scrapbooking Kit™ Includes:
1 – 7Gypsies 4x4 Chipboard Album
1 – Creating Intentions Amethyst Buttons
1 – Pink Paislee “Fashion Script” Alphabet
1 – 0.5 ounce Deep Purple Acrylic Paint
1 – Jar Gold Pearl Ex
1 – 8x10 piece of purple felt
1 – Cloud 9 Design “Enchanted Forest Blue”
1 – DCWV “Fairy Dust”
1- Doodlebug “Lilac Crushed Velvet”
1 – Paper Company “India Gold”
1 – Prima “Starlet”
1- Little Yellow Bicycle “Purple Fog”
1 – Sheet Kraft Affirmations
1 - Prima Purple Lace Flowers
1 – Maya Road Chipboard Butterflies
1 – Tim Holtz Metal Key “Secret”
Assortment Purple Buttons
12 inch Gold Paper Lace
12 inch Prima Purple Crocheted Lace
12 inch Making Memories Lavender Lace
12 inch Purple Grosgain
12 inch Purple Velvet Ribbon
BONUS: Extra Amethyst Buttons!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Kiss Your Monsters Good-bye!

Check out my friend, Cindy Ashton's new book and read her heartfelt message!

Below is a special, personal message from my friend and colleague Cindy Ashton. Her story, her new book and the gifts offered by her partners are astonishing. Check it out:

Thank you for taking the time to let me share my story with you…

I was born with a 20% chance of living. By the age of 14, I had undergone three life threatening heart surgeries, was left in chronic pain and with a permanently damaged lung. Since early childhood, it was my dream to sing, dance and act around the world, but my body stopped me from living my dreams… until recently. I have recovered far beyond what any doctor believed was possible, going on to train in a professional dance company six hours a day and sing opera, even with my damaged lung.

I share this story with you because I want you to know that you too can overcome your obstacles, which I like to call “monsters.” Even though my circumstances may seem unique, this story is also your story. We all have dreams and desires, things we want to conquer and accomplish. Through the valleys and the mountains on this journey of life, we must face our monsters. These monsters are our fears, our negative beliefs and the obstacles that stand in our way. And their incessant voices create doubt within ourselves, cause us to question our dreams and leave us to wonder if we truly can be everything we once believed we could be.

My own life experience has taught me that you can kiss any monster and achieve the success you deserve! I am humbled by my own recovery and now I am determined to empower you to feel so safe and validated in yourself that you also have the power to overcome any obstacle.

So my dear Courageous Monster-Kissing Warriors, today is the magnificent day that you can take a giant leap towards breaking through any barrier. I know you don’t want to miss out.

If you do one simple thing today, you will have instant access to an abundance of wisdom from over 100 of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs, teachers and experts, such as Dr. Wayne Dyer, John Assaraf, Janet Attwood, Marci Shimoff and many others.

These inspiring mentors want you to have this book so badly in fact that they are willing to GIVE you their very valuable programs just so you can get Kiss Your Monsters Goodbye into your hot little hands and hungry heart. You will enjoy over 100 life transforming gifts worth $10 000 absolutely free, to help me celebrate the launch of my new book:

Kiss Your Monsters Goodbye: Overcome Your Obstacles & Achieve the Success You Deserve!

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“Kiss Your Monsters Goodbye” combines my real life stories and insights of overcoming obstacles with simple and practical tools that you can apply to your life instantly!

Imagine what your life would be like if you could quickly and easily…
• Get the inside track on how to take charge of those monsters in any situation.
• Discover the difference between real and false fears, beliefs and obstacles.
• Unleash the hidden monsters blocking your success.
• Transform obstacles into reigning triumphs.

I invite you to visit this link now and step into the success you deserve:

Are you ready to kiss your monsters goodbye?

