Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Free the Heart!

What does it feel like to be completely free? Free from fear, free from worry and stress? Are you in the flow of your life, enjoying the natural unfolding of events or is your time and energy tied up in dealing with challenge? If an opportunity were to present itself right now that would enable you to live your greatest life, would you have the courage to take action upon it? If not, what are the things, the thoughts, the excuses that hold you back from living the life that you were meant to live? Pay attention to the reasons that surface for they are the very things that prevent you from experiencing more expansive states of joy and freedom.

The heart and soul are forever free. The heart always sings a song of freedom. What determines our ability to hear it rests in whether or not we are tuned into the present moment. When the mind is still and self limiting thoughts are quieted, a space opens for the wisdom of the heart to emerge.

The question remains, are you willing to unleash its tune, to let it be free? So often many of us have walls placed around the heart in order to protect it and keep it safe. Unconsciously we enclose the heart in fear. We place it in a cage which prevents us from knowing our deepest truths. Not allowing the emotions of the heart to fly free and not taking inspired action on our heartfelt goals and dreams actually restrict the flow of life force within the body. We end up feeling tired, tied up, weighted down and heavy in the body. Oftentimes it is common for a person to literally feel physically stuck in their life situations. When we feel stuck in a pattern that continues to repeat itself over and over again, our desire to be free of it is so strong.

We have the power to harness our desire for freedom, to use it as a catalyst to return to the remembrance of our true divine nature. Freedom is our natural state of being. Although we forget over time what it feels like to be free of worry and fear, we eternally hold the potential to realize ourselves.

Whether the heart is open or closed, we possess the internal resources to nurture our hearts back into wholeness, to deepen our connection to self love and to awaken greater states of awareness. The very fact that you are alive is a reason to celebrate. Deep inside every person are authentic heartfelt strengths and talents that are waiting to be expressed into the world.

The only way to come to understand just how brilliant and magnificent you already are is to relax the thoughts of the mind and tune into the voice of the heart. This allows one to finally be able to connect with a deeper wisdom, the inner guidance of their true authentic self. The inner wisdom that is discovered at the level of the heart is the same within each and every one of us. When we tune into this presence and follow its lead, miracles begin to unfold in our life.

Summon the courage to uncage your heart, break down the walls and let it be free. Be willing to follow your heart and let its light lead the way. It holds the potential to illumine paths that reveal your destiny, your creative potential and your true inner nature.

When you realize that the universe is here to support your every need, you see inspiration everywhere! Be free to savor every moment for each one is extraordinary, precious, and filled with a rich quality of aliveness. Embrace what life has to offer by giving your emotions the freedom to flow. Call all of your awareness into the center of your heart, right here, right now and live your best life!

© 2010 Elizabeth Diamond; All rights reserved.

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