Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Universe Within, The Universe Without

Within you exists a universe that is as vast as the universe without! We have seen in the previous post, (Link Here) that visible light (what we are able to see with our physical eyes) forms only a tiny band of this vast spectrum. This reveals to us that what we are able to perceive through our five physical senses is a minute fraction of the whole.

How do we perceive these electro-magnetic frequencies that are invisible to us? Technology has only recently detected these energies considering the age of our planet. Infrared thermography and Squid based Magnetometers have also only newly documented the existence of the electromagnetic field of the body. Questions that remain unanswered have clues found in the wisdom of ancient sages documented in sacred texts. Remember that what the ancient masters, saints, and prophets have been telling us for thousands of years, science is currently proving through its research and studies. The ancient masters speak to us of the practice of meditation, of which we are able to expand or contract our consciousness at will, as well as awaken the possibility of tapping into the sixth sense of the intuitive faculties.

Therefore if we are to overcome our challenges, it is important to take time in our day to stretch our mental muscles by exploring meditative concepts. The practice of meditation enables us to use our imagination to step outside of our recurring thought processes that often take control over our lives. Meditation is a key tool for shifting one’s perspective off of his or her mental concepts to view his or her own intellect in relation to the rest of the Universe. We can really learn something of importance through this practice.

When we begin to realize that our personality is only one out of three billion souls inhabiting this planet we call Earth, and Earth being one of the smallest planets in our solar system AND our solar system being only an atom in a galaxy that is just one galaxy upon countless other galaxies….. can we logically continue to move forward in our thinking that our opinions and theories centered around a limited human intellect is the RIGHT way? Or are we part of a larger whole? Are we part of a much grander design? And, if we learn to merge with this grand design, can this larger organism reveal universal truths that will lead us to the understanding of the purpose of life and our purpose in it?

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Thursday, April 24, 2014


The purpose of striving to view our external circumstances from a larger picture is to evoke a sense of wonder. When we wonder, we begin to think, to ponder, to contemplate. In our attempt to gain a wider perspective, we begin to step outside the box of the narrowly-defined and limited concepts of our tiny self against the backdrop of an immense universe. When we practice this, there is no doubt that our self-centered concept of self will dissolve in comparison. We become a little less pompous and a lot more humble.

Contemplating the reality of where we are at in terms of our planet, the solar system, and the possibility of other distant stars with planets orbiting around them perhaps supporting some form of life, while at the same time, distant galaxies recede into invisibility, we can learn to perceive our reality on a larger scale. We can begin to perceive our role in terms of being a citizen of the universe.

In a recent post, we learned that scientists consider that there are billions of galaxies, that in their conservative estimate: “the universe must teem with more than 100 trillion civilizations.” In our attempt to contemplate this magnitude, it almost defies our ability to equate with the cosmos in which we exist. What is even more mind-blowing is that “ALL” that scientists are able to observe in this universe is ONLY on a physical spectrum-which is a very thin line of frequency as shown in the chart above. There is still a vastness of cosmos that is above and below that frequency. What is above and below this very thin line of frequency of the physical spectrum of cosmos that science observes? How do we measure up? Do we compare ourselves to a limited defined point of view or to the vastness of the cosmos?

What we learn here is that in order for the individual to measure itself against the vastness of the infinite cosmos, it is necessary to expand consciousness. When we are able to expand our consciousness, we realize the concept of co-measurement which is the ability of the individual to perceive his or her unique role in the evolution of an entire planetary system.

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

An Immense Universe

Daily challenges are a fact of life. Even though each and every person has the resources within them to overcome any obstacle, it is common for problems to keep a person stuck in a one point of focus. It is easy to become hypnotized by the adversities that surround us as well as the overwhelming dramatics of the emotions. During moments of challenge, things that are in actuality transient, appear permanent. The fragmented details of our lives often become the center of our universe. Small details easily become mistaken for the whole. Therefore, it is important to gain a fresh perspective when we find ourselves getting stuck in our problematic experiences. The power is in us to use our freewill abilities to view our challenges from a larger picture. When we take the time to do this, our problems will lose their grasp on our minds and our emotions. All the dramatics that surround the situation will fade away.

