Tuesday, May 12, 2009

"Wish" Altered Wood Block

The other day I was wishing for something specific and I decided to focus on what I was wishing for into a piece of art. So I grabbed this wood block that I had for some time, painted it with acrylic paint, added some remaining supplies that I had left over from this month's Creating Intentions Kit "Happily Ever After" and set the intention to attract the fulfilled outcome of my wish.

The process of conceptualizing an inspired idea or wish and focusing it into a created piece of art is so powerful on so many levels. The entire process is spent thinking about, feeling about and visualizing about the intended desired outcome. The focus outlet of creating at a physical level allows for new neural connections to be made in the brain and deeply reinforced and strengthened depending on the prolonged amount of time and energy placed into the project.

Now I have this fantastic piece of art to remind me to hold the vision of my wish. To keep my eye on the prize so to speak. It is more than a piece of art, it is a symbol of a desired outcome that I deliberately intend to create in my life. This anchor helps me to hold the focus. It gently reminds me of what I know on a deep inner level....that whatever I place my consistent focus and attention on is what I attract as my life experience. Life is all about creating yourself. It truly is a magical life. Have a wonderful day!

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Gingerbread Girl said...

I hope your wish comes to pass!