All my love and abundant blessings,

P.S. - I’m sure that you have many friends, family and colleagues who will just love “Kiss Your Monsters Goodbye” and won’t want to miss out on this incredible giveaway. Please forward this message to them so they too can kiss their monsters goodbye to achieve the success they deserve!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Express Your Truth

A gemstone that instantly reminds one of beautiful mother earth, Chrysocolla is the ultimate symbol of balance and well-being. It looks like the earth as viewed from space with its sky blues and greenish blue to green colors. Often confused with popular Turquoise, Chrysocolla is a mineral of secondary origin, a by-product of copper ore. Mainly located in arid climates such as Armenia, Macedonia, Spain, Arizona, New Mexico and Mexico, it occurs in the oxidized zones of copper mines. Chrysocolla manifests itself in solid veins, rounded masses, or globular, bubbly crusts that can range from dull to waxy and glassy to opal like in appearance.
True Chrysocolla is extremely soft and fragile and cannot be used in jewelry. However, when it agatizes with quartz to form a chalcedony, Chrysocolla increases in hardness to match the durability of pure quartz. Often times as it merges with quartz, its chalcedony version takes on a beautiful and unique translucent gem quality which is commonly referred to as Gem Silica. Chrysocolla can also be found covered with a crust of miniature sparkling quartz crystals that is referred to as druzy.
Chrysocolla has an interesting history of use. It was discovered that Chrysocolla could be formed artificially by steeping ore during winter and then evaporating the liquid with the heat of summer. Countries such as Spain would use the material formed from these batches to create the most vivid colored paints for artists. It was also entered into an index of recommended medicines to be used as caustic applications for sores, wounds, ulcers, and even as an emetic.
The principle use of Chrysocolla and the origin of its name was discovered by Theophrastus in 315 B.C. It was given the name from the Greek words chrysos, meaning “gold” and kola, meaning “glue”, because it first use was to solder gold. Chrysocolla was the most popular material to use in the soldering of gold because it produced the brightest and highest quality alloy.
Asides from its stunning physical characteristics, Chrysocolla has a direct energetic effect on the heart and throat centers. As soon as one comes into contact with this beautiful stone, a sense of peace and calm penetrate the body to the depths of the soul. It is as if the endless possibilities of the sky combine with the strength of the earth and the depths of the oceans to harness the unlimited potential within this stone. Because this crystal represents a harmonic balance of earthly and etheric energies merging as one, a message that “all is well” is implemented on a subtle level. The soothing energies of Chrysocolla enable one to clearly recognize and feel their alignment to the overflowing well-being of source energy.
Attuning to the divine harmonic frequencies of the universe allows ones inner truth to surface and one is able to clearly uncover the perfect words to express it. This alignment allows for the dissolving of lower frequencies and negative vibrations. As anger, sadness, grief, resentment and other negative thoughts are released the physical body’s relief is evident. As one relishes in their new found lightness, the glorious sensation of feeling free and uplifted produces an inner resolve and strength to communicate positive truths. At last one is able to allow the truth of their BEING to be clearly expressed through joy and laughter.

With Chrysocolla, you can experience the expressive and expansive freedom of your spirit in every moment. This stone opens the heart and summons the truth of your character. Consciously connect with who you really are and utilize your inherent freedom to express yourself. You are free to choose joy and happiness in every moment and live accordingly. Harmonizing your energies with the balanced energies of Chrysocolla will place your in the flow of the universe. You will be amazed at how much positive change you can create on this planet through powerful self-expression.

© 2009 Elizabeth Pagayonan: Creating Intentions
All Rights Reserved.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Laughter is the Sunshine of the Soul

Let’s face it, everyone benefits from a daily dose of laughter. It is no joke that laughter is good for a person’s overall health and well-being. Laughter is a physiological reaction to an inward state of joy. The emotional release that it provides signals acceptance and connects people to one another. Laughter is a social activity that is instantly contagious. It only takes one person to initiate a wave of laughter that lightens the overall mood of a group. So what is it that makes laughter a natural pathway to enhance physical vitality and happiness?

Laughter is instant transformation. Negative thoughts and emotions cease to exist when laughter is present. In fact the brain stops thinking entirely! During times of challenge, studies have proven that if a person finds it within them to laugh at the matter at hand, it dramatically shifts ones perspective from negative to positive. Not taking life too seriously allows one to be more at ease with their current environment. Approaching challenging situations in a playful manner is more conducive to creative problem solving. Not only is laughing productive in assisting one to shift their focus, but it gives the diaphragm and the upper body a great work out. Exercising in this manner relaxes the muscles, increases endorphin levels, and boosts the immune system.

Studies also show that people who laugh often are able to sustain lasting states of happiness. In turn, they are rewarded with longer life spans, better health and subsequently attract larger amounts of money than those who move through life unhappy. Feeling happy is a natural state of BEING and laughter is the key that opens the gates for joy to flood into our life experiences. Laughing truly allows one to feel the inherent joy and freedom that is our divine birthright. This is naturally expressed in babies who learn to laugh before they speak. Children that are born deaf and blind possess the same natural ability to laugh. In truth, everyone is capable of laughter and we all laugh in the same way. We are all connected by our ability to laugh. Laughing is the sunshine of the soul and when expressed, it creates an increase of joy on the planet that everyone can benefit from.

