Monday, March 21, 2011

Offering Loving Suppport to Japan

Turbulent times call for tools that wake us up to full realization of our human potential.....

Changes in the environment, politics, the economy, and the effect of natural disasters can cause us to feel like helpless victims living a life of mere chance and circumstance. With the recent disaster of the earthquake and tsumani in Japan, we can choose to sit around and watch more news of the devastation and feel sad or we can choose to let this historic event awaken a new awareness within ourselves to:

• Take some sort of selfless action to give back to the earth…plant a tree, ride a bike or walk to work to reduce gas emissions in the environment, unplug electronic devices not in use, etc.
• Open our hearts more in loving compassion to everyone around us
• Strive to see the beauty present in each moment
• Openly express our gratitude for what we do have in our life
• Nurture ourselves little more each day by tuning into our inner needs and finding ways to joyously express ourselves

I encourage you to spend some time today sending loving thoughts of healing energy to Japan. Visualize the entire country wrapped in a cloud of peace and wholeness……see the nuclear reactors of Fukushima stabilizing themselves and operating at optimal efficiency. Call on your angles or guides to join you in a unified effort as you intentionally support the country of Japan on an energetic level. See the people of Japan being infused with this loving support by finding an inner strength and resolve to discover the courage to move forward in renewal.

This is an easy way to offer selfless service to support the entire country of Japan without leaving the comfort of your own home. Intention and visualization are powerful actions that you can take right now!

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Many Blessings,
Elizabeth Diamond