Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Enhance Creative Expression with Garnet

Found in mineral deposits scattered across the globe, garnet ranges in color depending on the location in which it is mined. From colorless to rare blue, its most popular shade is a deep maroon. Closely resembling a seed of a pomegranate, garnet is referred to in Latin as “granatus” meaning seed or grain. Dating back to the Bronze Age, 3000 B.C., it is one of the oldest known stones in human history influencing Greek mythology, Egyptian, Biblical and Medieval history.

One of garnets most popular legends dates back to the story of Noah’s Ark. It was said that Noah used large pieces of garnet to illuminate the interior and path of the Ark. As a result, garnet has since been a popular stone carried amongst travelers to ensure safety and guidance throughout their journeys.

Garnet has a detailed history in use and lore. One of its most interesting uses was by the tribal Indians in Kashmir. They fashioned it into bullets and fired them at invading British armies. Today garnet is widely used in jewelry for its brilliance. For its durability, it is used as an alternative to sand in the abrasive industry. Its molecular composition and hardness allows it to be efficiently recycled while cutting down on the amount of dust and waste that is produced when smoothing and grinding other material items

On an energetic level, the glowing luminescence of garnet awakens one to their inherent creative forces. The process of becoming aware of one’s creative potential, sparks passion within the self. A symbol of the strengthening effects of light, truth and faith, garnet activates the vitality of life force energy at a root level. As creative expression ignites, the body is energized. This vital flow of energy motivates one to commit to the implementation of inspirational ideas through physical action.

When passion to create is aroused, garnet illumines the path to one’s purpose. Its inner glow is symbolic of our desire to create according to our deepest needs. One is drawn to garnet like a glowing warm fire. It nurtures and rejuvenates. Garnet’s loving devotion creates a magnetic force that causes a strong attraction to whatever one deliberately focuses their creative energy upon. As a result, instant healing and transformation occur.

A deep gratitude arises for the realization of one’s ability to deliberately create according to personal preference. Peace and calm enter the body, as one acquires the necessary patience that allows inspired action to manifest on all levels of BEING. As self-realization occurs, one grows and expands in their confidence to consciously direct creative expression into any area of their life. Miracles are created.

Wearing and consciously working with garnet activates powerful energies that will have one functioning at peak performance. One can always depend on garnet to light the way. Solutions and multiple pathways will always be revealed. Allow garnet to strengthen your relationship to yourself, your passion and purpose in life. One can always look to garnet for comfort and guidance as you create according to your deepest desires.

©2008 Elizabeth Pagayonan: Creating Intentions


Gingerbread Girl said...

Hi Liz-

I have appreciated your deep knowledge and awareness of life. Your writing and creative abilities have touched me tremendously. I am ready for big changes in my life for 2009. I am saying goodbye to a whole heap of sadness, and I am inviting a whole heap of happiness to come into my life for the New year and beyond. I admire you. - The Gingerbread Girl

Elizabeth Pagayonan said...

Thank you so much for your beautiful words. They truly touch my heart. I am overjoyed to hear that of your path of well-being and upliftment! I visualize your success!