Obtaining an increased level of happiness is achievable right NOW. Laughter is one of nature’s best medicines and it is free! You can achieve a greater amount of happiness and laughter in your life with these following suggestions:
• Set the intention in the beginning of the day to actively seek out reasons to laugh. Starting the day in this manner suggests the anticipation of good things to come. The expectation of a positive mental state activates immediate physiological and emotional responses. This leads to the release of endorphins that flood the emotions with joy and well-being. When you fill your mind with happy thoughts and feelings at the start of the day, you will be sure to attract many experiences that that are equivalent to the nature of your dominant intent. This is deliberately putting the Law of Attraction to positive use.
• Make a point to get together with a group of friends on a daily basis. Instead of focusing on problems, make it a point to act silly and giggle. Play games, dance or share funny stories. We have a natural tendency to enjoy sustained periods of laughter when we are in comfortable environments amongst friends. Studies show that we laugh harder and longer when we interact in groups than if we were to watch something funny in a movie or on TV.
• There are institutions and instructors that specifically focus on teaching the art of laughing. Laugh clubs and laugh yoga groups are becoming more and more popular. Seek them out and find out what they have to offer.
• Spend time with children. They overflow with laughter. It is said that children laugh up to 400 times a day. Children are a natural testament to the truth of source. They intuitively know that play and laughter are vital to feeling good. Since it is our birthright to freely experience the joy of our BEING, children are the purest expression. Have you ever noticed that witnessing a child belly laugh brings a smile an instant smile to your face? Join the fun by playing with kids and be sure to initiate a good tickle fest so you can laugh too.
• Remember a time that you could not stop laughing. Focus on it until you get the giggles. Notice how easy it is to arouse joy by remembering a hilarious moment in your life.

Allowing more laughter into your life is a decision and like optimism it can be learned. When a person chooses to experience more laughter and actively seeks it out, they begin to appreciate the profound positive effect that it has on the emotions and physical body. Aligning with the joy and freedom that is ones natural birthright through laughing will uplift others in the process. It is amazing how the joy of laughter provides more meaning and purpose in one’s life on many different levels. Open the door to the abundance of life by laughing often. Laughter is a short cut to easily achieve all your desired dreams. Imagine what you can create by choosing more joy and laughter to flow into your life experience in this very moment. Laughter opens the heart and sets the spirit free. NOW is the time to live life laughing.

© 2009 Elizabeth Pagayonan: Creating Intentions
All Rights Reserved.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Laugh Often!

March's Kit Project is finally here!!! After patiently waiting for the UPS man to arrive with some product for this month's kit, I realized that perhaps there had been some challenges with the shipping reaching my new address. It seems that some of the product that I was intending to make an appearance in this kit will show up in a future kit! In any case, it was a rather fun opportunity to hunt down some alternative goodies to match the theme this month which is to "Laugh Often!"
I must say that I am rather pleased with the results and am laughing at myself for doubting that it would ever come it ALWAYS does!

This Intentional Scrapbooking Kit™ Includes:
1 – Maya Road Scroll Chipboard Album
1 – Creating Intentions Chrysocolla Disks
1 – Maya Road Chipboard Alphabet
1 – Ranger Denim Dimensional Pearls
1 – Ranger Stickles Broken China
1 – 12x12 Swatch Floral Fabric
6 – Sheets Assorted KI Memories “Addison” Papers
1 – Sheet Vanilla Affirmations
1 - Prima Floral Embellishments
1 – Prima “Say it in Crystals”
2 – Maya Road Velvet Floweres
1 – KI Memories Fabric Brad
5 – 7Gypsies Velvet Flowers
1 – Metal Accent “Laugh”
1 – Vanilla Tag
Assortment Prima Blue Rhinestones
12 inch Blue Trim
12 inch Prima Sparkle Ribbon
12 inch Prima Crocheted Ribbon
12 inch Turquoise Embroidery Floss

NOTE: This kit is designed to be put together using the Intentional Scrapbooking Method™
For more information, please visit

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Altered Heart Box

Create this lovely wall hanging as a reminder to tap into the unlimited supply of self-love every day!

Watch this pre-recorded video...

