Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Shift Your Awareness with Amethyst

A stone traditionally associated with royalty and spiritual leaders of antiquity, Amethyst continues to be a popular stone among spiritual seekers. A purple variety of quartz, its regal color makes it a stone of high demand. Worn as a mark of rank for hundreds of years, it is an abundant mineral found in many locations across the globe. Amethyst manifests itself in a variety of unique structures that are particular to certain regions or mines. Available in a wide range of shades, the rule of thumb is that the deeper the purple color, the higher the grade, the more valuable the stone. The most notable quality of amethyst is found in the mines of Brazil, Uruguay, Russia, Africa, and Ontario.
Its name comes from the Greek word “amethystos” which literally means not drunken. Amethyst’s name originated from the lore of Greek Mythology. There are different variations of the tale from which it deemed its name although the basic premise consists of a story between the god, Dionysus, and a beautiful woman, Amethytos, who was trying to escape him. In an attempt to save her, the goddess, Artemis, turned her into a white stone. In Dionysus’s remorse, he poured wine over the top of the stone staining the crystals purple. Since then, the Greeks believed Amethyst to be an antidote for intoxication. In order to prevent it, they would drink wine from challises carved out of the stone.
Besides roots in Greek lore, Amethyst has been a favorite stone among rulers over the centuries. Found scattered among the many tombs of Egyptian royalty and the Anglo-Saxon graves of England, Amethyst was believed to contain mystical and superstitious powers. It was largely employed in antiquity for use as intaglios and worn as amulets. The Russian Empress, Catherine the Great, loved Amethyst so much that she sent thousands of miners into the Urals to bring back as much as they could carry. Leonardo da Vinci once wrote that the gem dissipates evil thoughts and quickens the intelligence, an insight that must have surfaced from working directly with the stone.
On an energetic level, Amethyst is a stone that assists one to successfully experience states of inner awareness. It gently instills a profound tranquility to the mind that quiets everyday habitual thought processes. For people who desire to achieve a state of serenity through meditation, but find it challenging to enter the stillness, can easily transform from one reality to another with the aid of Amethyst.
Working with Amethyst is like being handed a golden key that opens a gate to higher consciousness. Its peaceful vibration has such an immediate calming effect on the emotions and physical body, that one is able to effortlessly experience a deep state of physical relaxation. Achieving peace of this magnitude, a person is able to easily let go of past thoughts, beliefs, and self-centered notions. In the letting go of illusions of what one believes to be real, transformation occurs. Amethyst opens the mind to usher in a wisdom that flows directly from the infinite divine source. As it floods into ones consciousness, a deeper understanding of one’s purpose for living brings clarity to the divine universal forces at work. Once the mind is able to grasp the knowledge of an intelligence that is greater than itself is it able to embrace the concept of a higher self. This alignment initiates one’s ability to trust in the guidance that comes from within. Knowing that one is equipped with an inner guidance system, they are able to intuitively grasp the essence of true peace and well-being, a harmonic state that was present before birth.
Receiving wisdom of this nature profoundly inspires one to redefine their belief in what is possible. Once a person aligns with the truth of their BEING, they discover a renewed zest to transform areas of their life that are not in alignment with the new knowledge that they have acquired. As new ideas surface as to how one can begin shaping a life that is according to what they really desire, Amethyst assists in the process of transforming self-limiting or self-defeating thoughts to more productive ways of thinking. Amethyst then carries the direction of the newly formed thoughts and ideas created during the imaginative process of dreaming to the depths of the soul where it is implemented.
With Amethyst, the opportunity to shift into expanded states of awareness is within your reach. Allow the calming effects of the purple ray to calm your mind and bestow peace upon your soul. You will achieve an awareness of self that you never knew was possible. Let the universe fill you with its wisdom and guide your course. It is time to feel the flow of eternal freedom.
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