Monday, April 7, 2008

Why Scrapbooking as a Tool?

Scrapbooking is more or less defined as the hobby of creating compilations in scrapbook albums, such as keepsakes, pictures, and periodical art to preserve memories. It is also used as an outlet to express emotions that memories convey.

As I started to play with the idea that scrapbooking could be utilized as a tool to intend our directed thoughts and emotions towards creating and manifesting the fulfillment of lifelong goals and dreams, I found that I was indeed recreating the reality of my daily experiences through the production of my art work.

Scrapbooking was acting as a catalyst for anchoring my thoughts from the internal mental realms of my mind into this external physical world. It was helping me to focus on definite specific outcomes that I emotionally wanted to experience for myself. As I started experiencing the physical manifestations of my inner dreams and desires, I discovered this overwhelming sense of inspiration from within to share with others the knowledge that I had uncovered!

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