Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Shift Your Awareness with Amethyst

A stone traditionally associated with royalty and spiritual leaders of antiquity, Amethyst continues to be a popular stone among spiritual seekers. A purple variety of quartz, its regal color makes it a stone of high demand. Worn as a mark of rank for hundreds of years, it is an abundant mineral found in many locations across the globe. Amethyst manifests itself in a variety of unique structures that are particular to certain regions or mines. Available in a wide range of shades, the rule of thumb is that the deeper the purple color, the higher the grade, the more valuable the stone. The most notable quality of amethyst is found in the mines of Brazil, Uruguay, Russia, Africa, and Ontario.
Its name comes from the Greek word “amethystos” which literally means not drunken. Amethyst’s name originated from the lore of Greek Mythology. There are different variations of the tale from which it deemed its name although the basic premise consists of a story between the god, Dionysus, and a beautiful woman, Amethytos, who was trying to escape him. In an attempt to save her, the goddess, Artemis, turned her into a white stone. In Dionysus’s remorse, he poured wine over the top of the stone staining the crystals purple. Since then, the Greeks believed Amethyst to be an antidote for intoxication. In order to prevent it, they would drink wine from challises carved out of the stone.
Besides roots in Greek lore, Amethyst has been a favorite stone among rulers over the centuries. Found scattered among the many tombs of Egyptian royalty and the Anglo-Saxon graves of England, Amethyst was believed to contain mystical and superstitious powers. It was largely employed in antiquity for use as intaglios and worn as amulets. The Russian Empress, Catherine the Great, loved Amethyst so much that she sent thousands of miners into the Urals to bring back as much as they could carry. Leonardo da Vinci once wrote that the gem dissipates evil thoughts and quickens the intelligence, an insight that must have surfaced from working directly with the stone.
On an energetic level, Amethyst is a stone that assists one to successfully experience states of inner awareness. It gently instills a profound tranquility to the mind that quiets everyday habitual thought processes. For people who desire to achieve a state of serenity through meditation, but find it challenging to enter the stillness, can easily transform from one reality to another with the aid of Amethyst.
Working with Amethyst is like being handed a golden key that opens a gate to higher consciousness. Its peaceful vibration has such an immediate calming effect on the emotions and physical body, that one is able to effortlessly experience a deep state of physical relaxation. Achieving peace of this magnitude, a person is able to easily let go of past thoughts, beliefs, and self-centered notions. In the letting go of illusions of what one believes to be real, transformation occurs. Amethyst opens the mind to usher in a wisdom that flows directly from the infinite divine source. As it floods into ones consciousness, a deeper understanding of one’s purpose for living brings clarity to the divine universal forces at work. Once the mind is able to grasp the knowledge of an intelligence that is greater than itself is it able to embrace the concept of a higher self. This alignment initiates one’s ability to trust in the guidance that comes from within. Knowing that one is equipped with an inner guidance system, they are able to intuitively grasp the essence of true peace and well-being, a harmonic state that was present before birth.
Receiving wisdom of this nature profoundly inspires one to redefine their belief in what is possible. Once a person aligns with the truth of their BEING, they discover a renewed zest to transform areas of their life that are not in alignment with the new knowledge that they have acquired. As new ideas surface as to how one can begin shaping a life that is according to what they really desire, Amethyst assists in the process of transforming self-limiting or self-defeating thoughts to more productive ways of thinking. Amethyst then carries the direction of the newly formed thoughts and ideas created during the imaginative process of dreaming to the depths of the soul where it is implemented.
With Amethyst, the opportunity to shift into expanded states of awareness is within your reach. Allow the calming effects of the purple ray to calm your mind and bestow peace upon your soul. You will achieve an awareness of self that you never knew was possible. Let the universe fill you with its wisdom and guide your course. It is time to feel the flow of eternal freedom.
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Monday, April 20, 2009

See You at the New Living EXPO!

