Tuesday, January 6, 2009

NOW is the Time to RENEW the SELF

A new year means new beginnings, an opportunity to renew the self. A time to start fresh, we enjoy creating resolutions and setting new goals. The energy of a new year brings a renewed sense of hope as many people look forward to making personal changes in their life. The pure positive vibration of hope for new adventures, new opportunities and new life experiences is nature’s most transforming medicine. Hope energizes the body at a cellular level. Hope invigorates and motivates.

Like an artist sitting before a blank canvas about to create a beautiful masterpiece, we can use the energy that hope instills to shape a vision for the year that lay before us. How do you want your year to look? What beautiful outcomes can you imagine for yourself? How can you transform what currently is into something more beautiful and inspiring?

Dreaming, pondering and imagining new possibilities align one with their true creative self. The mere act of engaging the imagination to create visions within the mind allows one to tap into their inherent source of unlimited creative potential. This is why it feels so good to imagine and to dream about all the things we want in our life. As we create desired scenarios within our mind’s eye, we align with who we really are. We feel the joy of creating and living out these life visions as if they are already fulfilled. Imagination is the key to creating the life we truly want to live. It is the paint guided by directed thought to be forever imprinted upon the canvas of the subconscious. Our imagination creates the story of our life.

As one places more time and energy into dreaming and imagining about desired experiences, the longer one stays connected to their unlimited supply of creative potential. As the connection grows and becomes stronger, sparks of inspiration ignite that create a compelling passion for new ideas revealed to be manifested into physical realization. This is the fire that motivates one to take necessary actions to fulfill their desires. Spending time pondering good feeling scenarios in the imagination initiates inspiration that leads to the creation of new opportunities and adventures. Creating in the imagination is the beginning steps of designing a life filled with all the experiences that one desires.

Although many of us feel a strong urge to set intentions for positive change at the beginning of a new year, it is important to remember that there is no other time to implement change than the powerful moment of NOW. If we hold our dreams in the future, they will always be dreams. Joyfully behaving as if our dreams are already manifested in the moment of NOW creates a strong attractive force. Maintaining a focus on what you really want instead of “what is” attracts desired experiences with an accelerated speed. This does require a certain amount of disciplined effort to achieve. It is encouraging to be reminded that no matter where one is currently at, it is the perfect place to be. Where you are at in your life experience, you have never been more experienced, more knowledgeable or wiser than you are right NOW. There are more than enough resources available to support and uplift you on your journey to successful self-transformation. From books, teleseminars, lectures, support groups, podcasts, etc., there are many sources to choose from to assist one in maintaining the necessary focus that transforms dreams into realities. Make use of these valuable resources. Seek out support groups and people of like mindedness. You will discover that it is EASY and EFFORTLESS to achieve the experiences that you are imagining for yourself.

Here are some other suggestions to keep you focused on your desired dreams:
  • Each morning upon waking, set your intentions for the day. Renew personal affirmations and visualize yourself living out what you are affirming. Talk yourself up by using the most positive and uplifting words you can find. Tell yourself how powerful you are and that you can create anything you set your mind to. This self-affirming talk instills a joyful hope of all good things to come throughout the day. It puts you in a positive mindset that attracts experiences that are like in nature.
  • At some point throughout the day, write down three inspired actions that you are willing to commit to in order to bring you closer to achieving a desired goal. The goals that you choose should feel EASY and FUN. We are not looking for quantity here, only quality. Remember, it is all about the joy of creating out of passion and inspiration. Only create goals and steps that FEEL good and bring joy to your day.
  • Anchor your dreams and visions by giving them physical shape and form through a visual platform such a as vision boarding, creating a mind movie or intentional scrapbooking. Intentional scrapbooking is a meditative process that contains all the creative elements that strongly imprint the subconscious of desired direction. Scrapbooking with focused intent allows all four levels of BEING to move into alignment. This sends a crystal clear message to the universe of the desired outcome you intend to achieve.
  • Upon falling asleep at night, ponder your accomplishments of the day. Taking the time to recognize your achievements places you in that enjoyable spot of where you want to be which creates a powerful attractive force. Allow yourself to spend time living out your desired dreams as you drift off to sleep.

If we can learn to start each day as a new beginning and employ the power of NOW as the time to renew and strengthen our commitments to self, we choose HOW we will live this year. Embrace the statement, “Today is the first day of the rest of your life!” Each day is a fresh, new beginning to be celebrated with the same intensity of hope that a new year brings. What are you imagining for yourself?

©2009 Elizabeth Pagayonan: Creating Intentions

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