Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Universe Within, The Universe Without

Within you exists a universe that is as vast as the universe without! We have seen in the previous post, (Link Here) that visible light (what we are able to see with our physical eyes) forms only a tiny band of this vast spectrum. This reveals to us that what we are able to perceive through our five physical senses is a minute fraction of the whole.

How do we perceive these electro-magnetic frequencies that are invisible to us? Technology has only recently detected these energies considering the age of our planet. Infrared thermography and Squid based Magnetometers have also only newly documented the existence of the electromagnetic field of the body. Questions that remain unanswered have clues found in the wisdom of ancient sages documented in sacred texts. Remember that what the ancient masters, saints, and prophets have been telling us for thousands of years, science is currently proving through its research and studies. The ancient masters speak to us of the practice of meditation, of which we are able to expand or contract our consciousness at will, as well as awaken the possibility of tapping into the sixth sense of the intuitive faculties.

Therefore if we are to overcome our challenges, it is important to take time in our day to stretch our mental muscles by exploring meditative concepts. The practice of meditation enables us to use our imagination to step outside of our recurring thought processes that often take control over our lives. Meditation is a key tool for shifting one’s perspective off of his or her mental concepts to view his or her own intellect in relation to the rest of the Universe. We can really learn something of importance through this practice.

When we begin to realize that our personality is only one out of three billion souls inhabiting this planet we call Earth, and Earth being one of the smallest planets in our solar system AND our solar system being only an atom in a galaxy that is just one galaxy upon countless other galaxies….. can we logically continue to move forward in our thinking that our opinions and theories centered around a limited human intellect is the RIGHT way? Or are we part of a larger whole? Are we part of a much grander design? And, if we learn to merge with this grand design, can this larger organism reveal universal truths that will lead us to the understanding of the purpose of life and our purpose in it?

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