Saturday, April 19, 2008

Time for Everything

Currently, I have so many interests and ideas that I want to work on or need to complete during the course of the day, that time seems to elude me. In my thoughts about lack of time and the pressing urge to get things done, I have been feeling a little frustrated. I have become aware of the fact that I tend to look at the clock often to see what time it is and then I calculate how much time I have left in the day to accomplish all my goals. This has ultimately led to a unfolding negative thought process that is creating the experience of not getting all the things done in the day that need to be completed.

There is so much information in thoughts of lack. By becoming consciously aware of my frustration with time, I can choose in the moment of NOW to change the way I view time or I can continue to feed the contrasting view of lack and feeling frustrated. As I became aware of my thoughts of lack and feelings of frustration, I knew there was a hidden desire that needed to be born.

My new found desire has now given way to a positive way of thinking about time. What better way than to scrapbook a clock with a positive affirmation on it, so that every time I look at it, it will serve as an anchor and reminder as to all that I am trying to create in my life. It will also relax me and reassure me that time is not really a factor in just BEING and experiencing the joys of living.

My affirmation to help me remember what it is that I am intending to create and positively focus on is that, “There is time for EVERYTHING.” Each and every time that I look at my new clock, I will shift my former way of thinking to focus on my new positive thought forms. Each and every time I look at this clock, I will say the affirmation, which reinforces and gives direction to my subconscious mind. Then I will hold mental images of myself happily and successfully accomplishing all that I need to throughout my day.

To take my new found desire further, I am intending to create a mini book that also states that, “there is time for everything”, in which I will refine with clarity, all that it is that I want to make time for. It would be such a joy to see if you have any ideas or input as to how to positively view time and how you accomplish all that you desire during the day. I implore you to send me an email or pictures of a project that you are working on regarding this topic.

This clock project and following mini book will be expanded on in more detail in my new book, Creating Intentions, in which you can be notified upon its release by signing up on my website,

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