The following excerpt will help you to gain a wider perspective and help to dissolve your burdens:

“The chair on which you are sitting at this moment is traveling through interstellar space at the speed of 18.5 miles per second-together with the planet Earth, of course, and with the whole solar system including the sun. The sun itself is a middle-aged yellow star on the periphery of our galaxy (the Milky Way), one star among the hundred billion others composing it. Astronomers tell us that there are numberless other galaxies like our Milky Way, each of them made up of myriads of stars, most of which are quite likely to have their own planets circling around them. “If only 1/10,000 of 1 percent of those planets harbors a technical civilization-and this seems to be a conservative estimate-the universe must teem with more than 100 trillion civilizations.” Life Science Library, Planets (New York: Time/Life Books, 1966), p.184.

In the context of such immensity, it is possible to shift from an ego-centered awareness to a universe centered awareness. This shift in perspective has the potential to liberate our minds to perceive the whole. Everything in our life can take on a whole new meaning. It is exciting to think about the possibilities! What things, situations, and challenges in your life can you view from this perspective? Will you make time in your day to meditate upon this perspective?

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

What IS the Purpose of Our Lives?

What is the purpose of Life? Where did we come from? Why are we here? What does this life lead to? These are questions that I have been asking myself since the time I was born. Literally, since the time I was a toddler, I remember experiencing certain states of expanded self-awareness. I remember sensing an eternal comforting Presence surrounding me as I would play in the forest that was my backyard. I was self-aware, ever-present, and connected to my surroundings. I know I was as young as what I speak of, because I remember exactly what I was wearing, what I was doing on that specific day, and my mother has the pictures to witness to that period of time. I did not remember her taking those photos but when I saw them later in my years, I was instantly reminded of my experience with self-conscious awareness. This realization impacted me deeply. This was the first of many deeply profound experiences in those woods that I was raised in my early childhood on Jamison Road in Elma, New York.

Since then, my life has become a journey of self-discovery. A journey of realizing Who I Truly AM, the Real Self beyond the temporary self of the physical body that is conditioned to be molded to, and is pressured to conform to a set of defined expectations impressed upon the mass consciousness of humanity through structures erected through a materialistic and media based society. I have concluded in this journey of self-discovery that the idea of a limited-self that is based on the foundation of a temporal form, no longer serves me.

What I am concerned with is the sensation of a moving life-giving force, a moving steam of consciousness that is flowing through this animated body vehicle right where I AM in this moment and in EVERY moment. What is the nature of this energy? What is its source? How can I access this source, and therefore access greater quantities of this seemingly infinite energy? I am concerned with the intelligence behind this force that I experience as my consciousness which does not allow me to rest but continually pushes me to question the truth of my reality until I discover the answers that I am seeking and until I understand the truth of my being. I demand these answers! I cannot and I will not idle away my time and my energies until I have an understanding as to why I AM WHO I AM. The purpose of this page is to explore the cosmic mystery of life and to discover the keys to understanding our purpose in this grand scheme of things. Attempts to answer the above questions which I have asked of myself, and which have been asked of others since time immemorial is my passion in life. A passion so intense, it has consumed me. My love for solving this universal mystery and uncovering the keys that free the mind, the body, and the soul are what thrill me to the core and offer a sense of purpose to my life. It is with great joy that the opportunity is present to share with you what I have learned in my philosophical and theological studies. For I have discovered as a theologian, that when we blend the knowledge of modern scientific advances with the wisdom of the ages from documented scripture of both East and West, we learn that science is now proving what ancient sages have taught us for thousands of years.

My question to you is this: How did these ancient sages know what they know? How did they grasp these concepts in a time so long ago, when today, we appear to be seemingly more technologically, scientifically, and medically superior? What were there techniques for accessing this information? What were the techniques of the masters and the saints who walked the face of this earth before us, who were ordinary human beings but in their search for truth became extraordinary?

It is my life’s quest to answer these questions and offer processes and techniques that allow one to finally grasp and realize the truth of their origin, nature, and Real Self. Right now, this very moment in time and space can be a starting point for anyone who is willing to embarking on a very exciting journey of self-discovery. It is time to break the mold and step outset of a confining and limited belief system that traps the soul into indentification with a false set of norms. In order to change our life, we must seek radically new thoughts and ways to perceive our reality. This site will challenge your belief system and at the same time create an enlightening environment for you to explore new concepts and ways of perceiving yourself and your purpose in the face of such an immense universe. It is our intention that you discover your supreme importance to the wholeness of this magnificent universe and your interconnectedness to all of life.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

How Can I Begin to Uncover My Purpose in Life?