Friday, February 27, 2009

The Divine Loving Essence of Rose Quartz

A long standing symbol of love and beauty, Rose Quartz is the most desirable variety of quartz crystal. A gemstone used over the ages mainly for ornamental purposes, its color has remained somewhat of a mystery to scientists even to this day. Rose Quartz’s color is completely unique. Unlike any other pink mineral specimen, it’s color ranges from light pink to a deep rose red and has recently appeared on the earth sporting a slight lavender hue. Mostly opaque in form, Rose Quartz can also manifest itself as transparent. The transparent gemstones are frequently fashioned into jewelry.

Scientists believe that the color of Rose Quartz is a result of a combination of iron, titanium, manganese and even colloidal gold impurities. Recent studies performed under micro analytical methods have discovered the color to be a reflection of unknown microscopic mineral fibers. These tests suggest the possibility of a totally new and yet unknown fibrous mineral. The color of Rose Quartz is photosensitive and can fade if placed in direct sunlight.

Found mainly in the cores of large pegmatites as solid masses of rose colored quartz, its individual crystals have poorly formed boundaries. This adds to the mystery of Rose Quartz as quartz crystallizes into well-formed crystals in all its other macroscopic varieties. Because Rose Quartz was once believed to be only massive, when discovered in a crystal structure, the first ones were dismissed as fake by mineralogists from around the world. Currently, Brazil is the only true source of Rose Quartz found in well formed crystals. The beauty and the rarity of Rose Quartz specimens found in crystallized form are extremely valuable. Rose Quartz in its massive form is mined mainly in Madagascar, India, Germany and the United States.

There is little known historically about the uses of rose quartz. Pieces of the gemstone have been discovered in jewelry of the Mesopotamian, Assyrian and Roman cultures that date as far back as 2000BC.

Although Rose Quartz has been valued over the years for its ornamental beauty, it has a deeper meaning and purpose for manifesting itself on our planet. At first one is attracted to the beauty of its sweet pink ray. As one moves into direct contact with its energetic field, its calming vibration and intent is immediately felt. Whether or not one is aware of its powerful healing abilities, Rose Quartz immediately begins to emit its gentle loving ray into the chambers of one’s heart.
Its penetrating energy begins to circulate within the heart center, releasing suppressed feelings and emotional traumas while reinstating the gentle loving forces of self love. As it begins to release unbalanced energy, negative emotions are replaced with the soothing essence of divine love. One will experience the sensation of relief as Rose Quartz allows the flow of love to comfort and soothe past experiences that were previously filled with sorrow, fear and resentment.

The intense vibration of Rose Quartz teaches the true meaning of love by guiding one inward to connect with the eternal divine source from which all love flows. As one begins to learn that true love comes from within, Rose Quartz assists in reprogramming one to nurture the self through forgiveness and self-love. It is from this inner source that all emotional traumas no matter how deep or painful are healed.

Rose Quartz is an intense healer for those who feel they have never had love given to them. People who feel unloved and have never encountered experiences of receiving unconditional love most often lack a joy for living. Not feeling worthy, feeling lonely and holding a negative self-image will continue to attract equivalent experiences into one’s life. Rose Quartz heals past conditions and programs that have been accumulated from birth as it reprograms the heart to love itself.

Here are some suggestions for working with Rose Quartz:

• When feeling emotionally unbalanced or moving through a challenging experience, get a piece of Rose Quartz and wear it on your body. Be sure to run it under water to cleanse it of any negative energy it may have accumulated over time. Activate its natural energy by applying firm pressure with your fingers and state your intent of remaining peaceful and calm. Cleanse it after each use.
• To allow its healing energy to effortlessly reprogram your heart of its divine message, place a piece of rose quartz under your pillow at night while you sleep.
• The hand that you write with is your dominate, giving side. The other is the receiving side. On days that you would like a boost in the expression of giving love, wear a piece of jewelry that contains Rose Quartz or slip a piece into your pocket of the dominant side of your body. On days that you would like to experience the influx of receiving more love, wear a piece of Rose Quartz jewelry or place a specimen in your pocket on the non-dominate side of the body.

Rose Quartz manifests the vibration of infinite self-love like no other crystal on this earth. At last with Rose Quartz one can begin to experience a true sense of inner peace and self- fulfillment. As the heart is nourished and healed from within, a deep comfort flows throughout one’s BEING carrying the message that all is well. Rose quartz in all its mystery is a channel for divine love to flow. It is up to you to allow its presence to remind you of who you really are.

