Sunday, July 20, 2008

Skull Consciousness

The following is an article that I recently wrote on skull consciousness!

Images of skulls seem to be everywhere we look these days. Printed on sneakers, kids clothes, teen jackets, and adult jeans, skulls are everywhere. Even the latest summer movie flick, Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Skull, is based on legend of the abilities of ancient crystal skulls. What is the current fascination with the symbol of skull?

While popular culture consciously associates skulls with Halloween and death, to the ancient civilizations of Mexico, Central and South America the image of skull symbolized a desire to move into a higher frequency of consciousness. In the shape of our head, the skull is the part of our physical body that holds the brain, the organ through which we express ourselves consciously in this reality. The brain is also the place where memory is located; and where information stored. Many ancient civilizations utilized and honored the image of a skull as a symbol of knowledge and wisdom. This article covers that inner knowing or sensation that resonates as truth deep within our being, and does not claim to be a literary or academic argument.

The reason behind the latest fashion trend of the skull symbol is that the skull is a sign that our modern day civilization as a whole is moving towards a higher state of consciousness. The spiritual wave sweeping across the planet has caused many people to question the purpose of life and their purpose in it. Little by little, more and more we are awakening to our greater purpose for being. The true meaning of the skull is encoded into the cells, into our DNA, and is embedded our collective unconscious. Our desire to know more, to awaken our consciousness, shows up as an attraction to the skull.

Specifically, crystal skulls can be a tool for awakening and expanding consciousness. Crystals formed into skulls take on a stronger energy field than if the crystal was left in its natural state. The reason is that as the crystal is being carved, the inherent ability of crystal consciousness merges with the unconscious collective meaning of skull, and the collective unconscious of mankind. Storehouses of information, crystal skulls link us to all the wisdom of the ages since the beginning of time, and put us in touch with infinite wisdom hidden within the depths of our beings. The more aware we become of our own consciousness, the more we start to align with our unlimited potential. And as we begin to live in alignment with our greater purpose in life, amazing wisdom of the reason behind creation will be revealed to us. We will find that we will become more aware of who we really are, where we are going and what we need to grow into our unlimited potential as a human being.

We can learn how to intentionally activate and program a crystal skull to awaken our consciousness. To learn more about activating and programming crystal skulls visit We have crystal skulls like the one you see above available for purchase. While we are patiently waiting for the publicatrion of my site, you can email me if you want to purchase one before hand at

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