Monday, June 23, 2008

Forever In Her Heart

On the last day of school, Tara's playschool teacher, Kristi, gave all the kids a red glass heart and told them that it was to remind them that they were forever in her heart. Her gentle way of teaching and being with her playschool kids has left its imprints on their little hearts and souls as well.

As I finished this LO, Tara immediately asked me if I could take a picture of it. When we went outside to take the picture, I realized that she wanted me to take a picture of her next to it. You can see happiness and love radiating from her as she admires the LO. Just another reason why I am so thankful for the art of scrapbooking. Even though Kristi's love is forever imprinted onto her soul, the memory of Kristi and Tara is forever preserved into a scrapbooking LO.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

I Am Loved

When I first looked at this picture after it was taken, I saw from a different perspective how much my daughters love me. Although I already feel and know their love me, it was nice to have a picture that captured the essence of it.

Sometimes when creating intentions, it is important to recognize and acknowledge situations that are being experienced in the present moment. My intention for this scrapbook LO is to anchor the feeling of being well loved on a deeper and stronger level. By acknowledging the present experience and using my intention to sustain the feeling of being loved, I am creating the potential for many future outcomes of similar experiences. Feeling loved is something money cannot buy. It is my desire to always attract and create moments like this throughout my life. I am so happy that I can use scrapbooking as a tool to cultivate feelings and certain states of mind.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Moving Forward

Wow! It has been a month since I last posted. Time sure does fly by especially when you have three kids under the age of 5!

We sure have been busy. We are moving forward here at Creating Intentions! We are about to release a few of our newly designed intentional scrapbooking kits that will be made available at We will also release special kits each month that will only be available for that month. In the mean time, the following crystal products are a sneak peak into the product lines that we are developing and will be made available through Creating Intentions.