Monday, April 19, 2010

Divine Love!

The intention of this project is to become aware of the divine presence in the heart, to tune into it and allow it to fill every fiber of your being so that you radiant loving compassion into everything you do!

Monday, April 5, 2010


The intention of this tag is to anchor into physical shape and form a reminder of the importance of holding ones heartfelt dreams. Everything becomes possible when the imagination is activated through the process of dreaming. So I created this tag with these dominant intentions:

• to remind myself each day to spend time dreaming about how I want my life to unfold
• to use the process of dreaming to clarify my life vision
• to help me step into the essence of specific desired outcomes so that when they do appear in my life, I am used to living in the energy of it and do not unconsciously sabotage its success

I intentionally used amethyst chips because amethyst naturally stills the thought process of the mind. It helps one to enter the stillness of their BEing, the space that exists in between thought. Amethyst opens the door for the imagination to ponder new possibilities and it allows the creative process to usher in a deeper more authentic wisdom.

I intentionally used the colors purple and gold as they represent colors of higher consciousness, higher understanding of one’s meaning and reason for living on earth.
To dream is to prepare the soil for something new to bloom and unfold into your life. In order to experience any type of change or anything different, one must be willing to open the door to their imagination. The imagination is the portal to all of creativity. If you can imagine any new possibility, than the potential already exists for it to emerge into your life.

We create with every thought and attract with every feeling whether we are aware of this fact or not. Change begins on the inside, it starts with paying attention to how you feel and think about life. Our environment, the universe responds to whatever it is that we place our focused attention and awareness upon. When a person is able to feel their dreams on the inside, they continue to attract more of the same. Concentrate on building an inner state of well-being, an inner image that does not fluctuate. Holding the dream over an extended period of time allows it to become easily sustained. Soon we are the change we seek, it becomes our dominate way of being, that is easy, natural and effortless.

When you become clear as to what it is that you really want, set an intention and then dream into the experience of it, live out the desired outcome in your mind. This is a form of prayer, a way of asking the universe for what you really want. See it clearly and with as much detail as possible. The longer you hold the vision, the more you dream into the desired outcome, the stronger the response you will receive from the universe itself.

It is crucial to entertain radically different thoughts, ideas, images and emotions than the ones you are used to holding out of habit. Ask yourself what your life would look like if you were to live out your heartfelt dreams right now? When a person is willing to entertain the possibilities, to feel into the experience of them and live out the essence of them in the imagination, their dream is already on its way to becoming realized form.

Place your attention on the vision. Be willing to grow into the dream and become the person that lives that. If there is a desired outcome that you truly want to live out, take action and dream! Ask for what you want using the power of your imagination. This is your opportunity to create on purpose, to create with intention. Hold your dream in your heart and live through the eyes of your imagination to come to realize the unlimited power of your creative potential.

©2010 Elizabeth Diamond; All Rights Reserved.