Friday, June 5, 2009

Enter the Stillness.... June Kit Info!

Shhhhh! Quiet your thoughts and become one with who you really are. With this kit, you will learn how to focus on entering the silent space between your 60,000 daily thoughts to be present with the essence of your soul. Being present in stillness allows one to experience an entire new world of possibility, the most powerful place of creation.

This Intentional Scrapbooking Kit™ Includes:
1 – Maya Road Chipboard “Tree” Book
1 – Creating Intentions Turquoise Pebbles
1 – Making Memories “Chloe’s Closet” Tiny Alphabet
1 – Bazzill Java Canvas Paper
1 – Prima Angelique Collection “Harp”
1 – Basic Grey “Bluebird”
1 – Basic Grey “Bonnet”
1 – Basic Grey “Hayloft”
1 – Basic Grey “Bountiful”
1 – Basic Grey “Hayfield”
1 – Sheet Creating Intentions Affirmations
1 – Basic Grey Urban Prairie Chip Stickers
1 – Prima Essential Bright Paper Flowers
1 – Judikins Diamond Glaze
1- Tiny White Picket Fence
1 – Piece of Wood
3 – Maya Road Acrylic Birds
2 – Prima Wire Stem Paper Flowers
12 inch Pink Tafetta Ribbon
12 inch Making Memories Olive Ribbon with Blue Trim
12 inch Turquoise Dotted Ribbon
12 inch Vanilla Trim
12 inch Hemp Twine
Assortment Vanilla Buttons

Thursday, June 4, 2009

You are Perfect!

My dear friend Cindy Ashton always has a beautiful and positive message to share. Watch this video and be reminded that you come from a loving source that you are an extension of! Therefore you are perfect in every way and the world is waiting for what you have to offer!

Monday, June 1, 2009

The Key To Living a Successful Life

The key to living a fulfilled and successful life is to happily enjoy every moment of its journey. Your life is happening right NOW. How you feel in this moment determines whether or not you are truly living the life you REALLY want. When you feel good it means that you are receiving what you are wanting, if you feel frustrated, sad or unhappy it means that you are blocking the lifestyle that you really desire.

Your current state of being, your consciousness, is represented by an overall feeling being experienced as a result of all thought and action put forth up until this moment. The nature of one’s consciousness is a choice, a way of approaching and viewing life. If you are not satisfied with the life you are living then it is up to you to make the decision to change your lifestyle. It all begins by making the decision to feel good in the present moment. In order to determine what thoughts make you FEEL good can only be realized by tuning in to the truth of your soul. When one finally aligns with who they really are, they allow themselves to seek their bliss and the doors to a deeply fulfilling and rewarding lifestyle are opened.

The path of self-awareness is a journey that is always growing and expanding. Your life can be as wonderful as you allow it to be. As human beings, we are constantly being called to live a rewarding and meaningful life. The secret is to allow happiness to flow into everything you do. Being happy in every moment enables you to profoundly experience the joy and peace of your being. Travel in the direction of deliberately choosing thoughts that feel good and you will be filled with the essence of that which you are seeking.