Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What Are You Thankful For?

Yesterday, my oldest daughter came home from school with a homework assignment to create a list of things she is thankful for. We sat down together and for about 2 hours and we came up with 224 things!!! It was a wonderful assignment as it created a cherished memory between the both of us. Afterward we proceeded to spend the rest of the evening sharing chores around the house with an incredible feeling of lightness and joy. It’s amazing how taking the time to acknowledge the things that you are grateful for can be so heart opening!

As we approach the USA holiday of Thanksgiving, we are reminded to give thanks by reflecting on the things in life that we are grateful for. Although we are in the midst of planetary struggle and economic strife, it has become ever more important to maintain an attitude of gratitude each day, in every moment as much as possible, in order to maintain a sense of balance as we move through these intensely changing times.

I invite you to create some time over the next day or two to connect with the center of your heart. Find a quiet spot to relax your mind and body so your awareness can gently enter into the spacious stillness of your heart’s center. We can better assist this process by creating a list of all the things we are grateful for before sitting down to meditate. When we commit our thoughts to paper by writing them down, we create a space for our heart’s intelligence to emerge. At first you may think of just a few things that you are grateful for. Eventually that list will continue to build until gratitude effortlessly flows out of you like a river onto your paper. Now your thoughts are captured, recorded, and anchored into physical shape and form. This list can act as a focal point that serves to carry you through any adversities you may be facing, or when you lose sight of the things that truly hold the most meaning in your life, or when you feel lost in the dark, or stuc in the mud. You can also hold this list in your hands as you meditate upon your heart to help keep you focused on your intention.


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First and foremost, I AM Thankful for the gift of life and my 4 daughters, my family and friends, my clients and students, and ALL of the Members of Our Beloved Creat Intentions Community “Get Out of Your Mind, Get Into Your Heart”.

I sincerely feel so very honored and blessed to have the daily opportunity to share with you all of the things that inspire me and fill me with a deep sense of passion and joy.
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Have a lovely Thanksgiving Weekend!

May ALL of Your Intentions BE Fulfilled!
Abundant Blessings,
Elizabeth Diamond

Thursday, November 10, 2011

11-11-11....What Is Does This Mean???

Be Willing to Exercise Your Personal Creative Potential!

The time is NOW! The opportunity is here. If you have an inner sense that you are destined for greatness or intuitively feel that you have the ability to create positive change, this IS your moment. Powerful light frequencies are moving through the earth’s atmosphere beginning on 11-11-11 through 11-22-11. These intense waves of light energy, unseen to the physical eye, are penetrating the subtle energy fields of our human bodies. Our bodies have never before been exposed to frequencies of light with this degree of intensity since our evolution on this planet. This light energy is pushing outdated thought and behavioral patterns to the surface. It is surfacing negativity, disharmony, and dis-ease to be released for good.

We can take advantage of this opportunity to ground these high frequencies of light into our energy fields, our physical bodies, and our way of life. When we willingly tune into these light energies, our heart centers awaken to the presence of our One True Self and our inner spiritual light. This realization allows us to consciously contribute to the amount of Light being projected into the world today.

All of the number 1’s in 11-11-11 remind us to be ONE. One with each another. One with Nature. One with Mother Earth. To be at peace. To just BE.

You can begin by tuning into a sense of oneness by focusing on your heart center. When you focus your awareness here, an inner sense of your unlimited creative potential awakens. As you gradually perceive your hearts presence, your heart grows and expands into an empowering loving sensation of oneness and connectedness to all life. A deep inner knowing begins to surface into your conscious awareness of the infinite possibilities lying dormant within you. All of a sudden you are illumined from the inside out. As you step into the realization of your true authentic Self, you are filled with light. Now it is time to just BE You. To BE ONE with the Real YOU, your True Self. To let YOU shine, to let YOU radiate the glory of your ONENESS. As you radiate the joy of your sense of ONENESS, you become so full of light that inspiration fills you to the core, so much so you feel compelled to act, to creatively express yourselves in powerful and positive ways.

This is your opportunity to tune into this unprecedented influx of light, to allow the intense frequencies of light BEing made available to you NOW on 11-11-11 to lift your spirits, to raise your vibration, to release any limited perspectives, to dissolve the weight of any unwanted patterns, to claim your victory into the ascension of higher states of consciousness and BEing AND to feel the love, the freedom and the joy that you are craving and are so worthy of experiencing.

May You Come to Know and Experience the Splendor of Your Truest Self!

© Elizabeth Diamond. All Rights Reserved 2011

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

BE FREE To Create Like A Child!

