Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Renewing Energy of Peridot

Formed in the depths of volcanic activity, peridot is one of the few gemstones that occur in a single color: green. A species of Olivine, its color range ultimately depends on how much iron is contained within the crystal structure. More abundantly found in a translucent yellow-green color, peridot is more rarely found in its gem quality color of olive green. It is mined in many locations across the globe, although the highest quality specimens come from Myanmar, Pakistani and Egypt. Peridot has extraterrestrial origins as well. It is the only stone found in meteorites. The Hawaiians refer to it as “Pele’s Tears”. Pieces of peridot are frequently found scattered among the black sands and lava rocks on Hawaiian beaches.

Peridot’s radiant color has caught the fancy of humans for many years. It is estimated that this gemstone has been mined for over four thousand years. Frequently found in Egyptian jewelry and amulets, historical legend states that peridot was the favorite stone of Cleopatra and that some of her so-called Emeralds were in fact peridots. The ancient Romans nicknamed the stone “Emerald of the Evening” for its ability to maintain its shine in all types of light. Found in medieval churches and referenced in the Bible to be one of the stones lain within the breast plate of the High Priest, peridot periodically enjoys being at the height of the fashion industry whenever green is declared to be the color of the times.

The brilliant light of peridot aids healing and well being at the mental, emotional and physical level. It is extremely effective at subduing matters of the heart. Peridot’s soothing energy allows one to accept “what is” with a calming forgiveness. One can use or wear peridot to relieve mental anguish, depression and anger and to revive happiness, inspiration and hope.

The yellow hue that expresses itself through peridot rejuvenates and warms the soul. Like the sun shining through a window on a beautiful day, peridot motivates one to wake up to their inner hopes and dreams. It stirs a positive expectation for all good things to come. The hope that peridot awakens, energizes the entire BEING at a cellular level. As the inherent yellow hue within peridot directs its energies into the solar plexus, it aids one to implement inspired hope into physical action.

Peridot’s renewing energy brings clarity to one’s goals. It joyfully encourages one to act on their goals by providing the inspiration that offers solutions to one’s search. As one begins to align with their true purpose, a joy for living is recovered.

Allow peridot’s warm and friendly nature to renew your joy for living. Open to the stimulating energy of hope that will strengthen and rejuvenate your entire being. Peridot provides the energy boost that effortlessly lifts you into action. NOW you can begin to really enjoy the process of living according to your destiny. Infuse an abundant amount of radiant energy into your life and daily activities by working with peridot.

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Gingerbread Girl said...

I have fallen totally in love with Peridot! Thank you Liz for creating the sensational Renew album. It has had such a positive effect on my life already, and it just keeps getting better. And for those of us who are currently living where snow is in abundance and sunny days are scarce- Peridot certainly warms the heart.
- Joyce