Wednesday, September 25, 2013

How Can I Begin to Uncover My Purpose in Life?

You!....Yes, you are so very special! You have a unique gift to offer this world and the world needs what you have to offer! This is the truth of your existence. You already know and feel this on a deep inner level. Yet, every single person on this planet has a special purpose to fulfill in their lifetime, a mission that is unique to them. You may have a particular strength, or a talent, or a gift that is distinctive to your individuality. It is our purpose in life to discover our purpose if we are to feel that vital joy filled sensation of being fulfilled from within.

The soul knows the true Reality of your inherent creative potential, of your fiery destiny and the means to bring it into external manifestation. When we are not living up to our fullest potential, when we are not living out our purpose on earth, the soul is not at peace. Oftentimes, this causes feelings of anxiety, frustration, and an overwhelming sense of discontent. These feelings of not being satisfied with life or not feeling adequate in our lives arises wholly because we search outside of ourselves for answers and knowledge that can only be obtained from within.

The thread of knowing our true Reality and the value of our self-worth becomes hidden when the lens of the mind is focused on the acquisition of material things and on satisfying the never ending pursuit of pleasure. Man’s identification with the impermanent and changing existence of the tangible world dulls the sense of the soul. The soul is the permanent aspect of our selfhood that becomes buried under layers of false values.

If we are to find happiness, if we are to awaken to a crystal clear understanding of our purpose in life, we must become archaeologists of the Spirit. We must strive daily to uncover the blueprint of our Soul’s fiery destiny. Fundamental to the excavation of our unique identity, our true purpose in life, a person must first define and then refine one’s spiritual identity. We know who we are as physical beings, but do you really know who “I AM”? It is essential to acquire self-knowledge if one is to fully comprehend what “I AM”. This is the requirement that builds the foundation for one to step into their fullest creative potential and accomplish anything of worth.

The best thing we can do right now to move towards a deeper understanding of who “I AM” is to withdraw the senses from one’s external environment and focus the lens of the mind onto their beloved heart. You can do this right now, right where you stand, or sit for that matter. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and center on your heart. Then use the mantra in the image above to call forth the unveiling of your fiery destiny. Quietly repeat this mantra over and over again with love and devotion in your heart. Allow yourself to sit in stillness for a few moments when you are done.

Peace be with you as your fiery destiny reveals itself!