Have you ever felt the delicious sensation of creating with pure freedom? Do you know what it feels like to have the courage to try new things, to experiment, to take risks, to fool around, to play, have fun, to completely be yourself while making a mess in the process? Do you know the joy of allowing the flow of creativity to move through you as it inspires you to create according to what feels good to you? Do you create in this way?

I am not just speaking about creating a piece of art, writing poetry, performing a series of dance movements, or any other activity that one would consider a right brain function. I am speaking about infusing creativity, a quality of consciousness into everything you do. Our very essence is creative, our very essence is free.

Something happens to us as we mature into adulthood. Our creative essence becomes ridged, restrained, structured. All of a sudden there is so much fear around our creative works. We judge ourselves, we compare ourselves to others, we doubt our creative abilities, we feel an incessant need to try and be perfect and if we are not perfect, we either beat ourselves up or give up completely. In order to solve this dilemma we seek out other people’s techniques, guidelines, and structures. We look to others that we deem are credible experts to show us how to create. Then once again we find ourselves adhering to the rules, afraid to step outside of the box to add our own unique flare or touch for fear of looking foolish. Oftentimes we are programmed with the core belief that if we don’t follow the standards set in place, if we don’t adhere to others expectations of us then our integrity becomes flawed in some way. We have a core fear that we will lose the respect of others or even ourselves.

To be truly creative is to just let go and have fun, to make up our own rules as we go along, to move forward in our own unique direction. When we begin to experiment and take risks and travel in a direction that has never before been explored, we learn, we grow, we begin to feel vitally alive. This is the rich reward of being truly creative.

When we strictly follow other people’s paths, structures, or techniques, we actually recreate what has already been created. We are not infusing the aliveness of our soul’s unique expression into what we are doing.

How can we create freely once again without the ridged restraints of the mind?

“View the World with Child-Like Eyes”

Learn to tap into your inner child once again to taste the freedom of your pure creative origins. Imagine feeling the thrilling sensations of living in the moment, engaging all of your five senses as you give your full attention to whatever it is that you are doing. Imagine that you have no preconceived ideas or notions as to how you are supposed to do something. The path has not yet been forged. No ideals to follow. What would you do? How would you go about creating yourself?

Our soul wants to leave its mark in the world through its own personal expression, to create something that has never been created before…yes?

When we are born into this world, we all contain the same potential to become great creators. As a young child, we burst with delight at the slightest expression of love, beauty, and affection. Remember what it was like to live in the moment experiencing things in our external environment for the very first time. Did you get messy? Did you listen to the rules? Were you trying to be perfect?

The memory of our youth is recorded within our cellular memory. When we create the time to dwell in the memory of our childhood pleasures, we are capable of activating deep insights into the true nature of our creative origin. The quality of consciousness that we resided in as a young child before we were taught to adhere to the rules, before we were taught to rationalize our need for perfection, before we were taught to adhere to the things that society values such as power, money, recognition, before we were taught to compete with one another, will once again flood our awareness.

When you wake up to the realization of your innate creative talents and once again view the world through the eyes of your inner child, you will see love, joy, beauty, celebration everywhere. Your inner capacity to create with freedom will be released. Experience once again the thrill of being vitality alive. This is your core essence. The quality of this sensation is present within you and available to you in every moment. It may have gone dormant for the time being, but it is waiting to be released. We are born creators who have temporarily forgotten our true nature. It takes courage to activate our natural creative expression. You will have to step outside the box. You will have to step outside of what is familiar and comfortable. You will have to take risks but you can learn to play once again and you will be free. The rich quality of this experience will make the journey worth it in the end.

Remember there is no right or wrong way. There is just one way…to be free. Keep on messing around, keep on messing up until your discover your unique flare! Let go of your attachment to the rules…try not to adhere to strict guidelines…release your inner desire to be perfect…you already are! When you create from your soul’s deepest expression all of your creative products contain an essence of the divine. Release your soul into what whatever it is that you are doing….whatever it is that you are creating. Then you are truly creating something new, then you are leaving your mark on the world

©2011 Elizabeth Diamond. All Rights Reserved.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Get YOUR Skinny Back!

I wanted to share an incredible opportunity being made available to you during this fabulous Spring Awakening. I am a guest speaker of this new and exciting Teleseminar Series called Get Your Skinny Back! I am scheduled to speak on April 13 and I plan to share some powerful processes and tools for releasing outdated baggage and how to reclaim your true essence!

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Monday, March 21, 2011

Offering Loving Suppport to Japan

Turbulent times call for tools that wake us up to full realization of our human potential.....

