Thursday, April 24, 2014


The purpose of striving to view our external circumstances from a larger picture is to evoke a sense of wonder. When we wonder, we begin to think, to ponder, to contemplate. In our attempt to gain a wider perspective, we begin to step outside the box of the narrowly-defined and limited concepts of our tiny self against the backdrop of an immense universe. When we practice this, there is no doubt that our self-centered concept of self will dissolve in comparison. We become a little less pompous and a lot more humble.

Contemplating the reality of where we are at in terms of our planet, the solar system, and the possibility of other distant stars with planets orbiting around them perhaps supporting some form of life, while at the same time, distant galaxies recede into invisibility, we can learn to perceive our reality on a larger scale. We can begin to perceive our role in terms of being a citizen of the universe.

In a recent post, we learned that scientists consider that there are billions of galaxies, that in their conservative estimate: “the universe must teem with more than 100 trillion civilizations.” In our attempt to contemplate this magnitude, it almost defies our ability to equate with the cosmos in which we exist. What is even more mind-blowing is that “ALL” that scientists are able to observe in this universe is ONLY on a physical spectrum-which is a very thin line of frequency as shown in the chart above. There is still a vastness of cosmos that is above and below that frequency. What is above and below this very thin line of frequency of the physical spectrum of cosmos that science observes? How do we measure up? Do we compare ourselves to a limited defined point of view or to the vastness of the cosmos?

What we learn here is that in order for the individual to measure itself against the vastness of the infinite cosmos, it is necessary to expand consciousness. When we are able to expand our consciousness, we realize the concept of co-measurement which is the ability of the individual to perceive his or her unique role in the evolution of an entire planetary system.

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