Friday, February 27, 2009

The Divine Loving Essence of Rose Quartz

A long standing symbol of love and beauty, Rose Quartz is the most desirable variety of quartz crystal. A gemstone used over the ages mainly for ornamental purposes, its color has remained somewhat of a mystery to scientists even to this day. Rose Quartz’s color is completely unique. Unlike any other pink mineral specimen, it’s color ranges from light pink to a deep rose red and has recently appeared on the earth sporting a slight lavender hue. Mostly opaque in form, Rose Quartz can also manifest itself as transparent. The transparent gemstones are frequently fashioned into jewelry.

Scientists believe that the color of Rose Quartz is a result of a combination of iron, titanium, manganese and even colloidal gold impurities. Recent studies performed under micro analytical methods have discovered the color to be a reflection of unknown microscopic mineral fibers. These tests suggest the possibility of a totally new and yet unknown fibrous mineral. The color of Rose Quartz is photosensitive and can fade if placed in direct sunlight.

Found mainly in the cores of large pegmatites as solid masses of rose colored quartz, its individual crystals have poorly formed boundaries. This adds to the mystery of Rose Quartz as quartz crystallizes into well-formed crystals in all its other macroscopic varieties. Because Rose Quartz was once believed to be only massive, when discovered in a crystal structure, the first ones were dismissed as fake by mineralogists from around the world. Currently, Brazil is the only true source of Rose Quartz found in well formed crystals. The beauty and the rarity of Rose Quartz specimens found in crystallized form are extremely valuable. Rose Quartz in its massive form is mined mainly in Madagascar, India, Germany and the United States.

There is little known historically about the uses of rose quartz. Pieces of the gemstone have been discovered in jewelry of the Mesopotamian, Assyrian and Roman cultures that date as far back as 2000BC.

Although Rose Quartz has been valued over the years for its ornamental beauty, it has a deeper meaning and purpose for manifesting itself on our planet. At first one is attracted to the beauty of its sweet pink ray. As one moves into direct contact with its energetic field, its calming vibration and intent is immediately felt. Whether or not one is aware of its powerful healing abilities, Rose Quartz immediately begins to emit its gentle loving ray into the chambers of one’s heart.
Its penetrating energy begins to circulate within the heart center, releasing suppressed feelings and emotional traumas while reinstating the gentle loving forces of self love. As it begins to release unbalanced energy, negative emotions are replaced with the soothing essence of divine love. One will experience the sensation of relief as Rose Quartz allows the flow of love to comfort and soothe past experiences that were previously filled with sorrow, fear and resentment.

The intense vibration of Rose Quartz teaches the true meaning of love by guiding one inward to connect with the eternal divine source from which all love flows. As one begins to learn that true love comes from within, Rose Quartz assists in reprogramming one to nurture the self through forgiveness and self-love. It is from this inner source that all emotional traumas no matter how deep or painful are healed.

Rose Quartz is an intense healer for those who feel they have never had love given to them. People who feel unloved and have never encountered experiences of receiving unconditional love most often lack a joy for living. Not feeling worthy, feeling lonely and holding a negative self-image will continue to attract equivalent experiences into one’s life. Rose Quartz heals past conditions and programs that have been accumulated from birth as it reprograms the heart to love itself.

Here are some suggestions for working with Rose Quartz:

• When feeling emotionally unbalanced or moving through a challenging experience, get a piece of Rose Quartz and wear it on your body. Be sure to run it under water to cleanse it of any negative energy it may have accumulated over time. Activate its natural energy by applying firm pressure with your fingers and state your intent of remaining peaceful and calm. Cleanse it after each use.
• To allow its healing energy to effortlessly reprogram your heart of its divine message, place a piece of rose quartz under your pillow at night while you sleep.
• The hand that you write with is your dominate, giving side. The other is the receiving side. On days that you would like a boost in the expression of giving love, wear a piece of jewelry that contains Rose Quartz or slip a piece into your pocket of the dominant side of your body. On days that you would like to experience the influx of receiving more love, wear a piece of Rose Quartz jewelry or place a specimen in your pocket on the non-dominate side of the body.

Rose Quartz manifests the vibration of infinite self-love like no other crystal on this earth. At last with Rose Quartz one can begin to experience a true sense of inner peace and self- fulfillment. As the heart is nourished and healed from within, a deep comfort flows throughout one’s BEING carrying the message that all is well. Rose quartz in all its mystery is a channel for divine love to flow. It is up to you to allow its presence to remind you of who you really are.

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