Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is my favorite holiday! I love to get dressed up with my kids and then take them trick-or-treating. It is absolutely halarious to watch them running from house to house to get treats. It also amazes me how they bravely overcome their fear of scary images just to get candy! They can be really focused when they want to!

I took the above photo at the Orchard Nursery in Lafayette. We love to pretend that we are witches creating spells all the time. Tonite we will brave the streets in our costumes! Watch out because something witchy this way comes!


Gypsy said...

Halloween has always been my absolute favorite holiday, and Autumn being my favorite season! I used to dress up with my children every year. Then I began having yearly parties until my divorce. Now that it's been over 4 years ago, I am ready to jump right back into my favorite time of year!! Loved the pic and the blog! Thank you for sharing.

Elizabeth Pagayonan said...

There is just something about the feel of autumn! It so magical! I am glad to hear that you moving back into alignment with your true purpose for BEING!!