©2009 Elizabeth Pagayonan: Creating Intentions
All rights Reserved.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Loving the Self

To be able to express and receive love is one of life’s greatest delights. Allowing love’s presence to fill one’s BEING literally makes the physical heart cavity feel full and complete. Love is a powerful emotion that instantly heals on an emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual level. Its resonance uplifts and transforms one to a higher energetic vibration. Every human inherently possesses a strong desire to feel loved and accepted. It is essential that one comes to the understanding in life’s journey that the only real basis for obtaining a true sense of security in the world is to consciously fill their BEING with self-love. Achieving a deep sense of personal fulfillment is possible when one practices loving and nurturing the self first.

It is natural to crave the peace and contentment that love offers. The enduring inner craving is the gentle calling of our higher self to connect with the divine loving source from which our BEING was created, to remember who we really are. The ability to go deep inside of ourselves, align with source energy and consciously tap its eternal well-spring of love is a freewill decision. Voluntarily choosing to replenish ourselves with the love that flows from within creates a strong foundation for inner peace and self fulfillment to blossom. As one starts to implement self-love into their daily practice, a deep sense of calm begins to overflow into the words and actions of one’s personal reality.

Learning to nourish and take care of the self in the moment as needs surface, one develops knowledgeable skills that allow them to more effectively help other people. Once a person understands how to create emotional stability through self-love are they able to give love to others freely and unconditionally. There is no other person that one can look to for a continuous supply of love and support than the self. You will always be there for you! You know exactly what is needed in every moment that will bring emotional well-being and stability into your life.

Capturing and embodying the true meaning of love enables one’s presence to be healing for others to be around. Filling the self with love on a daily basis creates a channel for love to flow into every action. A person is extremely magnetic when their being radiates this high vibration. Others are naturally attracted to those who express self-fulfillment, because they understand how to effectively communicate from the heart. Speaking and acting from the heart allows one’s pure intention to be felt. The joy of being able to freely share information and to give to others unconditionally is the purest expression of love.

Oftentimes, many of us seek external sources of love to fill the empty void felt within the heart center. We seek attachment to people and things outside the self in order to provide a sense of security. As things and people consistently change with time, we discover that we cannot control anything that happens outside of the self. Expectations we place on others to fill the void within most often leads to disappointment. It is only the self united with the eternal flow of love from the unlimited source within that a solid foundation is built for one to effectively accept and adjust to all life’s consistent changes.
There are many ways to begin initiating the process of filling the self with love. It is a life long journey of self-discovery, to love where you are at and to love where you are going in every moment. The following are a few suggestions to help get you started.

• Set the intention every day to allow the loving energy of source from which you came to fill your heart and entire BEING. Seek out a quiet space and breathe deeply. As you breathe in, visualize loving energy in the form of light enter through the top of your head. As your breath fills your diaphragm, bring the loving energy into your heart center. Keep doing this until your heart feels full and complete. Let your imagination be your guide!

• Repattern your subconscious mind by choosing positive words to create affirmations. Repeat your positive affirmations as much as possible throughout the day.

• Look into a mirror and express your heart-felt love for yourself. Tell yourself of your beauty and your worth. Speak of your appreciation for all the experiences you have had on your life’s journey. Know that you would not be who you are in this very moment without them. Listen intently as you allow your words to reprogram your mind.

• Trust yourself! You are your own best guide! You know what you need in every moment to create peace and well-being. Take care of your needs first before attending to others. When you feel nourished, then you are ready to give freely and unconditionally to others.

• In times of intense challenge, allow your feelings to flow through you. If you feel like crying, please do! Crying helps to release emotional trauma. Let the tears flow and be gentle with yourself.

• Be forgiving of yourself. Forgiveness heals as it allows you to completely accept who you are. It releases suppressed internal wounds of the heart. Nourish and comfort yourself by expressing your forgiveness of past memories and feelings. Let them go and move forward. Let love fill its place.

Loving the self before all things is a rewarding process in the journey of personal awareness. Take the time to go within and create a lasting relationship with the well-spring of source energy from which all love flows. The love that stems from the self is unlimited and expansive. You will be forever replenished with an unending supply of love as you consciously tap into this source. Allow the true meaning of love to fill you and freely express it. Love’s overflowing presence in you will uplift the world. You will LOVE yourself for it.