Changes in the environment, politics, the economy, and the effect of natural disasters can cause us to feel like helpless victims living a life of mere chance and circumstance. With the recent disaster of the earthquake and tsumani in Japan, we can choose to sit around and watch more news of the devastation and feel sad or we can choose to let this historic event awaken a new awareness within ourselves to:

• Take some sort of selfless action to give back to the earth…plant a tree, ride a bike or walk to work to reduce gas emissions in the environment, unplug electronic devices not in use, etc.
• Open our hearts more in loving compassion to everyone around us
• Strive to see the beauty present in each moment
• Openly express our gratitude for what we do have in our life
• Nurture ourselves little more each day by tuning into our inner needs and finding ways to joyously express ourselves

I encourage you to spend some time today sending loving thoughts of healing energy to Japan. Visualize the entire country wrapped in a cloud of peace and wholeness……see the nuclear reactors of Fukushima stabilizing themselves and operating at optimal efficiency. Call on your angles or guides to join you in a unified effort as you intentionally support the country of Japan on an energetic level. See the people of Japan being infused with this loving support by finding an inner strength and resolve to discover the courage to move forward in renewal.

This is an easy way to offer selfless service to support the entire country of Japan without leaving the comfort of your own home. Intention and visualization are powerful actions that you can take right now!

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Many Blessings,
Elizabeth Diamond

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

LOVE is the KEY!

Happy New Year! I hope your year is off to a magnificent start! There is a great wave of momentum that ushers in a new year that we can use to our advantage. I wanted to share with you some words of wisdom and a few self-empowerment resources that can help to inspire, support and guide you to reap the blessings of all of your desired intentions, goals and dreams!

Love is the source of all life. When we strive to make love the foundation for all of our choices, we embark on a journey of self-discovery. As we travel through a never ending process of becoming, we awaken to deeper realizations of who we truly are at the core. Setting the intention to make it our primary focus to connect with the source of our inner divine nature, we return to the knowing of the one true source, the source of all life. The heart is the doorway that bridges heaven and earth. Paying attention to love, thinking loving thoughts, feeling love throughout every pore of our being allows us to fully embody our unlimited potential to radiate the highest vibration possible and it is available to you….right here in this moment. Choose love! Be an expression of love right now…. make it the basis for all of your choices today!

Every morning when I wake up, I consciously tune into my inner source. The above passage is the wisdom that surfaced into my awareness as I gentle rose to greet this day. I intuitively feel that 2011 is all about awakening to the deeper wisdom of the heart. When we reside in this loving sacred space we become crystal clear about who we really are and our purpose in life. Developing heart centeredness in which we consciously live, breathe and create from this space allows us to maintain our peace, strength and grace in the midst of chaos or uncertainty. The more we dwell in the love that is present in our heart the more we feel more vitally alive, emotionally balanced, psychologically stable, and compelled to express our truth authentic selves into the word through divinely inspired action.

I would like to invite you to become a member of our beloved community “Get Out of Your Mind, Get Into Your Heart!”

Right now I am offering a 2 Week Free Trial Membership that will give you immediate access to hours and hours of our recorded group coaching calls, guided meditations, intentional scrapbooking tutorials, and a wide variety of other self-empowerment tools. I am going to be making this offer available to you until the 18th of this month.

Starting in February, we will be focusing on getting clear about our purpose in life, identifying our unique strengths, talents and passions and putting them to use in the world in some way so that we begin to live with a deeper sense of purpose and meaning.

I would like to recommend 2 wonderful books being released today!

Marci Shimoff’s “Love For No Reason”

The breakthrough approach in this book will help you reset your "love set point" as easily as you reset a thermostat. You'll automatically turn up the heat on giving, receiving -- and accepting -- more love and abundant blessings in your life. You'll be able to:
• Open your heart fully and experience deep love from the inside, even in the midst of challenges.
• Enjoy more fulfilling relationships with others AND with yourself.
• Turn off your body's stress response and turn on your body's "love response" for better health and well-being.
• Experience greater success and satisfaction.
• Help your family, community, and the world.

Joan Borysenko “Take the Journey from Fried to Revived!”

You may think that you're depressed, but there's a good chance that you're burning out and need greater awareness of what's happening to you and what you can do to come back to life again. Revival from burnout is always about the recovery of lost authenticity. It’s waking up to who we really are and realizing that heaven is not a destination, but a state of mind. If being fried can bring us to the point where we reconnect to our own true nature, then it’s worth every moment of separation to rediscover the heaven that has been inside of us all along.

May 2011 be filled with ever increasing moments of unconditional love and joy! You deserve it!