Friday, May 2, 2008

Fire Up Your Imagination!

Imagination is more important than knowledge. - Albert Einstein

The second step in moving towards living and experiencing the dreams that you intend to hold is to engage your imagination. All ideas, inventions, services, and material goods were all created by a mere thought in someones mind. Everyone has the inner ability to bring their thoughts into full realization to be experienced on a physical level. The first step, which was revealed yesterday, is to identify that which you desire to achieve in life. It may be an idea, a goal, or specific physical experience. You can begin to move towards it by clearly and consciously stating your intention.

The next step is to visualize,using mental images, the fulfilled end result of that which you intended to accomplish. Use your imagination to engage all of your senses and feel yourself living out the fulfilled goal. As you consciously hold these mental images, your subconscious mind will follow the directions that your conscious mind is focused on, and will do everything in its power to attract to you the experiences of your intended desire. All you have to do is maintain the positive focus on the end result. Trust, know, believe and have faith in your ability to effectively focus on creating the fulfilled outcome by maintaining positive thoughts. The creative energy that flows through your subconscious will subtly guide you by attracting to you all the events, conditions and experiences that will make your desire a realized fact.

The overall synergy of this process will be explained in detail in my new book. Currently you can sign up to receive information on my website, about when and where it will be available. Keep in mind that my website will be up and running shortly. Thanks for your patience and thanks for checking back to learn more about my thoughts!

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