Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Book of Dreams

I created this "Book of Dreams" to inspire me to create intentions for all the goals and dreams that I hold in life. Inside are three different sections that serve as reminders of the different steps or mental processes that assist in generating and sustaining positive thought processes. Our experiences in the outside world are but reflections of our inner states of mind.

Over the next three days I will post pictures of the different sections that I created in this book. I will also provide a little bit of personal insight of the positive mental attitudes needed to experience the realization of your goals and dreams. The concepts that are portrayed on the pages within this book will be explained in depth in my new book, Creating Intentions. Currently, my website is still a work in progress. It is my intention to have it up and running by the end of May. For now, you can sign up to receive more information about the concepts and techniques of Creating Intentions, and you will be notified when and where you can find my book once it is available to the public.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Queen of Scream

This little girl loves to scream when she is having a great time. I always want to remember the sound of it. I can actually hear her screaming with joy as I look at this picture. I am so thankful that I was able to captured it.

This is a LO I submitted for this weeks Monday Challenge at Scrap for a Cure. The challenge was to make your own embellishments that did not come straight from a package. I made the acrylic accents with stamps, wax and Diamond Glaze, then I stained them with alcohol inks. Fun!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Time for Everything

Currently, I have so many interests and ideas that I want to work on or need to complete during the course of the day, that time seems to elude me. In my thoughts about lack of time and the pressing urge to get things done, I have been feeling a little frustrated. I have become aware of the fact that I tend to look at the clock often to see what time it is and then I calculate how much time I have left in the day to accomplish all my goals. This has ultimately led to a unfolding negative thought process that is creating the experience of not getting all the things done in the day that need to be completed.

There is so much information in thoughts of lack. By becoming consciously aware of my frustration with time, I can choose in the moment of NOW to change the way I view time or I can continue to feed the contrasting view of lack and feeling frustrated. As I became aware of my thoughts of lack and feelings of frustration, I knew there was a hidden desire that needed to be born.

My new found desire has now given way to a positive way of thinking about time. What better way than to scrapbook a clock with a positive affirmation on it, so that every time I look at it, it will serve as an anchor and reminder as to all that I am trying to create in my life. It will also relax me and reassure me that time is not really a factor in just BEING and experiencing the joys of living.

My affirmation to help me remember what it is that I am intending to create and positively focus on is that, “There is time for EVERYTHING.” Each and every time that I look at my new clock, I will shift my former way of thinking to focus on my new positive thought forms. Each and every time I look at this clock, I will say the affirmation, which reinforces and gives direction to my subconscious mind. Then I will hold mental images of myself happily and successfully accomplishing all that I need to throughout my day.

To take my new found desire further, I am intending to create a mini book that also states that, “there is time for everything”, in which I will refine with clarity, all that it is that I want to make time for. It would be such a joy to see if you have any ideas or input as to how to positively view time and how you accomplish all that you desire during the day. I implore you to send me an email or pictures of a project that you are working on regarding this topic.

This clock project and following mini book will be expanded on in more detail in my new book, Creating Intentions, in which you can be notified upon its release by signing up on my website,

Friday, April 18, 2008

Sitting with Nature

I was inspired by Shakespeare’s quote, “One touch of nature makes the whole world kin,” to create this layout of my daughter sitting with nature.

I was amazed at her immediate connection to nature. All she wanted to do was sit on this rock, and in her words, “listen to the peace and quiet”. She was so still and quiet. She did not want to leave. She was “being” present with the moment. It was wonderful to watch her and see how intuitively she picked up on nature’s presence.

I created this layout with the intention for her to always remain aware of her connection to nature’s presence and to always take the time to seek out moments such as this.

On the walk back to the car we picked up some foliage from the forest floor. I included some of the “findings” as embellishments on the layout. I wanted to anchor the connection that she experienced on a mental level with some tangible physical items from that particular spot and moment.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

One Touch of Nature Makes the Whole World Kin. - William Shakespeare

Most of the greatest writers, poets, artists, and philosophers of our time have written or expressed in some form their awareness of an intelligent, living presence that flows through all livings things. This presence, which I refer to as creative energy, is what animates us as humans, and it is that which guides, heals, and inspires us to grow and expand in life.

Being in the beauty of nature is one of the easiest ways to sense this living presence of creative energy. If you take time to sit quietly in nature, you will inevitably revel in its wonder. It is likely that you, too, may be able to sense a living presence in everything around you. This living presence is the same creative energy that flows through you and every other living person, animal, plant, and mineral. By becoming aware of the presence of creative energy within all living things, we can start to connect with it and begin to understand it.

Creative energy can be accessed and harnessed by way of the subconscious mind by anyone who is aware of their ability to do so. It is not more or less in any one individual by way of religion, creed, status, or race. It is the SAME throughout us all and is what connects us to each other on a non-physical level. What separates us and what makes us different from one another is the level of our conscious awareness of the presence of creative energy within ourselves. Our way of thinking and the beliefs we hold is what shapes the world around us, and it is how we choose to express ourselves on a physical level that keeps us individually separate from one another.

Every one person is at their own level of awareness. To be conscious of your way of thinking and your awareness of a presence of creative energy is to awaken to discovering your inner potential as a human being. We are meant to live fulfilled lives with all that we can imagine for ourselves.

Let nature be your teacher for the day. Go for a walk or sit in your garden or a nearby park. As you experience the beauty of nature, allow your conscious thoughts to ponder the intelligence that created everthing around you. Sense the aliveness that nature exudes, even if you have to imagine it!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

To Live With Awareness

To live with awareness is to be conscious of the fact that we are more than just a physical body. It is to be conscious of the fact that we also have a mental body that is equipped with thought processes.

