Friday, March 27, 2009

Laughter is the Sunshine of the Soul

Let’s face it, everyone benefits from a daily dose of laughter. It is no joke that laughter is good for a person’s overall health and well-being. Laughter is a physiological reaction to an inward state of joy. The emotional release that it provides signals acceptance and connects people to one another. Laughter is a social activity that is instantly contagious. It only takes one person to initiate a wave of laughter that lightens the overall mood of a group. So what is it that makes laughter a natural pathway to enhance physical vitality and happiness?

Laughter is instant transformation. Negative thoughts and emotions cease to exist when laughter is present. In fact the brain stops thinking entirely! During times of challenge, studies have proven that if a person finds it within them to laugh at the matter at hand, it dramatically shifts ones perspective from negative to positive. Not taking life too seriously allows one to be more at ease with their current environment. Approaching challenging situations in a playful manner is more conducive to creative problem solving. Not only is laughing productive in assisting one to shift their focus, but it gives the diaphragm and the upper body a great work out. Exercising in this manner relaxes the muscles, increases endorphin levels, and boosts the immune system.

Studies also show that people who laugh often are able to sustain lasting states of happiness. In turn, they are rewarded with longer life spans, better health and subsequently attract larger amounts of money than those who move through life unhappy. Feeling happy is a natural state of BEING and laughter is the key that opens the gates for joy to flood into our life experiences. Laughing truly allows one to feel the inherent joy and freedom that is our divine birthright. This is naturally expressed in babies who learn to laugh before they speak. Children that are born deaf and blind possess the same natural ability to laugh. In truth, everyone is capable of laughter and we all laugh in the same way. We are all connected by our ability to laugh. Laughing is the sunshine of the soul and when expressed, it creates an increase of joy on the planet that everyone can benefit from.

Obtaining an increased level of happiness is achievable right NOW. Laughter is one of nature’s best medicines and it is free! You can achieve a greater amount of happiness and laughter in your life with these following suggestions:
• Set the intention in the beginning of the day to actively seek out reasons to laugh. Starting the day in this manner suggests the anticipation of good things to come. The expectation of a positive mental state activates immediate physiological and emotional responses. This leads to the release of endorphins that flood the emotions with joy and well-being. When you fill your mind with happy thoughts and feelings at the start of the day, you will be sure to attract many experiences that that are equivalent to the nature of your dominant intent. This is deliberately putting the Law of Attraction to positive use.
• Make a point to get together with a group of friends on a daily basis. Instead of focusing on problems, make it a point to act silly and giggle. Play games, dance or share funny stories. We have a natural tendency to enjoy sustained periods of laughter when we are in comfortable environments amongst friends. Studies show that we laugh harder and longer when we interact in groups than if we were to watch something funny in a movie or on TV.
• There are institutions and instructors that specifically focus on teaching the art of laughing. Laugh clubs and laugh yoga groups are becoming more and more popular. Seek them out and find out what they have to offer.
• Spend time with children. They overflow with laughter. It is said that children laugh up to 400 times a day. Children are a natural testament to the truth of source. They intuitively know that play and laughter are vital to feeling good. Since it is our birthright to freely experience the joy of our BEING, children are the purest expression. Have you ever noticed that witnessing a child belly laugh brings a smile an instant smile to your face? Join the fun by playing with kids and be sure to initiate a good tickle fest so you can laugh too.
• Remember a time that you could not stop laughing. Focus on it until you get the giggles. Notice how easy it is to arouse joy by remembering a hilarious moment in your life.

Allowing more laughter into your life is a decision and like optimism it can be learned. When a person chooses to experience more laughter and actively seeks it out, they begin to appreciate the profound positive effect that it has on the emotions and physical body. Aligning with the joy and freedom that is ones natural birthright through laughing will uplift others in the process. It is amazing how the joy of laughter provides more meaning and purpose in one’s life on many different levels. Open the door to the abundance of life by laughing often. Laughter is a short cut to easily achieve all your desired dreams. Imagine what you can create by choosing more joy and laughter to flow into your life experience in this very moment. Laughter opens the heart and sets the spirit free. NOW is the time to live life laughing.

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I couldn't agree with you more. There's nothing better than laughter as medicine for the soul. And it's FREE!

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Loved reading about laughter, and I loved the photo too... so cute and fun-loving! Thank you- Joyce