Sunday, May 17, 2009

"Giggle with Joy"

This is an intentional scrapbooking LO that I created for my youngest daughter. For those of you who subscribe to my newsletter know that our family recently moved across the country three months ago. The transition created a lot of change and really placed us out of our comfort zone. Knowing what I know, I understand the huge amount of potential that can amass from such change. The baby, however happy to be with her momma, has had a complete change in routine and environment. Not understanding why her entire world has completely changed, I find that she is still searching to define new boundaries for herself.

So I created this LO with the intention that joy and laughter find her once again, to be happy in our new environment. While I envisioned her realignment with the abundance of joy that is her true nature, I received an intuitive hit that she had been reacting to my response in the change of environment. This LO was very healing for me in that it allowed me to discover new thoughts and ideas of how to allow more joy into both of our lives as a whole.

The result had been amazing! Created only one week ago, I found that she would courageously and confidently leave my side to discover activities that made her happy. Not only would these activities keep her entertained for a prolonged period of time, she now keeps herself entertained through song. This is the first time I have ever heard her sing like this. Too precious for words! That I have to capture on video. I am so happy to physically recognize the shift in her persona. This is a wonderful example of the power of intention and how a person can use it to uplift others. Just by changing the way we think and finding new thoughts and feeling centered around specific experience, a person can impact the world and the lives of others in such positive ways.


Daynah said...

Wow, your layouts are gorgeous!

nan said...

ahhh, my Ella. I love her and miss her laugh so much. I would love to hear her singing. I am sending big love to all of you right this moment. xo, nanc