Wednesday, April 16, 2008

One Touch of Nature Makes the Whole World Kin. - William Shakespeare

Most of the greatest writers, poets, artists, and philosophers of our time have written or expressed in some form their awareness of an intelligent, living presence that flows through all livings things. This presence, which I refer to as creative energy, is what animates us as humans, and it is that which guides, heals, and inspires us to grow and expand in life.

Being in the beauty of nature is one of the easiest ways to sense this living presence of creative energy. If you take time to sit quietly in nature, you will inevitably revel in its wonder. It is likely that you, too, may be able to sense a living presence in everything around you. This living presence is the same creative energy that flows through you and every other living person, animal, plant, and mineral. By becoming aware of the presence of creative energy within all living things, we can start to connect with it and begin to understand it.

Creative energy can be accessed and harnessed by way of the subconscious mind by anyone who is aware of their ability to do so. It is not more or less in any one individual by way of religion, creed, status, or race. It is the SAME throughout us all and is what connects us to each other on a non-physical level. What separates us and what makes us different from one another is the level of our conscious awareness of the presence of creative energy within ourselves. Our way of thinking and the beliefs we hold is what shapes the world around us, and it is how we choose to express ourselves on a physical level that keeps us individually separate from one another.

Every one person is at their own level of awareness. To be conscious of your way of thinking and your awareness of a presence of creative energy is to awaken to discovering your inner potential as a human being. We are meant to live fulfilled lives with all that we can imagine for ourselves.

Let nature be your teacher for the day. Go for a walk or sit in your garden or a nearby park. As you experience the beauty of nature, allow your conscious thoughts to ponder the intelligence that created everthing around you. Sense the aliveness that nature exudes, even if you have to imagine it!

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