Friday, May 29, 2009

7 Steps to Create Your "Happily Ever After"

Today there is an epidemic of unhappiness. Studies show that at least 1 in 5 women are on anti-depressants. Reflecting back to memories of childhood, almost every little girl held the dream of living “happily ever after”. Usually the “happily ever after” contained visions of marrying a prince and then moving off to a far away land to live in a magical castle filled with lots of children and an ample supply of help from the likes of maids, servants, cooks, etc. A BIG dream often told to us by parents, grandparents, or other close family members and friends. A tale that was entertaining to say the least although many of the loved ones who enjoyed telling this type of story were unaware of its conditioning effects on a young child’s consciousness.

As a child many of us held grand visions of living “happily ever after”. Somewhere along the road as a teenager our joy for dreaming big and thinking happy thoughts was forgotten or lost amidst all the pressures and expectations one felt when conforming to societal structures. Reaching adulthood, personal levels of happiness were greatly diminished in comparison to the natural elation one felt as a child. Why is it that as we move through the journey of life, we develop a tendency to ponder negative aspects more often than the positive aspects of events, circumstances and people in our lives ultimately resulting in feelings of emptiness and unhappiness?

We are born naturally wanting to live a life filled with meaning and value, to live with joy and lasting happiness. Unless one is born into an environment that nurtures a connection to their true divine self, they become conditioned over the course of childhood with thoughts and beliefs surrounding ideas of how others expect them to be. A false sense of self develops that is egocentric in nature. An individual mark of identification begins to evolve that ultimately shapes one’s perception of the world and their role in it. Many of us are conditioned from an early age to believe that who we are, what we have, and what we do define our value and worth in the world. This point of view keeps one focused on remaining separate from others. Therefore, a person feels that they have to continuously strive to prove to themselves and others of their extreme value and self worth.

Searching for happiness or happy endings in the accumulation of material things or circumstances that occur outside of the self may provide a temporary state of joy but it is not lasting. To live a life that is “happily ever after” is to experience a solid foundation of joy in every moment. Fulfillment of this level is only achieved when one turns inward to fully participate in the abundance of good feeling thoughts that align them with the larger source of who they really are. It is the journey of connecting to the true divine self that brings about the essence of pure joy and bliss that one is seeking.

As human beings we create our existence in the world through our perceptions, thoughts and feelings. What we create on the inside is reflected on the outside. Finding happiness through physical action does not work not because joy begins with one’s state of mind. It is up to each one of us as individuals to utilize our profound freedom found in the ability to choose the nature of every thought in all moments.

Feeling happy in the all powerful moment of NOW is the key to success. Choosing positive thoughts that make one feel happy is to open the door to profound levels of joy. When a person is angry, sad, frustrated, or struggling, joy cannot exist. Focusing on problems and unwanted things prevent happiness from flowing into one’s life experience. A person cannot feel joy when negative emotions are present. This is a proven universal law of physics! The life one lives is the exact replication of what they are thinking. To allow joy and to create a sustainable flow of happiness, one must go within and deliberately choose the nature of their thoughts.

It is the natural tendency of the ego to justify what is negative or wrong in a current situation in an attempt to improve an environment. Because the laws of physics are always responding to each and every thought, attention given to undesirable things keeps attracting more of the same. When experiencing unwanted events and situations in life, it is crucial for one to shift their thoughts to the things that arouse joy and happiness if they want to observe improved results.

Each and every person is in complete control of their thoughts. When you become aware of this fact, you take control of your life. Remaining disciplined and persistent in what you give your focused attention to will manifest the results that you are seeking. Achieving sustainable levels of joy and happiness is completely possible! To allow more joy to flow into your life experience and live a life that is “happily ever after”, follow these seven proven steps:

• Make the decision to allow joy to flow into your life. Choose it NOW!
• Make it your dominant intent each and every day to feel joy in whatever you are doing. Joy is your quest. By focusing on the things in your life that make you feel good, you literally train your thoughts at a physical level. As one persistently inclines the mind to joy, happiness becomes a chronic habit in your life. This means that as good feeling thoughts dominate your consciousness, happiness effortlessly flows into all areas of your life.
• Write down all the things that make you feel good and produce happiness in your life. Make room each day to remind yourself of those things and create the time to do them. Writing down what you desire strongly emphasizes your belief that what you are seeking is achievable.
• To further emphasize what you REALLY want, think and speak only of those things. Place all your attention and focus on your desires. If you find yourself thinking and speaking about unwanted things, stop and refocus on the things that you really want.
• Find the positive aspects in every situation and persons around you. Even if you do not feel good in or around them, when you look for something to appreciate, such as lessons learned, experience gained, one discovers relief from the negative feeling thoughts. This allows the energy to shift into a more positive experience which consequently improves the situation.
• Keep a positive expectation on all the wonderful changes that are going to occur in your life as a result of feeling good. When you nurture a desire by strongly believing that what you are seeking is going to show up, your mind becomes a powerful magnet that attracts the things you are thinking about. Observe the positive changes as they take place in your environment.
• Celebrate ALL successes no matter how large or small.

When you make it your life long quest to experience joy, you open the door to a sustainable happiness. Everything that you have ever desired or imagined for yourself will easily and effortlessly flow into your life. This is the ultimate experience of living “happily ever after”. Keep yourself happy by doing what you love and enjoying everything you do. Be happy NOW!

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