Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Loving the Self

To be able to express and receive love is one of life’s greatest delights. Allowing love’s presence to fill one’s BEING literally makes the physical heart cavity feel full and complete. Love is a powerful emotion that instantly heals on an emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual level. Its resonance uplifts and transforms one to a higher energetic vibration. Every human inherently possesses a strong desire to feel loved and accepted. It is essential that one comes to the understanding in life’s journey that the only real basis for obtaining a true sense of security in the world is to consciously fill their BEING with self-love. Achieving a deep sense of personal fulfillment is possible when one practices loving and nurturing the self first.

It is natural to crave the peace and contentment that love offers. The enduring inner craving is the gentle calling of our higher self to connect with the divine loving source from which our BEING was created, to remember who we really are. The ability to go deep inside of ourselves, align with source energy and consciously tap its eternal well-spring of love is a freewill decision. Voluntarily choosing to replenish ourselves with the love that flows from within creates a strong foundation for inner peace and self fulfillment to blossom. As one starts to implement self-love into their daily practice, a deep sense of calm begins to overflow into the words and actions of one’s personal reality.

Learning to nourish and take care of the self in the moment as needs surface, one develops knowledgeable skills that allow them to more effectively help other people. Once a person understands how to create emotional stability through self-love are they able to give love to others freely and unconditionally. There is no other person that one can look to for a continuous supply of love and support than the self. You will always be there for you! You know exactly what is needed in every moment that will bring emotional well-being and stability into your life.

Capturing and embodying the true meaning of love enables one’s presence to be healing for others to be around. Filling the self with love on a daily basis creates a channel for love to flow into every action. A person is extremely magnetic when their being radiates this high vibration. Others are naturally attracted to those who express self-fulfillment, because they understand how to effectively communicate from the heart. Speaking and acting from the heart allows one’s pure intention to be felt. The joy of being able to freely share information and to give to others unconditionally is the purest expression of love.

Oftentimes, many of us seek external sources of love to fill the empty void felt within the heart center. We seek attachment to people and things outside the self in order to provide a sense of security. As things and people consistently change with time, we discover that we cannot control anything that happens outside of the self. Expectations we place on others to fill the void within most often leads to disappointment. It is only the self united with the eternal flow of love from the unlimited source within that a solid foundation is built for one to effectively accept and adjust to all life’s consistent changes.
There are many ways to begin initiating the process of filling the self with love. It is a life long journey of self-discovery, to love where you are at and to love where you are going in every moment. The following are a few suggestions to help get you started.

• Set the intention every day to allow the loving energy of source from which you came to fill your heart and entire BEING. Seek out a quiet space and breathe deeply. As you breathe in, visualize loving energy in the form of light enter through the top of your head. As your breath fills your diaphragm, bring the loving energy into your heart center. Keep doing this until your heart feels full and complete. Let your imagination be your guide!

• Repattern your subconscious mind by choosing positive words to create affirmations. Repeat your positive affirmations as much as possible throughout the day.

• Look into a mirror and express your heart-felt love for yourself. Tell yourself of your beauty and your worth. Speak of your appreciation for all the experiences you have had on your life’s journey. Know that you would not be who you are in this very moment without them. Listen intently as you allow your words to reprogram your mind.

• Trust yourself! You are your own best guide! You know what you need in every moment to create peace and well-being. Take care of your needs first before attending to others. When you feel nourished, then you are ready to give freely and unconditionally to others.

• In times of intense challenge, allow your feelings to flow through you. If you feel like crying, please do! Crying helps to release emotional trauma. Let the tears flow and be gentle with yourself.

• Be forgiving of yourself. Forgiveness heals as it allows you to completely accept who you are. It releases suppressed internal wounds of the heart. Nourish and comfort yourself by expressing your forgiveness of past memories and feelings. Let them go and move forward. Let love fill its place.

Loving the self before all things is a rewarding process in the journey of personal awareness. Take the time to go within and create a lasting relationship with the well-spring of source energy from which all love flows. The love that stems from the self is unlimited and expansive. You will be forever replenished with an unending supply of love as you consciously tap into this source. Allow the true meaning of love to fill you and freely express it. Love’s overflowing presence in you will uplift the world. You will LOVE yourself for it.

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