Tuesday, April 15, 2008

To Live With Awareness

To live with awareness is to be conscious of the fact that we are more than just a physical body. It is to be conscious of the fact that we also have a mental body that is equipped with thought processes.

As we go through our day to day experiences, our conscious mind perceives the reality of our physical existence through our five senses. The way we perceive and shape the world around us starts with our thoughts and feelings.

To become consciously aware of the nature of our thoughts is the first step in expanding our lives with intended thought. As you become aware of each thought that enters your consciousness, you can choose and decide in the moment that the thought arises, whether or not it is in alignment with that which you are intending to create in your life. If it is not, you can decide to shift the thought to one that is of a more positive focus towards the outcome or life experience that you are trying to create for yourself.

Your conscious thinking is what gives direction to the creative energy of the subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind always responds to the nature of your thoughts by guiding you towards experiences that the conscious mind is directing it to. As you learn more about how the two realms of the mind work together, you can harness the powers of your subconscious mind and the creative energy within, to create life experiences of your deepest desires.

In my book, Creating Intentions, I will give a detailed explanation of how the two spheres of the mind operate. In understanding the deep inner workings of the mind, you will discover how to utilize the power of the creative energy within your subconscious mind through conscious thought processes and the art of scrapbooking.

You can do this right NOW! Begin by consciously observing your thoughts, watch them, and listen to them. I will continue to post little tidbits of information and scrapbooking projects to help guide, uplift and inspire you throughout the process.

I would love to receive information on intentions that you are trying to create for yourself! You can visit my website, http://www.creatingintentions.com/ to sign up to receive more information on when my book will be released.

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