I am so excited for this weekend! I will be hosting a booth at the New Living Expo in San Franciso. I would love for you to stop by and introduce yourself if you have plans to attend the show. I will be holding a couple of prize drawings, so you can enter to win one of three fabulous prizes. My booth number is #224.

I will also be speaking Friday evening, April 24 at 8pm on "Creating the Life You Desire". This workshop will focus on the creative nature of thought and how you already have everything it takes to successfully create the life you truly want to live. I will show you how scrapbooking is an effective tool for repatterning thought and implementing new thought pattens at a subconscious level. This is a process that ANYONE can learn and benefit from. Even if you are not drawn to scrapbooking, the process can be adapted to whatever you are passionate about in your life. Please stop by and learn how you can acheive accelerated and sustainable results in your life NOW!

I look forward to seeing you there!

New Living Expo
April 24-26, 2009

Friday 3-10pm – Saturday 10am-7pm - Sunday 10am – 9pm
Concourse Exhibition Center, 635 8th St (at Brannan) San Francisco
General Admission: $10 Friday, $15 Saturday or Sunday
Special Offer: $25 for a 3-day pass includes subscription to Body&Soul Magazine
The New Living Expo formerly known as The Whole Life Expo has become a signature event in the Bay Area. This year’s Expo, our 8th Annual remains a must-attend, integrative event for exploring possibilities and learning the latest breakthroughs in science and alternative medicine. Join us for this special weekend that promises to inspire you through our conscious environment of exciting motivational speakers and panels, including some of today’s bestselling authors and innovative thinkers.
THE NEW LIVING EXPO is proud to be sponsoring The Awakening the Dreamer, Changing the Dream Symposium brought to you by the Pachamama Alliance, We will DEEPEN our understanding and sharpen our commitment to bring balance back to our planet by attending this important Special Event that will kick off the 8th ANNUAL NEW LIVING EXPO. Let’s make environmental sustainability, social justice and spiritual fulfillment our heartfelt priority!

We believe knowledge is power and not only will our attendees be able to mingle with like-minded people, there will be vast opportunities to enhance your own self-growth by being with the experts that are connected with evolving human empowerment and global community.
Through panels, keynote addresses, free lectures and special events, The New Living Expo will be addressing significant and timely topics such as; How to attain a better quality of life in this economy, How to create meaningful relationships during challenging times, How to apply transformative wisdom to deepen your connection within, create a better world, personal life, job and community. In addition the event will showcase how science has proved that there is a mind/body connection to healing and/or arresting many diseases.

The New Living Expo will have 300 booths vendors selling mind, body and spirit enhancing gifts, books, products and services that celebrate and improve your health and contribute to a friendly environment.
General admission includes all Workshops, Lectures, Panels, and Exhibits
Our Green food court offers a variety of delicious choices of Cuisine to choose from.
Keynote speakers at the New Living Expo 2009 include:
• Ed Begley, Jr., Actor and Green Living advocate.
• Neale Donald Walsch, Author "Conversations With God".
• Gabriel Cousens, M.D., M.D.(H), Leading worldwide authority on “live food” nutrition”, NY Times Best selling author.
• Joan Borysenko, Ph.D., Harvard trained biologist, psychologist and pioneer in mind/body medicine.
• Jean Houston, Ph.D., Scholar, philosopher and researcher in human capacities, is one of the foremost visionary thinkers and doers of our time.
• Terry Cole-Whittaker, Globally acclaimed inspirational & motivational teacher and counselor to the “Stars”.
• Sean David Morton, Accomplished author, journalist and award winning TV and film writer/producer and director.
• Daniel Pinchbeck, Author of Breaking Open the Head and 2012: The Return of Quetzalco co-editor of Toward 2012 and Perspectives on the Next Age.
• Master Zhi Gang Sha, Inspired teacher and spiritual leader and a bestselling author of several books on matters of the soul.
• Dick Sutphen, Author of 21 New Age books, seven for Simon & Schuster who calls him “America’s Foremost Psychic Researcher”.