As we go through our day to day experiences, our conscious mind perceives the reality of our physical existence through our five senses. The way we perceive and shape the world around us starts with our thoughts and feelings.

To become consciously aware of the nature of our thoughts is the first step in expanding our lives with intended thought. As you become aware of each thought that enters your consciousness, you can choose and decide in the moment that the thought arises, whether or not it is in alignment with that which you are intending to create in your life. If it is not, you can decide to shift the thought to one that is of a more positive focus towards the outcome or life experience that you are trying to create for yourself.

Your conscious thinking is what gives direction to the creative energy of the subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind always responds to the nature of your thoughts by guiding you towards experiences that the conscious mind is directing it to. As you learn more about how the two realms of the mind work together, you can harness the powers of your subconscious mind and the creative energy within, to create life experiences of your deepest desires.

In my book, Creating Intentions, I will give a detailed explanation of how the two spheres of the mind operate. In understanding the deep inner workings of the mind, you will discover how to utilize the power of the creative energy within your subconscious mind through conscious thought processes and the art of scrapbooking.

You can do this right NOW! Begin by consciously observing your thoughts, watch them, and listen to them. I will continue to post little tidbits of information and scrapbooking projects to help guide, uplift and inspire you throughout the process.

I would love to receive information on intentions that you are trying to create for yourself! You can visit my website, to sign up to receive more information on when my book will be released.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Canvas "LOVE" Project

I created this project on a piece of canvas with the intention to hang in my girl’s playroom as a piece of art and to serve as a visual reminder to them of the unconditional love that I consistently feel and wish to express. The affirmation states, “may you always FEEL surrounded by LOVE”. I then defined my intention more specifically and clearly by hanging little tags off the large flower that state, “unconditional love, self love, and mommy love”.

I consciously chose the color scheme of pink and green to support the emotion of love that I intend to convey. I also chose to use rose quartz crystal to embellish the overall design. The rose quartz pieces serve as physical anchors that hold and focus my intention over an extended period of time.

If you are interested in learning about how crystals serve as a tool to hold, store, record, magnify and amplify thought intentions, you can read more about it in my new book, Creating Intentions. You can visit my website, to sign up to become notified when my book becomes available.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Laugh - together as much as possible.....

I created this layout based on the desire for my two oldest daughters to have as many experiences as possible in their lives together that are filled with laughter and good times. My desire was born from the conscious awareness that up until recently there had been a considerable amount of friction between them. My conscious intention, which can also be viewed as a prayer, is to communicate to the creative energy that flows through each of them and myself of the image that I am choosing to uphold and positively focus on. As I focus on this image, I am imagining the end result of the desired outcome occurring in the NOW of this moment and as they continue on through their lives.

When I snapped this picture of them, I happened to be walking through the kitchen and caught them in the act of total and complete silliness. They were sitting on the kitchen table happily shooting the breeze and just cracking up. As always, I had my camera on me, so I quickly snapped a picture to capture the moment on film. This has become one of my all time favorite pictures of them.

Most of the scrapbooking supplies that I used in this layout had just arrived in a monthly kit that I currently subscribe to from Scrap for a Cure. I am always excited to use new products and my new kit contained the perfect embellishments and papers in colors that supported the mood and emotions that I was intending to create and convey. I also picked up the title “Laugh” from their monthly guest designer. This project will be featured in my new book where you will have the opportunity to read and discover more about the effects of color and how it affects humans on a subconscious level.

Currently, I have this completed layout hanging up on my wall in plain view. The overall layout has become a reminder and a focal point for me as I continue to reinforce to the creative energy of my subconscious, what it is that I intend to create as a desired outcome.

You can find out more about the techniques I used in the creation of this project in my new book called Creating Intentions. Learn how to expand your life experiences through conscious thought intention and the art of scrapbooking. You can go to my website at to register to be notified when my book will become available.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Why Scrapbooking as a Tool?

Scrapbooking is more or less defined as the hobby of creating compilations in scrapbook albums, such as keepsakes, pictures, and periodical art to preserve memories. It is also used as an outlet to express emotions that memories convey.

As I started to play with the idea that scrapbooking could be utilized as a tool to intend our directed thoughts and emotions towards creating and manifesting the fulfillment of lifelong goals and dreams, I found that I was indeed recreating the reality of my daily experiences through the production of my art work.

Scrapbooking was acting as a catalyst for anchoring my thoughts from the internal mental realms of my mind into this external physical world. It was helping me to focus on definite specific outcomes that I emotionally wanted to experience for myself. As I started experiencing the physical manifestations of my inner dreams and desires, I discovered this overwhelming sense of inspiration from within to share with others the knowledge that I had uncovered!

Creating Intentions Purpose

The creative energy of our subconscious mind reveals to us everything we need to know in every moment. Creating Intentions purpose is to help you to understand and to trust the nature of that creative energy within you. It is our hope and dream to guide and support you as you learn to expand your life with intended thoughts, thereby consciously creating your life experiences and living out the fulfillment of your deepest desires.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

What is Creating Intentions?

Creating Intentions is based on the belief that there is a creative energy that flows through everything in this physical reality. As human beings, we are more than what we physically perceive ourselves to be. Looking past the reality of the physical body and how it operates, we are faced with the consciousness of our mind and its inner workings. This creative energy flows through us in the form of thought. By thinking positive and joyful thoughts, we can attract and create a life filled with experiences that are of our deepest desires.