Monday, November 24, 2008

The Inherent Beauty of Carnelian

Bursting with warm earthly colors, carnelian is a gentle stone that inspires one to identify their unique personal strengths and courage to live life to the fullest. A variant of chalcedony, carnelian is mainly composed of silicon dioxide which is commonly known as quartz. Its color range varies from a pale milky orange to deep rust brown. A reminder of the rising sun, fiery sunsets, autumn leaves and the fertile soil of the earth, carnelian is a symbol of the strength and beauty of our planet.

Carnelian has held a strong presence in the history of the world. It has been found in some of the oldest known jewelry, inlaid into the robes of Pu-Abi, a Sumerian Queen from the third millennium, B.C, among Egyptian tombs, in the breastplate of High Priest Aaron and in many other ancient cultures. One of its most popular uses was by the Romans. They used the stone for cameos, intaglios and as seal rings for imprinting seals with wax on correspondence and documents.

Cool to the touch, carnelian is warming to the soul. Its presence and energetic vibration is calming yet invigorating. Reflective of the stability and nurturing qualities of the earth, it mainly assists one in strengthening their mental focus. Carnelian helps to keep one grounded in the awareness of their thoughts while simultaneously activating a fiery creative energy. The ignition of internal resources creates the inspiration, creativity and courage to discover new ways of viewing life experiences.

Carnelian is a powerful tool to assist one in recognizing resources already present in life. Shifting awareness to discover abundance that is already a part of one’s reality opens the mind to the unlimited possibility of thought. When one fully realizes the transformation that results from refocusing thought, it motivates one to aspire to their highest potential. Viewing life from a new perspective creates the realization that anything is possible. This potentiality inspires the courage and motivation to fully embrace inherent talents that make one unique in this world. Carnelian is effective in assisting one to recognize the inherent beauty of every situation, to view challenges as opportunities and as a catalyst for positive change.

As we learn to deliberately direct focused thought by choosing to see the positive aspects in every experience, we allow feelings of freedom to flow through our BEING. Keeping our awareness on the abundant resources of this planet and our freewill ability to shape our futures through intended thought cultivates feelings of deep love, respect, and appreciation for living. This synergy of thought and emotion are the necessary attractive forces that open the doors to living abundantly.

Carnelian assists us in implementing this message into the totality of our BEING. Each and every one of us has everything we need in order to survive. All we need to do is just open our eyes, broaden our minds and perspectives to see the inherent beauty in all things. We already possess an abundance of resources. The most abundance source is found within, in the form of thoughts, ideas and inspiration.

The earth is overflowing with resources as well. Look to the earth, it nurtures and takes care of us. Set intentions to stay grounded and remain calm, allow well BEING to flow. As carnelian assists us in grounding desired goals into physical manifestation, we can intentionally work with it to create a beautiful life in which we attract life experiences that are according to our deepest passions. From discovering and creating work that you love, to attracting healthy lifestyles and relationships, carnelian brings awareness. Allow it to awaken, nurture, and help you manifest the life you truly desire.

©2008 Elizabeth Pagayonan: Creating Intentions

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