Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wealth Consciousness Bootcamp is HERE!

My friends Cindy Ashton and Elizabeth Grant
have made it their mission to help as many people
as possible create a healthy, generous, abundant
relationship with money in the next four weeks.

I just learned about an incredible opportunity
and wanted to share it with you right away. Here's
a letter from Cindy and Elizabeth:

Wealth Consciousness Boot Camp

Develop a new relationship with money … for good!

Are you sick and tired of always trying new ways
to generate more income, but you never seem to
reach your goals, leaving you discouraged and frustrated?

Do you seem to attract circumstances that always
keep prosperity just out of reach? It’s time
for you to create a positive relationship with money … for good!

“Here’s how you can shift your wealth consciousness in
21 days and start living your passion using ‘insider strategies’
used by some of the world’s greatest minds!”

Cindy was recently featured next to Donald Trump
in Performance Magazine, where she shared her
insider secrets to conquering those money obstacles.

Elizabeth has risen up triumphantly after near bankruptcy
and eviction. She now empowers you with the key strategies
to change your wealth consciousness.

If you’re sick and tired of always struggling with
money, then we have an affordable and irresistible
solution for you.

Even if you’re debt-free and
making ends meet, you’re about to see how you
can begin to shift your wealth consciousness in 21 days
to create more prosperity … and preserve your wealth
for the long-term.


We’re going to show you why looking for a “quick fix”
with your finances almost NEVER works and how you
can finally make real and permanent changes to your
financial situation and overall happiness. The trap that
so many of us fall into is to panic about our financial
situation and then seek out ways of making fast money.

What ends up happening instead is that because we feel
backed into a corner, we end up making rash decisions
we regret later. Some of us get roped into ‘get rich quick’
schemes; others just jump into new ventures without thinking,
and so on.

For money to flow freely in your life, your mind, body,
and spirit must all be in alignment about money.
This means your thoughts, actions and your “being” –
including your beliefs about money.

Your outer life is simply a reflection of the inner you.

Some people can’t attract money. Some attract it
but can’t keep it. And many people stay in a perpetual
state of debt. It doesn’t have to be this way.


The Wealth Consciousness Boot Camp is all about
creating PERMANENT, REAL changes. We're going
to teach you about financial set points and how you
can change yours.

We are not going to promise you a quick fix.
If you’ve been brainwashed for the majority of your life,
you need to re-brainwash yourself. To make a long-lasting
shift, you need to be consistent. Study with it every
day and have a support team.

Now, what would happen if you could conquer your
negative money patterns, shifting your consciousness
so you can maintain your integrity and values while
energizing you into action to create financial wealth in
a positive way?

We don’t want you to spend 10 years figuring all this out like
Elizabeth did.

That’s why we created this program … to give you the
tools you need and the support you need to make a shift
much more quickly.

We will guarantee you that by the end of the program,
if you are willing to do the work, you will have broken
through some of your money blocks, shifted your thinking
and be well on your way to creating greater wealth
and happiness for yourself in the long term.

You will have begun to shift your wealth consciousness …
the key to creating lasting prosperity.

YES Cindy & Elizabeth, I am ready to change
my wealth Consciousness! Show me your affordable,
irresistible offer:


Give it a look...and if you don’t start feeling a
shift in your wealth consciousness we have a
money back guarantee!

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