Wednesday, February 27, 2008

direction of your DREAMS.
-Henry David Thoreau
I love how this quote subtly reminds us to move forward towards experiences of the heart. When you do something you love, you thrive at a peak or optimum level. So why not constantly maintain that sensation of peak functioning by choosing thoughts and actions that support all the desires that you have for yourself in life?
Once again we are reminded that if we want to live the life of our dreams, we need to consciously make the choices and decisions that support all that we want to create and experience in this life. It is up to you to choose RIGHT NOW, in this very instant, to move forward and be confident that you will receive all that you can IMAGINE for yourself. Allow yourself to dream and imagine the lifestyle you would love to attain. Experience yourself actually living those desires out in your dreaming.
How can you live out certain experiences of your desires in this lifetime if you cannot even picture or imagine them in your mind? Everything begins in the imagination and can manifest for those who have the courage or confidence to take the steps whether big or small to make it happen. Be an unstoppable force.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

A Little Bit of Inspiration from an Unthought-of Source

Spirit never ceases to amaze me. A few days ago I was thinking what my life motto would be if I had one. When out of nowhere what would seem like a coincidence to most, I found that I was being guided by some unseen force to receive more information on this particular thought. Late last night after my kids had finished watching “Babe” from On Demand TV, I walked into the living room to turn off the tube when somehow the TV just happened to be on Oprah. I noticed that she was interviewing Jim Carrey. Just as my hand was reaching out to switch off the TV, I heard Oprah ask him if he had a life motto so to speak. As I was recently entertaining this very same thought, I paused to hear what his response was. What I heard completely inspired and amazed me. Jim answered Oprah without hesitation. He said, “I am heaven”. The audience was laughing just as I may have done in the past, because I would have expected him to say something kind of silly and outlandish like that. You see I seem to have adopted this preconceived notion that Jim is just some type of crazy off the wall character due to the roles he has played on the screen over the years.

As soon as I heard Jim say “I am heaven”, I knew that he understood completely the power of thought and human’s innate ability to make their desires manifest on earth. I also noticed an inner light emanating from his soul. He completely embodied joy. He was doing what he loved and happiness was radiating from every pore of his being.

His message was a huge lesson for my soul on many different levels. Since I have recently made the choice to create my life by living in conscious awareness of each thought, I knew that I was being guided to hear this message. It certainly had my attention. It was confirming all that I already knew on a deep inner soul level and was trying to create in my life. This is why I knew that spirit was guiding me to tune in at this particular moment.

This is how I perceive his life motto, “I am heaven”. When you are fully present and conscious of every thought that runs through your mind, you have the full capacity to choose and decide in that moment if you are choosing the best, most positive thought that will help you to manifest the life of your dreams. If you decide to choose the best thought possible, you radiate your desires on a vibrational level that will then attract and magnetize to you the life experiences that match that particular vibration. So if you say “I am heaven” and you can imagine and think all the positive thoughts that would create it, then you are experiencing just that. You can live out heaven on earth if you allow yourself to choose positive thoughts in every moment. Feeling positive emotions and holding positive thoughts allow you to align with the creative source that flows through everyone. You will find that you will thrive and have the ability to create anything you want for yourself. You will find that you will experience the freedom and joys of living for yourself and the ability to inspire that in others. It is your choice to choose that for yourself NOW.

Oprah then asked Jim if he had any advice to give on relationships. Jim said that they cannot work unless you yourself are whole first. When Oprah asked him what he did to make himself whole. His response was so simple. He told her that he realized that he had the choice to be happy right NOW and that he just did it. I was so impressed by the depth of his responses. I was overjoyed to discover that a celebrity like Jim was sharing a much needed message that he actually embodied himself. He was utilizing his successful career and the airwaves as a way to get his message out and inspire others.

I am so grateful for the guidance that urged me to walk into the living room right at the moment. I was so inspired by the message that came through the TV and the underlying message that spirit was sending through confirmation of my own personal thoughts. Much gratitude to Jim Carrey for the inspiring and uplifting thoughts.