Expert Panels and Selected Workshop Topics Include:
2012: The Shift of the Ages
Saying Yes to Change: Thriving in a New World
The Power of Creating our Future Together
Using Intuition to Thrive in our Changing Times
Sacred Tools to Manifest Abundance & Increase Intuition
Living Safely & Spiritually in a High-Tech World
Release Your Fears and Fly!
Create the Life You Desire!
Chakra Energy Work With Ancient Healing Stones
Feng Shui, How Can You Use It?
Tantra and Compassionate Communication
Birthing a New World
Anti-aging: Secrets of Youth & Longevity: Part 1 & Part 2
Climate Code Red: A Call to Action

Special New Living Expo Offer:
Receive a 1-year (10-issue) subscription to Body+Soul Magazine included in your purchase of a $25 3-day ticket to the New Living Expo (Valued at $9.95). If you have an existing Body+Soul subscription, your subscription will be extended for 1-year (10 issues.) See for offer and refund details.
BROWSE this year’s bustling marketplace with 300 exhibits and TAKE YOUR PICK from dozens of free workshops, special events, 7 free panel discussions (Anti-Aging, UFOs and 2012 and more), 100 plus free lectures throughout the weekend, all connecting body, mind and spirit. Exhibitors ~ Panel Discussions ~ Workshops ~ Lectures ~ Special Events ~ Expo Bookstore ~ Business Opportunities ~ Green Food Court ~ Anti-Aging ~ Bodyworkers ~ Green Business.
CELEBRATE the earth and discover the latest technologies, products, therapies and insights in the fields of personal growth, health and healing, finance and abundance, relationship, sexuality, politics, ecology, spirituality, consciousness, creation, angels, yoga, channeling, alternative energy, sustainability and more.
For more information visit or call 415.382.8300 ( Tickets on sale now )
To volunteer send an e-mail to: or call 707.263.1510

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Remember to Dream

This Intentional Scrapbooking Kit™ Includes:
1 – 7Gypsies 4x4 Chipboard Album
1 – Creating Intentions Amethyst Buttons
1 – Pink Paislee “Fashion Script” Alphabet
1 – 0.5 ounce Deep Purple Acrylic Paint
1 – Jar Gold Pearl Ex
1 – 8x10 piece of purple felt
1 – Cloud 9 Design “Enchanted Forest Blue”
1 – DCWV “Fairy Dust”
1- Doodlebug “Lilac Crushed Velvet”
1 – Paper Company “India Gold”
1 – Prima “Starlet”
1- Little Yellow Bicycle “Purple Fog”
1 – Sheet Kraft Affirmations
1 - Prima Purple Lace Flowers
1 – Maya Road Chipboard Butterflies
1 – Tim Holtz Metal Key “Secret”
Assortment Purple Buttons
12 inch Gold Paper Lace
12 inch Prima Purple Crocheted Lace
12 inch Making Memories Lavender Lace
12 inch Purple Grosgain
12 inch Purple Velvet Ribbon
BONUS: Extra Amethyst Buttons!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Kiss Your Monsters Good-bye!

Check out my friend, Cindy Ashton's new book and read her heartfelt message!

Below is a special, personal message from my friend and colleague Cindy Ashton. Her story, her new book and the gifts offered by her partners are astonishing. Check it out:

Thank you for taking the time to let me share my story with you…

I was born with a 20% chance of living. By the age of 14, I had undergone three life threatening heart surgeries, was left in chronic pain and with a permanently damaged lung. Since early childhood, it was my dream to sing, dance and act around the world, but my body stopped me from living my dreams… until recently. I have recovered far beyond what any doctor believed was possible, going on to train in a professional dance company six hours a day and sing opera, even with my damaged lung.

I share this story with you because I want you to know that you too can overcome your obstacles, which I like to call “monsters.” Even though my circumstances may seem unique, this story is also your story. We all have dreams and desires, things we want to conquer and accomplish. Through the valleys and the mountains on this journey of life, we must face our monsters. These monsters are our fears, our negative beliefs and the obstacles that stand in our way. And their incessant voices create doubt within ourselves, cause us to question our dreams and leave us to wonder if we truly can be everything we once believed we could be.