You!....Yes, you are so very special! You have a unique gift to offer this world and the world needs what you have to offer! This is the truth of your existence. You already know and feel this on a deep inner level. Yet, every single person on this planet has a special purpose to fulfill in their lifetime, a mission that is unique to them. You may have a particular strength, or a talent, or a gift that is distinctive to your individuality. It is our purpose in life to discover our purpose if we are to feel that vital joy filled sensation of being fulfilled from within.

The soul knows the true Reality of your inherent creative potential, of your fiery destiny and the means to bring it into external manifestation. When we are not living up to our fullest potential, when we are not living out our purpose on earth, the soul is not at peace. Oftentimes, this causes feelings of anxiety, frustration, and an overwhelming sense of discontent. These feelings of not being satisfied with life or not feeling adequate in our lives arises wholly because we search outside of ourselves for answers and knowledge that can only be obtained from within.

The thread of knowing our true Reality and the value of our self-worth becomes hidden when the lens of the mind is focused on the acquisition of material things and on satisfying the never ending pursuit of pleasure. Man’s identification with the impermanent and changing existence of the tangible world dulls the sense of the soul. The soul is the permanent aspect of our selfhood that becomes buried under layers of false values.

If we are to find happiness, if we are to awaken to a crystal clear understanding of our purpose in life, we must become archaeologists of the Spirit. We must strive daily to uncover the blueprint of our Soul’s fiery destiny. Fundamental to the excavation of our unique identity, our true purpose in life, a person must first define and then refine one’s spiritual identity. We know who we are as physical beings, but do you really know who “I AM”? It is essential to acquire self-knowledge if one is to fully comprehend what “I AM”. This is the requirement that builds the foundation for one to step into their fullest creative potential and accomplish anything of worth.

The best thing we can do right now to move towards a deeper understanding of who “I AM” is to withdraw the senses from one’s external environment and focus the lens of the mind onto their beloved heart. You can do this right now, right where you stand, or sit for that matter. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and center on your heart. Then use the mantra in the image above to call forth the unveiling of your fiery destiny. Quietly repeat this mantra over and over again with love and devotion in your heart. Allow yourself to sit in stillness for a few moments when you are done.

Peace be with you as your fiery destiny reveals itself!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What Are You Thankful For?

Yesterday, my oldest daughter came home from school with a homework assignment to create a list of things she is thankful for. We sat down together and for about 2 hours and we came up with 224 things!!! It was a wonderful assignment as it created a cherished memory between the both of us. Afterward we proceeded to spend the rest of the evening sharing chores around the house with an incredible feeling of lightness and joy. It’s amazing how taking the time to acknowledge the things that you are grateful for can be so heart opening!

As we approach the USA holiday of Thanksgiving, we are reminded to give thanks by reflecting on the things in life that we are grateful for. Although we are in the midst of planetary struggle and economic strife, it has become ever more important to maintain an attitude of gratitude each day, in every moment as much as possible, in order to maintain a sense of balance as we move through these intensely changing times.

I invite you to create some time over the next day or two to connect with the center of your heart. Find a quiet spot to relax your mind and body so your awareness can gently enter into the spacious stillness of your heart’s center. We can better assist this process by creating a list of all the things we are grateful for before sitting down to meditate. When we commit our thoughts to paper by writing them down, we create a space for our heart’s intelligence to emerge. At first you may think of just a few things that you are grateful for. Eventually that list will continue to build until gratitude effortlessly flows out of you like a river onto your paper. Now your thoughts are captured, recorded, and anchored into physical shape and form. This list can act as a focal point that serves to carry you through any adversities you may be facing, or when you lose sight of the things that truly hold the most meaning in your life, or when you feel lost in the dark, or stuc in the mud. You can also hold this list in your hands as you meditate upon your heart to help keep you focused on your intention.


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First and foremost, I AM Thankful for the gift of life and my 4 daughters, my family and friends, my clients and students, and ALL of the Members of Our Beloved Creat Intentions Community “Get Out of Your Mind, Get Into Your Heart”.

I sincerely feel so very honored and blessed to have the daily opportunity to share with you all of the things that inspire me and fill me with a deep sense of passion and joy.
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Have a lovely Thanksgiving Weekend!

May ALL of Your Intentions BE Fulfilled!
Abundant Blessings,
Elizabeth Diamond