Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Express Your Truth

A gemstone that instantly reminds one of beautiful mother earth, Chrysocolla is the ultimate symbol of balance and well-being. It looks like the earth as viewed from space with its sky blues and greenish blue to green colors. Often confused with popular Turquoise, Chrysocolla is a mineral of secondary origin, a by-product of copper ore. Mainly located in arid climates such as Armenia, Macedonia, Spain, Arizona, New Mexico and Mexico, it occurs in the oxidized zones of copper mines. Chrysocolla manifests itself in solid veins, rounded masses, or globular, bubbly crusts that can range from dull to waxy and glassy to opal like in appearance.
True Chrysocolla is extremely soft and fragile and cannot be used in jewelry. However, when it agatizes with quartz to form a chalcedony, Chrysocolla increases in hardness to match the durability of pure quartz. Often times as it merges with quartz, its chalcedony version takes on a beautiful and unique translucent gem quality which is commonly referred to as Gem Silica. Chrysocolla can also be found covered with a crust of miniature sparkling quartz crystals that is referred to as druzy.
Chrysocolla has an interesting history of use. It was discovered that Chrysocolla could be formed artificially by steeping ore during winter and then evaporating the liquid with the heat of summer. Countries such as Spain would use the material formed from these batches to create the most vivid colored paints for artists. It was also entered into an index of recommended medicines to be used as caustic applications for sores, wounds, ulcers, and even as an emetic.
The principle use of Chrysocolla and the origin of its name was discovered by Theophrastus in 315 B.C. It was given the name from the Greek words chrysos, meaning “gold” and kola, meaning “glue”, because it first use was to solder gold. Chrysocolla was the most popular material to use in the soldering of gold because it produced the brightest and highest quality alloy.
Asides from its stunning physical characteristics, Chrysocolla has a direct energetic effect on the heart and throat centers. As soon as one comes into contact with this beautiful stone, a sense of peace and calm penetrate the body to the depths of the soul. It is as if the endless possibilities of the sky combine with the strength of the earth and the depths of the oceans to harness the unlimited potential within this stone. Because this crystal represents a harmonic balance of earthly and etheric energies merging as one, a message that “all is well” is implemented on a subtle level. The soothing energies of Chrysocolla enable one to clearly recognize and feel their alignment to the overflowing well-being of source energy.
Attuning to the divine harmonic frequencies of the universe allows ones inner truth to surface and one is able to clearly uncover the perfect words to express it. This alignment allows for the dissolving of lower frequencies and negative vibrations. As anger, sadness, grief, resentment and other negative thoughts are released the physical body’s relief is evident. As one relishes in their new found lightness, the glorious sensation of feeling free and uplifted produces an inner resolve and strength to communicate positive truths. At last one is able to allow the truth of their BEING to be clearly expressed through joy and laughter.

With Chrysocolla, you can experience the expressive and expansive freedom of your spirit in every moment. This stone opens the heart and summons the truth of your character. Consciously connect with who you really are and utilize your inherent freedom to express yourself. You are free to choose joy and happiness in every moment and live accordingly. Harmonizing your energies with the balanced energies of Chrysocolla will place your in the flow of the universe. You will be amazed at how much positive change you can create on this planet through powerful self-expression.

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