Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Greatest Miracle

I created this Intentional Scrapbooking LO with the intent to strengthen the belief in the power of my mind. This month as we focus on creating miracles at Creating Intentions, it is time to turn our attention inward to strengthen and develop all that happens on the inside.

I recently came across this picture of my daughter taken a few days after her birth last December. As she just celebrated her first birthday, I was feeling grateful and appreciative that she was in my life. In cultivating these feelings, I realized that her presence on this earth is the greatest miracle! To be alive and to be able to experience physical sensations that life offers would not be possible without the presence of the subconscious mind.

Responsible for over 90 percent of our mental faculties, the subconscious processes over 400 billion bits of information in every second. It does this while directing and communicating all of our bodily functions such as breathing, the beating of the heart, circulating blood flow, cellular regeneration, and many other functions. Within our subconscious mind lies an infinite source of creative intelligence that also gives shape and form to this entire universe. Creative intelligence carries us from the time of conception until it is our time to leave the earth. It is accessible within the depths of our inner mind always lying in wait and ready to be harnessed and directed at any time.

Creating this LO, I focused thoughts of trust, faith and belief in my subconscious mind to clearly receive and implement all future direction that I impress upon it. It is sort of like priming the pump so that any and all future intentions will be launched with a turbo boost. When thoughts and emotions are backed by the energizing power of belief, a powerful magnetic force is created that will attract like thoughts, events, opportunities and people into one’s life.

As a direct result from creating this month’s Intentional Scrapbooking Kit™ “Miracles Happen” and this LO, incredible shift happened in my life. It is amazing how strong and firm my belief has amplified in my ability to create anything that I can imagine for myself. As a direct result, I feel a new found sense of peace and comfort that miracles are happening in my life NOW as a result of my focused positive thinking. Every day I receive signs from all over that confirm that I am attracting what I am voluntarily programming into my consciousness. I am so grateful to be equipped with this wonderful source of unlimited potential!

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