Friday, November 14, 2008

Activate an Abundant Mind Set First Thing in the Morning

I would like to share a simple morning ritual that instantly activates an abundant mind set that serves to attract many wonderful experiences throughout the day. This is just an example which can be replaced by your personal tastes and preferences. It can be tailored to any type of morning ritual as abundance is found in everything!

I love to enjoy a hot cup of coffee in the morning! The anticipation of the smell and taste of it draws me out of bed. Upon waking, I first express my appreciation for life, how happy I am to live the life I am leading and how grateful I am for all that I am surrounded by. I then roll out of bed and move into the kitchen. I open a jar that is filled with coffee beans and deliberately recognize and affirm the abundance contained within that jar. As I grind the coffee beans, I realize that the abundance transforms and multiplies into more abundance. Offering my thanks, I then proceed to fill the coffee pot with water. I marvel as it fills up drop by drop and wonder just how many drops it takes to fill that pot! An abundant amount, that's for sure! I then move into the cabinets, in which there are abundance, to select from an abundant supply of mugs. As the pot brews, I think of all the other things in my life that are in abundance.

This is a wonderful meditation. It always starts my day off on just the right vibe. It feels good to start the morning feeling positive and abundant. Since I began activating abundant thinking into my morning routine, I am continuously amazed at all the wonderful experiences that unfold throughout my day. My days and my life keep getting better and better. I am so thankful for the abundance of resources that surround me in every moment!

Please leave a comment or send me a personal message as to how you can activate abundance into your morning ritual, I would love to hear your thoughts!


nan said...

On the mornings I commute from Sonoma I am fortunate to be able to see the abundance of beauty as well as the evident abundance shown in the amount of grapevines in the vineyards. They are so beautiful this time of year and I am so thankful to be reminded of the abundance all around me in such a colorful way. I have even been able to see the abundance in the cars surrounding me as I am driving slowly along the highway. It occured to me today that although unemployment is at an all time high in California there is still abundance shown in the amount of people driving to work in the morning!! I am thankful that enough people still have jobs to crowd the highways with traffic!
Thanks Liz for teaching me to think in such a positive way.

Elizabeth Pagayonan said...

fantastic! that is what I am talking about! Great incite...thaks for sharing!!