Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Finally, My Book is HERE!!!

I am so very blessed to be stepping into the realization of an intention that I created 2 years ago! At last, my book is here! I am a published author and to celebrate this amazing milestone, more than 90 top authors, mentors, coaches and metaphysical experts have donated thousands of dollar$$ of FREE Gifts and Bonuses to help me launch my new book 7 Mindsets to Master Self-Awareness on Thursday, July 22.

I am so grateful for their support and generous donations. If you are ready to reach higher vibrational levels to fully embody your deepest truths than you are going to love this book. 7 Mindsets to Master Self-Awareness awakens an inner awareness to your unlimited creative potential and guides you to shift you focus things off what is wrong or missing from your life and onto all of the things in your life that matter the most. It explores the use of the chakras and their corresponding crystals to inspire a step of courage into the unknown. This book helps one to explore the depths of the soul and begin to touch upon a deeper understanding of the divine infinite source that is greater than self.
Among those endorsing the book are Jill Lublin, International Speaker & Best Selling Author of Get Noticed…Get Referrals, Guerrilla Publicity, and Networking Magic; Jamie Jones, of the Tao Jones Exchange and author of You Are Amazing! and Sallie Felton, Life Coach and international talk show host.

If you decide that this book is for you, I encourage you to visit our designated launch page where I personally offer 2 FREE Gifts with no purchase necessary. Some of the many bonus gifts you will receive upon purchase of the book include Mp3s, teleseminars, reports, guides, book excerpts and more.

For more information about the book publication launch:

Monday, July 12, 2010

It’s Christmas in July at Cool2Craft!

Tune into Cool2Craft today as I demo this “Magical Wish Wand”. The intention behind it is for people to be seen, acknowledge and appreciated for they really are. To me that is what the spirit of Christmas and gift giving is truly about. At Christmas time, we all know that the gifts that we remember the most are those that reflect who we are on the inside, our true interests and passions.