Sunday, August 2, 2009

Altered Rock Art

Found these amazing black slate rocks the other day at the beach and wanted to harness their potential to anchor and support some intentions that I hold for my girls.

I love how being in a natural setting just brings out the best in my children. Maybe it is because we become so grounded and connected to the magnetic pull of the earth. In any case, my girls just seem to really enjoying exploring and just being together when we are outdoors. In this photo my two oldest were shooting the breeze on this log for quite some time. Just laughing away and telling stories. I captured many photos of this moment but found this photo to be the most endearing. As I snapped the picture, I held the intention and vision of them maintaining a very close, loving and joyous friendship. One filled with much laughter and support. Then I took one of the many rocks that I brought home from the beach that day and gave my intention physical shape and form by anchoring it into this rock. The Basic Grey Rub-Ons showed up excellent and I was so excited to learn how nicely each embellishment adhered to it. Not only do I love creating on black backgrounds, the energy of the slated rock itself is grounding the energy of the rose quartz crystal which I infused with the energy of unconditional love.

How overjoyed I am to see how my second oldest daughter is just like me! As a child, I was always collecting rocks and still do!!! She does the same exact thing. She picks up a rock everywhere we go. I let the kids do all kinds of crafts and art with the rocks they collect. She found this amazing rock that I just could not leave behind. It had so much potential to hold an intention! I snapped a photo of her collecting rocks and visualized her deep connection to nature and mother earth. As I created the intention in physical shape and form, I visualized her always maintaining an awareness of her interconnected to all things and returning to nature to uplift and support her back to her natural state of being during times of challenge in her life. This was a very loving piece to create. Again, I love how the black color and enegetic properties of this rock ground my intention for her as well as the heart centered colors of pink and green and the calm, relaxed energy of the purple Amethyst.
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