© 2009 Elizabeth Pagayonan: Creating Intentions
All Rights Reserved.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Feel The Love

This Intentional Scrapbooking Kit™ Includes:
1 – Maya Road Heart Chipboard Album
1 – Creating Intentions Rose Quartz Heart
1 – Basic Grey Bittersweet Chipboard Alphabet
1 – Ranger Pearl Acrylic Dauber
1 – My Mind’s Eye Flirty Little Girl
1 – My Mind’s Eye Flirty Pure Joy
1 – My Mind’s Eye Sundress Heirloom
1 – My Mind’s Eye Sweetheart
1 – My Mind’s Eye Cupid’s Toile
1 – Basic Grey Paper “Crushed Berry”
1 – Basic Grey Paper “Blushing Pink”
1 - Prima Forever Flowers
1 – 7Gypsies Ink Love Rub-ons
2 – Heart Doilies
1 – Heidi Swapp Mirror
1 – Heidi Swapp Flower
1 – Maya Road Pink Silk Flower
1 – KI Memories Tag
1 – Tim Holtz Adage Ticket “Love”
1 – Tim Holtz Word Key “Love”
3 – Prima Heart Kisses
12 inch Pink Ric Rac
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Thursday, February 5, 2009

February's Theme

Thanks for your patience as I have fallen a little behind schedule for posting February's kit of the month due to moving! This month we will be focusing on feeling the love of source that comes from within. Tomorrow I will post the kit details and a photos of the project to be purchased on our main website at

Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Renewing Energy of Peridot

Formed in the depths of volcanic activity, peridot is one of the few gemstones that occur in a single color: green. A species of Olivine, its color range ultimately depends on how much iron is contained within the crystal structure. More abundantly found in a translucent yellow-green color, peridot is more rarely found in its gem quality color of olive green. It is mined in many locations across the globe, although the highest quality specimens come from Myanmar, Pakistani and Egypt. Peridot has extraterrestrial origins as well. It is the only stone found in meteorites. The Hawaiians refer to it as “Pele’s Tears”. Pieces of peridot are frequently found scattered among the black sands and lava rocks on Hawaiian beaches.

Peridot’s radiant color has caught the fancy of humans for many years. It is estimated that this gemstone has been mined for over four thousand years. Frequently found in Egyptian jewelry and amulets, historical legend states that peridot was the favorite stone of Cleopatra and that some of her so-called Emeralds were in fact peridots. The ancient Romans nicknamed the stone “Emerald of the Evening” for its ability to maintain its shine in all types of light. Found in medieval churches and referenced in the Bible to be one of the stones lain within the breast plate of the High Priest, peridot periodically enjoys being at the height of the fashion industry whenever green is declared to be the color of the times.

The brilliant light of peridot aids healing and well being at the mental, emotional and physical level. It is extremely effective at subduing matters of the heart. Peridot’s soothing energy allows one to accept “what is” with a calming forgiveness. One can use or wear peridot to relieve mental anguish, depression and anger and to revive happiness, inspiration and hope.

The yellow hue that expresses itself through peridot rejuvenates and warms the soul. Like the sun shining through a window on a beautiful day, peridot motivates one to wake up to their inner hopes and dreams. It stirs a positive expectation for all good things to come. The hope that peridot awakens, energizes the entire BEING at a cellular level. As the inherent yellow hue within peridot directs its energies into the solar plexus, it aids one to implement inspired hope into physical action.

Peridot’s renewing energy brings clarity to one’s goals. It joyfully encourages one to act on their goals by providing the inspiration that offers solutions to one’s search. As one begins to align with their true purpose, a joy for living is recovered.

Allow peridot’s warm and friendly nature to renew your joy for living. Open to the stimulating energy of hope that will strengthen and rejuvenate your entire being. Peridot provides the energy boost that effortlessly lifts you into action. NOW you can begin to really enjoy the process of living according to your destiny. Infuse an abundant amount of radiant energy into your life and daily activities by working with peridot.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Radio Interview this Evening!

I just came back from a fabulous time at CHA in Anaheim! I made many new friends and introduced the Intentional Scrapbooking MethodTM to the scrapbooking industry with much success! It was so much fun to visit all the beautiful booths and meet the designers!

Tonight I am being interviewed by Solarzar and Kyralani of Good Vibrations Radio. We are really looking forward to this show! It will be filled with lots of great insight and positive energy! To listen to a live stream just follow this link:

I hope you enjoy the show!