Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Transmutation of Thoughts into Physical Matter

What a joy life is! How great it is to be free! BEING aligned with my purpose and aware of my highest potential carries a zest for life that is so grand words cannot begin to define it. To be aware that each thought I entertain attracts its equivalent physical counterpart inspires me to heights that I have never before known possible. I deliberately use every thought to create the most beautiful and inspiring life that I can intend for myself.

I am so thankful that I have discovered scrapbooking as an outlet to express my creative nature. Scrapbooking allows me to capture the intangible nature of thought and shape it into concrete form. As I scrapbook all my intentions, I find that I ascend to higher levels of BEING with an accelerated speed. Every morning I look forward to all that I can begin to create. I feel so creative and full of potential that I know from the depths of my soul that I can inspire the world!

Not only do I give color and shape to my thoughts through scrapbooking, I connect with the intelligence of nature through activating crystal energy. I am living the life I am meant to live.
Every day, I feel the overflow of divine inspiration. My thoughts crystalize into form as I courageously walk my path.
It is my burning desire, my intention, that the world know how effective scrapbooking can be as a tool for creating a life filled with any and all types of experiences that a person can imagine for themselves.
I intentionally used hematite on this LO to assist me in effectively grounding my inspired thoughts into physical action. Hematite encourages us to follow through with our ideas and commitments. I am committed to spreading awareness of the creative potential of thought. Each day is a new beginning full of possibilities.
Make a commitment to yourself to start each day affirming the positive. Look for the beauty in every experience. You will find that you will attract equivalent experiences all day long in return.

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