My own life experience has taught me that you can kiss any monster and achieve the success you deserve! I am humbled by my own recovery and now I am determined to empower you to feel so safe and validated in yourself that you also have the power to overcome any obstacle.

So my dear Courageous Monster-Kissing Warriors, today is the magnificent day that you can take a giant leap towards breaking through any barrier. I know you don’t want to miss out.

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Imagine what your life would be like if you could quickly and easily…
• Get the inside track on how to take charge of those monsters in any situation.
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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Express Your Truth

A gemstone that instantly reminds one of beautiful mother earth, Chrysocolla is the ultimate symbol of balance and well-being. It looks like the earth as viewed from space with its sky blues and greenish blue to green colors. Often confused with popular Turquoise, Chrysocolla is a mineral of secondary origin, a by-product of copper ore. Mainly located in arid climates such as Armenia, Macedonia, Spain, Arizona, New Mexico and Mexico, it occurs in the oxidized zones of copper mines. Chrysocolla manifests itself in solid veins, rounded masses, or globular, bubbly crusts that can range from dull to waxy and glassy to opal like in appearance.
True Chrysocolla is extremely soft and fragile and cannot be used in jewelry. However, when it agatizes with quartz to form a chalcedony, Chrysocolla increases in hardness to match the durability of pure quartz. Often times as it merges with quartz, its chalcedony version takes on a beautiful and unique translucent gem quality which is commonly referred to as Gem Silica. Chrysocolla can also be found covered with a crust of miniature sparkling quartz crystals that is referred to as druzy.
Chrysocolla has an interesting history of use. It was discovered that Chrysocolla could be formed artificially by steeping ore during winter and then evaporating the liquid with the heat of summer. Countries such as Spain would use the material formed from these batches to create the most vivid colored paints for artists. It was also entered into an index of recommended medicines to be used as caustic applications for sores, wounds, ulcers, and even as an emetic.
The principle use of Chrysocolla and the origin of its name was discovered by Theophrastus in 315 B.C. It was given the name from the Greek words chrysos, meaning “gold” and kola, meaning “glue”, because it first use was to solder gold. Chrysocolla was the most popular material to use in the soldering of gold because it produced the brightest and highest quality alloy.
Asides from its stunning physical characteristics, Chrysocolla has a direct energetic effect on the heart and throat centers. As soon as one comes into contact with this beautiful stone, a sense of peace and calm penetrate the body to the depths of the soul. It is as if the endless possibilities of the sky combine with the strength of the earth and the depths of the oceans to harness the unlimited potential within this stone. Because this crystal represents a harmonic balance of earthly and etheric energies merging as one, a message that “all is well” is implemented on a subtle level. The soothing energies of Chrysocolla enable one to clearly recognize and feel their alignment to the overflowing well-being of source energy.
Attuning to the divine harmonic frequencies of the universe allows ones inner truth to surface and one is able to clearly uncover the perfect words to express it. This alignment allows for the dissolving of lower frequencies and negative vibrations. As anger, sadness, grief, resentment and other negative thoughts are released the physical body’s relief is evident. As one relishes in their new found lightness, the glorious sensation of feeling free and uplifted produces an inner resolve and strength to communicate positive truths. At last one is able to allow the truth of their BEING to be clearly expressed through joy and laughter.

With Chrysocolla, you can experience the expressive and expansive freedom of your spirit in every moment. This stone opens the heart and summons the truth of your character. Consciously connect with who you really are and utilize your inherent freedom to express yourself. You are free to choose joy and happiness in every moment and live accordingly. Harmonizing your energies with the balanced energies of Chrysocolla will place your in the flow of the universe. You will be amazed at how much positive change you can create on this planet through powerful self-expression.

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All Rights Reserved.