Tuesday, April 22, 2014

What IS the Purpose of Our Lives?

What is the purpose of Life? Where did we come from? Why are we here? What does this life lead to? These are questions that I have been asking myself since the time I was born. Literally, since the time I was a toddler, I remember experiencing certain states of expanded self-awareness. I remember sensing an eternal comforting Presence surrounding me as I would play in the forest that was my backyard. I was self-aware, ever-present, and connected to my surroundings. I know I was as young as what I speak of, because I remember exactly what I was wearing, what I was doing on that specific day, and my mother has the pictures to witness to that period of time. I did not remember her taking those photos but when I saw them later in my years, I was instantly reminded of my experience with self-conscious awareness. This realization impacted me deeply. This was the first of many deeply profound experiences in those woods that I was raised in my early childhood on Jamison Road in Elma, New York.

Since then, my life has become a journey of self-discovery. A journey of realizing Who I Truly AM, the Real Self beyond the temporary self of the physical body that is conditioned to be molded to, and is pressured to conform to a set of defined expectations impressed upon the mass consciousness of humanity through structures erected through a materialistic and media based society. I have concluded in this journey of self-discovery that the idea of a limited-self that is based on the foundation of a temporal form, no longer serves me.

What I am concerned with is the sensation of a moving life-giving force, a moving steam of consciousness that is flowing through this animated body vehicle right where I AM in this moment and in EVERY moment. What is the nature of this energy? What is its source? How can I access this source, and therefore access greater quantities of this seemingly infinite energy? I am concerned with the intelligence behind this force that I experience as my consciousness which does not allow me to rest but continually pushes me to question the truth of my reality until I discover the answers that I am seeking and until I understand the truth of my being. I demand these answers! I cannot and I will not idle away my time and my energies until I have an understanding as to why I AM WHO I AM. The purpose of this page is to explore the cosmic mystery of life and to discover the keys to understanding our purpose in this grand scheme of things. Attempts to answer the above questions which I have asked of myself, and which have been asked of others since time immemorial is my passion in life. A passion so intense, it has consumed me. My love for solving this universal mystery and uncovering the keys that free the mind, the body, and the soul are what thrill me to the core and offer a sense of purpose to my life. It is with great joy that the opportunity is present to share with you what I have learned in my philosophical and theological studies. For I have discovered as a theologian, that when we blend the knowledge of modern scientific advances with the wisdom of the ages from documented scripture of both East and West, we learn that science is now proving what ancient sages have taught us for thousands of years.

My question to you is this: How did these ancient sages know what they know? How did they grasp these concepts in a time so long ago, when today, we appear to be seemingly more technologically, scientifically, and medically superior? What were there techniques for accessing this information? What were the techniques of the masters and the saints who walked the face of this earth before us, who were ordinary human beings but in their search for truth became extraordinary?

It is my life’s quest to answer these questions and offer processes and techniques that allow one to finally grasp and realize the truth of their origin, nature, and Real Self. Right now, this very moment in time and space can be a starting point for anyone who is willing to embarking on a very exciting journey of self-discovery. It is time to break the mold and step outset of a confining and limited belief system that traps the soul into indentification with a false set of norms. In order to change our life, we must seek radically new thoughts and ways to perceive our reality. This site will challenge your belief system and at the same time create an enlightening environment for you to explore new concepts and ways of perceiving yourself and your purpose in the face of such an immense universe. It is our intention that you discover your supreme importance to the wholeness of this magnificent universe and your interconnectedness to all of life.

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