Thursday, November 10, 2011

11-11-11....What Is Does This Mean???

Be Willing to Exercise Your Personal Creative Potential!

The time is NOW! The opportunity is here. If you have an inner sense that you are destined for greatness or intuitively feel that you have the ability to create positive change, this IS your moment. Powerful light frequencies are moving through the earth’s atmosphere beginning on 11-11-11 through 11-22-11. These intense waves of light energy, unseen to the physical eye, are penetrating the subtle energy fields of our human bodies. Our bodies have never before been exposed to frequencies of light with this degree of intensity since our evolution on this planet. This light energy is pushing outdated thought and behavioral patterns to the surface. It is surfacing negativity, disharmony, and dis-ease to be released for good.

We can take advantage of this opportunity to ground these high frequencies of light into our energy fields, our physical bodies, and our way of life. When we willingly tune into these light energies, our heart centers awaken to the presence of our One True Self and our inner spiritual light. This realization allows us to consciously contribute to the amount of Light being projected into the world today.

All of the number 1’s in 11-11-11 remind us to be ONE. One with each another. One with Nature. One with Mother Earth. To be at peace. To just BE.

You can begin by tuning into a sense of oneness by focusing on your heart center. When you focus your awareness here, an inner sense of your unlimited creative potential awakens. As you gradually perceive your hearts presence, your heart grows and expands into an empowering loving sensation of oneness and connectedness to all life. A deep inner knowing begins to surface into your conscious awareness of the infinite possibilities lying dormant within you. All of a sudden you are illumined from the inside out. As you step into the realization of your true authentic Self, you are filled with light. Now it is time to just BE You. To BE ONE with the Real YOU, your True Self. To let YOU shine, to let YOU radiate the glory of your ONENESS. As you radiate the joy of your sense of ONENESS, you become so full of light that inspiration fills you to the core, so much so you feel compelled to act, to creatively express yourselves in powerful and positive ways.

This is your opportunity to tune into this unprecedented influx of light, to allow the intense frequencies of light BEing made available to you NOW on 11-11-11 to lift your spirits, to raise your vibration, to release any limited perspectives, to dissolve the weight of any unwanted patterns, to claim your victory into the ascension of higher states of consciousness and BEing AND to feel the love, the freedom and the joy that you are craving and are so worthy of experiencing.

May You Come to Know and Experience the Splendor of Your Truest Self!

© Elizabeth Diamond. All Rights Reserved 2011

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