Friday, December 5, 2008

Easily Create Miracles in Your Life

Many people today are aware of the incredible power of the mind. It is comforting to know that we possess an inherent ability to create whatever we set our mind to. Every one of us has the capacity to tap into this inner resource at will, yet many still do not fully understand how to successfully harness it or where to begin when intending change. The question is how do we effectively co-create with this facet of our consciousness to achieve the results we desire?

The answer lies in the awareness of one’s thoughts and feelings. Consistently thinking the same thought over and over sends a strong message to the subconscious mind. Repetitious thinking eventually brings one to arrive at the conclusion that they are to receive whatever they have convinced themselves of. Belief is created and that belief is handed over to the subconscious mind. Each time a new belief is formed, it becomes the basis from which our subconscious mind executes all future action.

Belief is a powerful state of mind induced through repeated suggestion. Our beliefs energize our thoughts. When belief backs one’s thoughts, a strong magnetic force is created within the mind. This magnetic field attracts more thoughts that are similar in nature and equivalent physical experiences.

Many of our existing beliefs are formed unconsciously from the time of our birth. Our consciousness operates unbeknownst to us from these core beliefs. The great news is that we can rewrite our beliefs at any given point in time through intention setting and repeated suggestion.

Creating new beliefs through repetition of affirmative orders can make the Law of Attraction work for anyone. When intending to create change or transformation in any area of life, it is important to find the best feeling and most positively stated words to describe the desired outcome that one is seeking. Deliberately repeating desired thought patterns throughout the day allows one’s new way of thinking to dominate the mind. Time for some more good news... as your new thought patterns begin to dominate your mentality, it becomes habit. This means that your desired way of thinking automatically surfaces into your waking mentality, making it EASY for you to focus on what you truly want in life!

Implementing new beliefs through repeated suggestion does require a certain degree of disciplined effort, but it can be FUN and EASY and the reward is well worth it. Imagine experiencing sustainable thoughts and feelings of sheer happiness and well-being! It is an amazing experience to be filled with positive energy as a reward for time well spent.

Belief is the starting point from which all miracles are created. Without belief, one cannot create or attract the things they desire. Belief needs to be present when intending to create desired results, for it is the fuel that backs every thought. Since one creates successful outcomes according to their level of belief, focusing on raising belief in the power of mind will boost ones ability to create and attract desired results with greater accuracy. The following are some effective ways to strengthen belief:

  • Deliberately suggest to your subconscious mind through repeated affirmative orders, your belief in its ability to attract to you the physical equivalent of the directed thought you impress upon it. Time must be spent each day directly communicating to your inner mind of your belief in its abilities. Engage the imagination for effective communication of your heartfelt thoughts in the form of words, images and aroused emotion.
  • An English Proverb states “the eyes are the window to the soul”. Find a mirror, look directly into your eyes and speak out loud to the depths of your soul, where your deep inner mind resides. Speak of your admiration, love, respect, and appreciation of its worth. This is a very powerful technique. It will stir great emotion from the depths of your BEING.
  • Intentionally arouse positive supporting emotions when repeating affirmations. All thought is birthed into existed by an emotional state. Strive to hold positive emotions of well-being as much as possible. Emotions are our internal guidance system. We sense through emotional well-being how aligned we are to our higher selves or source energy.
  • Focus your desired intent of strengthening belief through the Intentional Scrapbooking Method™ to anchor your thoughts into physical shape and form. Taking the time to focus your intent in this way expresses commitment to your desired goal. This process aligns all four levels of BEING which strongly imprints the subconscious mind and activates the Law of Attraction. Your desires will only manifest as a result!

Strengthening belief in the power of mind will have you creating and attracting all the things you truly desire in life with ease and effortlessness. The journey of self-discovery is a process of becoming. It is on-going. Once a desired goal is fulfilled, one will always uncover more desires that serve to grow and expand the self to new heights. Believe in yourself, the creative potential of your thoughts and the power of your subconscious mind. Belief is the starting point from which all miracles happen. Believe in believing.

©2008 Elizabeth Pagayonan: Creating Intentions


Gingerbread Girl said...

Hi Elizabeth!

Your blog and videos have been very inspiring. I plan on taking the time to read and view them all. I am hoping and praying for major changes in my life. I need it. Thank you for all of your posts. I am very grateful! You have inspired me. Your three daughters are precious. Hugs- Joyce

Tao Jones said...

As always, BRILLIANT! and well written.
I love that your Intentional Scrap Booking system hits all the key components necessary for rapid manifestation and isn't that what we all want?
You have developed a technique that generates focus, and intense positive emotions combined with textures, vision and physical stimulation in a way that is FUN and engaging.
This process will touch everyone that uses it in an uplifting way that assures success.
Your kits are amazing and highly effective tools in helping people to change their minds and thus, change their lives.
Imagine being able to give your Self a gift that has the power to transform you into a better being!
Imagine being able to also give a gift to others that has the power to transform them as well!
Imagine, every month, getting another gift that will further enhance and support your transformation!
Everyone that subscribes to your Kit of the Month special offer and follows your process and techniques will see their lives change in the most amazing and fun ways that will exceed their current expectations! And anyone that wants to "Turbo-Charge" the experience, should attend a workshop and experience you in action!
Thank You Liz, for making rapid transformation possible and available to everyone.

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