Thursday, May 8, 2008

Awaken to Your Consciousness!

I saw this piece of paper by Sassafrass Lass and all I could think of was AWAKEN! Since this is my ultimate desire, to awaken to the unlimited possiblities of my consciousness in each and every moment, I had to create this layout on a piece of canvas. Where do you think I placed it?........By my bed of course!

My intention for this creation is that each and every morning this piece of art will serve to remind me of my ultimate desire. What better way then to anchor this affirmation into a beautiful piece of art that will serve as a focal point and reminder of that which you desire in life. Upon waking in the morning, I will reinforce to my subconscious mind that what I wish to achieve. Not only am I imprinting this affirmation into the creative energy that flows through all living things, but I am starting my day off in a positive way!

When you start your day off with positive thoughts and intentions, you can be sure that you will attract experiences of a like nature. This LO makes me so happy! It was fast and easy to make. this project will be featured in my new book, and will be expanded on in more detail. I would love to hear about any intentions that you are currently creating for yourself. You can contact me via email, You can sign up to receive more information about what I am doing by signing up on my website. It should be up and fully running by the end of the week!

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