Thursday, May 1, 2008

What Do You Desire?

The first step in creating the life of your dreams is to clearly state what it is that you desire in life. You may have a plan, goal, or idea that you want to achieve and move towards. You may have certain attitudes or recurring emotional states that you would like to seek change in or heal. Whatever is happening at this moment in your life experience, you definitely have a dream that you hold for yourself or someone you love. The first step in moving towards fulfilling that goal is to hold the conscious awareness in your mind of that which you seek.

State it clearly and out loud.

I wish.....
I want.....
I desire....

Know that you are meant to receive all that you desire in life. Think about your dream in detail. Let it unfold in your mind. Focus on the positive outcome of your dream being fulfilled.

Check back tomorrow to learn about the second step in turning your thoughts into a realized outcome.

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